Caught between a Trump and a Hill place

In the course of a week; I've been cornered by a *Trump Newbie, (*recently gave Trump a 2nd look, now insists everyone take another look and take the plunge), I've been schooled by a *NeverTrump Grump, (*never had any intentions of giving Trump a first look, much less a second look and doesn't want anyone else looking at him either...Capeesh) and I've encountered a *Trump Cheer Squad. ( *just have fun with this, don't overthink it, Go Big D)

I've gotten 'The Look', when making the case For Trump and I've gotten 'The Look', when making the case Against Trump.

As if I'm not supposed to sort this out!

Whhew!! It really is exhausting and I'm not even on the campaign trail!

No wonder Hillary needs help up a flight of stairs, with weekends off and no wonder Donald can't seem to get any further than... the stage.

It is a tiring thing and neither of them are Spring chickens! Uh Oh, I am certain that I just got some looks for that one!

There is no case to be made For Hillary, at least not by me. She has failed this Nation too many times. She has shown me who she is at her core, and it isn't pretty...well it's actually pretty ugly!

The funny thing is, I've not had anyone, not one person, attempt to make the case for her.

Could be because her Supporters stopped speaking to me years ago, back when I couldn't get giddy with it for Barack. While many were sprinting jubilantly toward Obama, I was one of those, proceeding With great Caution... and then upon realizing just how dangerous he could be to our Liberty, finally hit a sprint.....but in the opposite direction!

I've heard a lot of "I don't like either one of them", "Which is the lesser of the two Evils", "Who will do the least damage" and other commentary along these lines.

As for me...

even though I've been very critical of Trump and his treatment of Cruz and others, I'd rather take my chances with the 'New kid in Town' over the 'I want to Rule Over the Town' Clintons! Yes, I do mean The Clintons, it is a package deal with them!

If I've gone to a restaurant three times and three times, I've been disappointed with the food, with the management, the service, whatever the case, I'll not go back again. But, I will try out a new restaurant. I'll never know how I feel about it, certainly cannot recommend it, until I've tried it for myself.

Granted, choosing a Commander-In-Chief is much more serious business than choosing your new favorite restaurant, but the analogy works well and I'm going to stick with it!

Some say Trump will become a Dictator with his gained Presidential Power, I don't know, but I don't think so, God, I hope not! It is all part of the Unknown isn't it?

I'd be the biggest hypocrite in the Land, if I were to suddenly become enthusiastic about Trump, but I get why so many people are enthusiastic about him. He says it like he sees it and people are naturally drawn to straight shooters.

I also get the Reluctant, Unsure and Cautious! (um...Present!)

I do not get the Never, Never, Never crowd, other than to say, they've painted themselves into a corner and so, there they shall remain.

I am not enthusIastic in the least, about this election, but I've not painted myself into a corner either.

While I appreciate Trump softening a bit and apologizing for his trail of insults, I question his softening on Immigration. From the beginning, I never thought Trump would begin exporting large communities of people, if elected, but I figured he'd remain as tough as his talk has been.

We must get the bad apples out of here, we must strengthen the border and we must take keeping America safe... a lot more serious than we have in the past!

I hope that it will be properly dealt with, once and for all!

Hillary certainly will not fix the problem, she'll say ya'll come on in, BUT, first things first, I have this little 'Foundation' you must contribute, *it's for a good cause (*wink, wink...mine and Bill's retirement)

While I've tried to keep an open mind through this Process, (with the exception of eyes and ears have seen and heard enough out of her) I'll admit, I was a big fan of Ted Cruz long before he threw his hat into the Presidential ring (no big confession here, if you've read me before you already know that) and I'll admit, I was one of those that believed Trump was not a serious contender. I believed that he was not in it for the long haul, I thought he'd make a quick exit!

I was wrong.

It is a challenging and serious Task and many do feel as if they are between a rock and a hard place, not a comfortable place to be!

Many will watch the debates and make their choice, many will write-in their choice, if Clinton, Trump, Johnson or one of the Others, fail to win them over.

Some are strategizing and not planning to vote for a President, a...Let the chips fall where they may philosophy, with the Presidency hanging in the balance. Their only focus is the House, the Senate, local races, etc.

Many will elect to stay home.

Many will make a mockery of the system, thinking they are so clever by writing in George Washington or Mickey Mouse, as if they are the first ever to do so.

hmm...I wonder if Mickey is eligible ???

What to do...What to do...


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