Cindy Anthony is a deceitful, controlling, and manipulative woman

Do you people NOT see through the façade of Cindy Anthony? Think back 3 years ago….Cindy Anthony even admitted that she gave the FBI analysts the wrong hair brush, deliberately, as she knew that Casey had murdered Caylee. In the trial, Cindy Anthony testified that she researched chloroform on the computer in 2008. Hmm...Good memory? Cindy has lied from the beginning and no one (except Nancy Grace and cult of followers of course) should be surprised at that.

Cindy Anthony is a deceitful, controlling, and manipulative woman with a covert-aggressive personality. As shown throughout the trial and in the last three years, Cindy Anthony uses tactics all great manipulators use – they make it seem like they are the one’s hurting, caring, and defending (sound familiar?). Practice made Cindy Anthony very effective at displaying mental and interpersonal behavior to get things to go her way. Look at the film bites HLN shows – It is obvious Cindy is always in complete control. Even the HLN poster boy, Jesse Grund, stated during his interview that there were times that Cindy Anthony referred to herself as “Mommy” when talking to Caylee in front of Casey.

As far as HLN and the so called ‘experts’ – they are milking poor Caylees death for all it can. Its ratings people, do not become disillusioned. By continuing to crucify Casey which is creating a lynch mob mentality to those outrages (and people there a LOT more that agree with outcome, don’t just listen to HLN). It is laughable that HLN is still set up at the courthouse. Every so often (actually about every 10 min…) they interview one of the crowd and ask why they are still here (at the courthouse). Generally, they state that they are outraged, blah, blah, and blah. Hey HLN, turn off the cameras and move on and I guarantee there will not be one person standing outside that courtroom.

No, HLN will not do that people, they are milking this case for all it can, and keeping the fire (rage) burning under those disillusioned people (Are you sure some of them aren’t some of the actors that appear on Jerry Springer???

One thing Jane Velez keeps saying is “when will the jury speak out?” Well Jane I will tell you. When the big offers come in to sell their story or appear on the talk-show circuit. That’s when. Everyone is milking Caylees death for all they can. Don’t you see that people??

Back to Cindy -Do not feel sorry for Cindy Anthony. Oh I believe that Cindy in her own sick way loved Caylee (and Casey for that matter)… but when you think about it who in that family could be the easiest to control??

Bottom line people, Cindy Anthony is the reason Casey was found not guilty. Hey here’s a thought; Instead of doing a paternity test on Lee – they should have done one on George… Maybe the ‘suicide’ letter did have substance???

Ok people keep bringing up the ’31 days’ she must be guilty. If you do some research you will see that child sex abuse victims disassociate with reality. [Hello- Casey Anthony behaviors ring a bell]. They use It is a means of coping with the early sexual abuse and then later as a means of coping with other stress.

Cindy (and George) should be charged with obstruction, perjury. This is one sick family people. In my opinion Cindy has tried to manipulate this trial from day one. [Added note: when she supposedly broke down on the stand – did anyone actually see any tears?? All I saw was she put her head in her hands and bent over so no one saw her face. Think about it. The jury did…]. Cindy has taken meticulous notes throughout and I believe has directed George and Lee’s testimony and played both the defense and the prosecution. (One day she played a grieving grandmother the next she is a sarcastic, lying b***h …sorry the only word I could think of to describe her.)

HLN and others can spin it anyway they want. Oh and they also bring up the fact that “why would George lie on the stand and not try to ‘save’ his daughter?” Why??? Because that is how Cindy wrote the script folks! Cindy is center stage once again and directing the drama. Picture Lee on the stand and his impromptu ‘break-down and cry”. Little over the top. No doubt received a lecture from Cindy.

One last thing and people all this will come out when the jury decides to sell their rights. Does it not seem odd to you that Cindy did not know Casey did not work at Universal for 2 years as Casey stated? A control freak like Cindy knew people – she was the puppeteer of that family.

Bottom line people as to why the jury can back with not guilty – Cindy: a Lying, Conniving, b***h. And by the way – the big question is – when will Cindy Anthony be arrested for perjury?

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