Child Labour - Causes and Effects

Child Labor – A Challenge the World is Facing

Childhood is the most innocent stage in a human life. It is that phase of life where a child is free from all the tensions, fun-loving, play and learns new things, and is the sweetheart of all the family members. But this is only one side of the story. The other side is full of tensions and burdens. Here, the innocent child is not the sweetheart of the family members, instead he is an earning machine working the entire day in order to satisfy the needs and wants of his/her family. This is what is called 'CHILD LABOUR'. There are various causes and effects of child labour. Eliminating child labour is one of the biggest challenges that the whole world is facing.

Child labour includes working children who are below a certain minimum age. This practice is going on since long and is one of the worst forms of child exploitation. Child labour not only causes damage to a child’s physical and mental health but also keep him deprive of his basic rights to education, development, and freedom. According to statistics provided by UNICEF, there are an estimated 250 million children aged 5 to 14 years employed in child labour worldwide and this figure is continuously increasing.

Child labour is not only affecting under-developed and developing countries, but developed countries are also facing this though the rate is comparatively very less. Child labor in Asia accounts for the highest percentage of child labour (61%) followed by Africa (32%). According to International Labour Organization (ILO), if child labor will be banned and all children gets proper education, world's total income would be raised by nearly 22% over 20 years, which accounts for more than $4 trillion. Banning child labor will help in boosting the economy of a country.

Causes of Child Labour

The main causes of child labor include poverty, unemployment, and excess population. Among these, poverty is the primary cause of child labour. You must have observed that poor families have more number of children, so it becomes very difficult for them to survive on the income of only one family member which is also quite less. So they make their small children their source of income. They make their children work in factories, shops, even selling items on streets. Some parents even carry infants on the streets to earn money from begging. Some percentage of child labour also comes from harassment by parents, step-parents or relatives.

There are many cases of child labor where a child has to work against the repayment of a loan which was taken by his father who was unable to pay it off. This is called as 'bonded child labour'. Bonded child labor normally happens in villages. Such children work like slaves in order to pay the loan taken. Not only poor families, but some well established business families also put their children into business at a quite young age instead of making them complete their education.

Effects of Child Labour

There are very bad effects of child labor for our society, which forces some children to steal things from others in order to satisfy their daily living. Many small girls are even made to indulge in prostitution. A recent case of child labor came into picture where a 10 year old kid was beaten to death because the innocent kid was slow at things. The cruel owner went angry and threw the child across the room resulting in the most extreme punishments. It was not only the cruel owner who was at the fault, but the parents of the child were also equally involved in this incident. They took $10 as advance and sent their child to work for the sake of getting some monthly income. May be even the parents would never have thought that a little sum of money could lead to such horrible incident.

There are various organizations which are fighting against child labour by helping children and imparting education among that part of society from where majority of the child labour comes. Poor families should be given knowledge about family planning/control so that they are not burdened by children. It would be advisable not to keep small children at home for taking domestic help in daily household chores. Let us all take some step in this direction so that we can bring smiles to many faces and make this world a beautiful place for a child to live in.

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JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur

Dear Anuj,

You are writing very well. I have rated this up and posted to blog Hubbers India.


Jyoti Kothari

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Jyoti for the wonderful work done by you to promote Indian hubbers.

Anima 7 years ago

Hi Anuj,

I came here from http;// and find this article very informative.

Thanks for your article.


anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Anima for the nice comments.

DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

This is an extremely sad realities that many developing and underdeveloped countries face. I believe that the west has to do something about this issue. What can they do? In their search for cheap labour, they MUST ensure that child labour is not a factor. Big American Cooperations have to do better at selection who make their products for cheap North American markets. This is a responsibility for EVERYONE; domestic as well as international governments as well as the community and families.

Thanks for writing so eloquently and from a place of knowledge about a worthwile topic. Keep up the good work.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks DynamicS for the comment. Eliminating Child Labour should be considered as a challenge by the whole world, be it a developed nation or under-developed. Poor families needs to be more educated and government must take some steps to educate them and reduce poverty.

kephrira profile image

kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

It's horrible that so many children are in this situation, but it always worries me when people try to prevent this kind of thing directly. You are right that it is about education and eliminating poverty, but I worry that if you don't do these things and just punish employers to stop them taking on child workers, the children (and their families) will just be pushed into crime or suffer malnutrition instead - which would not be a better life. They need to be offered a better alternative before you stop them working.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

You are absolutely right kephrira, providing education is the first step that needs to be initiated. But for the sake of cheap labour, no one is trying to understand the real effects.

Aditya 7 years ago

you rock are doing a wonderful job by making people aware about such a big problem which ,not only children in India but children from all over world is facing.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for the comment Aditya and showing your concerns on this unfortunate issue.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for the comment iqbal88.

ranita 7 years ago

this was very informative and it helped me a lot. thanks, u r doing a great job. seriously we need to make people aware about this serious situation. we need to do something for stopping child labor

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Ranita for the comment. Really, it is our duty to do something to stop child labour and aware others about the ill-effects of this sad problem.

samironwebtrack profile image

samironwebtrack 7 years ago

excellent topic, thanks 4 writing about child topic.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for the comment Samir.

2uesday profile image

2uesday 7 years ago

I only became aware of this (child labour)when they made television programmes about it which were shown in the UK.

It now seems that some people are rightly concerened about people and children being exploited in the making of the fashion clothes they wear. This has lead to some 'ethical fashion companies' being set up - to enable the people who work in the factories to be treated fairly.

I hope that one day all children will be able to go to school, and then have better lives because of their education.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for showing your concerns 2uesday and hope to see all children getting basic education at least.

sona sebastian 7 years ago

hi anuj u r doing much impressive work.being a student it impressed and influenced me a lot.go on yaar.bst wshs.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Sona for the encouraging comment.

mikelong profile image

mikelong 7 years ago from The largest convict colony in the United States

The globalization "race to the bottom" is having horrific results around the world. You did well to share this aspect of this issue..


Jennifer 7 years ago

this is soooo sad:( i feel sooo bad for them:( keep doing

good work!!

fahmi 7 years ago

u know wut??

i find this piece of writing very2 informative and i gratefully thanks to u for this article..

i want to use yours as my supportive points for my debate comp tomorrow..

wish me luck!!

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 7 years ago from Noida Author

@fahmi - Hope you had a rocking debate competition and thanks for the nice comment.

lillian 6 years ago

i saw your work and i think its great i hope u succeed and continue to help others and me

shaikh javed ali 6 years ago

hi dear u r doing very well the main purpose is stoped the child labour wish u all best 4 u r work thnks ..........

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

@lillian @shaikh-javed-ali Thanks for stopping by and it will be great if everyone of us will try to stop child labour.



anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Abhishek for the kind comment.

Vitiea 6 years ago

Your article is so interesting. Can you give me feedback of "why should child labor be banned?"

Thanks for your reply and reading this!

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

@Vitiea: There are various reasons for 'why child labor should be banned'. The age when child work is meant for studies and fun; not to provide a living for his/her family. Give me some time, I'll write a short article on that and will update you.

NASIRA & RIZWANA 6 years ago


anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for the Comment Nasira. I appreciate your concerns, personally I do not hire any child to get my work done. If everyone will do this, there will be no child labour. Moreover, I write on the subject to aware and remind others about the ill effects of child labor.

NASIRA & RIZWANA 6 years ago



anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Glad to see your follow back on the article. Hope you both will also contribute your best to fight against child labour.

peter 6 years ago

good information up

but i think some rea stories should be put in

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for dropping by peter. This article is basically to make people aware of the ill effects of child labor. I will elaborate if I will find something worth.

Kanika 6 years ago

Hi Anuj,

thanks for writing this topic. it helped me im my essay and i wish you best of luck and keep on writing these knowledge providing topics.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

You are most welcome Kanika. I'm glad it helped you and suggest you to share the article to create awareness and help world fighting this issue.

Clarence vas 6 years ago


Great understanding, very impressive writing, please include stats atleast for last 5 years....

Keep up the good work.

Clarence Vas

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks for the valuable suggestion Clarence. I'll surely update it with stats.

hazel dawn  6 years ago

i really need more information about child labor issues or what are the effects of child labor in the society.. I conducted studies about that topic to my term paper.. can you please help me?

Abbie Irish M. Mendoza 6 years ago

A very impressive article about child labor. it helped me a lot in my debate about the given topic. Thumbs up!

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Abbie for the appreciation. Glad it helped you.

lashana 6 years ago

These words & paragraph are helpful to me being a cxc/gcse exams Iappreciate your time and energy .I LOVE IT !!!

moussaid houssine  6 years ago

for me it's a shame that children in underdevolopped countries act as men . they shoulder a huge responsibility instead of being at schools'learning and devolopping their educational and social level as a free citizens

Semekor 6 years ago

Dear anuja,i am a student of maria montessori school in ghana. iam final year student about to write my b.e.c.e thanks to your article iwas able to write article formy teacher thaks alot

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thanks Semekor for finding the article useful. Wish you all the best for your studies.

Mira Khanal 6 years ago

Thanks a lot . It's really a serious problem especially for developing countries.I enjoied reading this article

Andrea 6 years ago

this is amazing information, good to know you care. thank you!

ramandeep pathak 6 years ago


anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thank you everyone for the appreciation.

Haneef 6 years ago

I think it is a very useful matter 4 everyone who search in internet about these matters. Keep going n all d best!!!

ananya aggarwal 6 years ago

great article.very heart touching . brought a tear in my eye

ravi 6 years ago

hey man... u rock.. ths article must be posted in every newspaper so tht ppl realize who really students are..

and thnx fr the article.. it was very helpful fr my project!! :)

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

Thank you everyone to find it useful. I hope all of you will certainly do your best to educate the society about this sad issue.

tinni 6 years ago

we need more people like you.keep up the good wishes and love..

snowflake 6 years ago

I'm also doing a term paper on this subject and I was wondering to what point your statistiques were reliable??

Where did you found them??

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 6 years ago from Noida Author

@snowflake: The source of statistics are already mentioned wherever required. Thanks for dropping by.

sefiamor 6 years ago

this is horrible and unfair. keep on doing this research. but can you comment on the hazards as well? please send me information on the hazards of child labour to

mayuri 6 years ago

hey u r so nice. ur article is so valuable for evry poor family.this article must be posted in newwpepar.

sara 6 years ago

hi anoj, this is very impresed, and i have an essay about childlabor and this can help me a lot and i can score better grades, thanks!

sehrish batool 5 years ago

u hv rellay written very well n ur writing will help me in getting good marks in my assignment.

Swapnil 5 years ago


I am spell bound with your short owesome essay on child labour

Oddball 5 years ago

I am for child labor, you really have no idea what those kids would get into if they didn't have a job, their family may die of hunger, even them, and they may sell themselves for prostitution, here's a really nice article to read:

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 5 years ago from Noida Author

It seems you take child labor in a wrong note. It does not mean opposing a child to work but to provide the basic rights of the children like education, that he/she must get in order to build a better and corruption free nation. The link mentions prices of goods will go up but it may be just a temporary increase in the price, imagine the world when these children will also have a job and then the buying capacity of the families will certainly increase and none will feel such pressure. STOP Child Labor!

Joe 5 years ago

thnx for helping with my homework due to this hub

Sam 5 years ago

hey Anuj, which year did you post this?

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 5 years ago from Noida Author

October 2009.. well I'm wondering why you want to know this?

Sam 5 years ago

hey Anuj,

the reason why I want to know is because i have to cite my references in MLA format and since i am citing certain part of your text I need the date. BTW this is very helpful for my paper, thanks!

OBED 5 years ago

Infact, your article has been very helpful in my term paper at the Masters level. I love the dichotomy in the introduction to show the two sides of the coin. Thanks Man

Michael 5 years ago

Learning about this in school and its really said feel bad for the kids:[

jhorry canta profile image

jhorry canta 5 years ago

your article is informative bec. someone would directly understand about the real condition of children through the clear words you have wrote..

SAASHA 5 years ago


Vasu 5 years ago

hi anuj

u r right we really hav to eliminate child labour.ur article is very informative too.ur article has been very helpful.i hope child labour is eliminated frm dis world

drishti 5 years ago

hi anuj u r absolutetly right. we hav to work against child labour. and thank u this article has helped me in my project.thanxx once again

Gatluak Wiyay Manye 5 years ago

Poverty as a major factor of child labour has devastated most of the developing countries especially the Eastern and Southern world.Measures to eliminate such a chaos is undefined.

Tanvi 5 years ago

I really liked the information. It was awesome.. This should be shown to the whole INDIA...

ARYAN 5 years ago

Child break labour should be break off.

governmen should pass strict laws to stop the child labour.

Mubasshira Tabassum Alisha 5 years ago

your article was very effective and helpful for me. i also protest against child labour. this article says and expresses everything in details. i hpoe that one day all children will be free from child labour and they will be our bright future1

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 5 years ago from Noida Author

It is good to hear that there are many people around who also protest against child labor.

lovely 5 years ago

hi anuj, im doing a term paper regarding child labor too, and ur ideas was so great and impressive, so may i ask some information from this to finish my term paper? and, ill credit u ofcourse.

im lovely from phil. thank u and more powers

prajakta 5 years ago

you are doing a great job by giving this information.i think everyone should be against chidlabour ,it is direct violation of childrens right for education.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 5 years ago from Noida Author

Thank you Prajakta for the appreciation. I hope everyone will do their bit to fight against child labour.

sandeep sachdeva 5 years ago

Its a great step to stop childlabour .

New generation is the future of our country

& if they are in darkness then imazine the future of

our country

good job my brother ********** this stars for u as my pleasure

chinanty 5 years ago

what a great information .....

may i ask you something ???? what is the impact of child exploitation also what is the ways of protecting children before they been exploited

tarundeepsingh 5 years ago

I Hope This Powerful Information Should Reduce Child Labour

bhavitha 5 years ago

by reading this many people would come to know about the custody of peple making children to work............

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Child labor is a global issue,We need to get rid of this ..Thanks for the nice post

clauiz 5 years ago

getting rid of child labor is never been easy and obviously it is a long process. i am not fully persuade that the government is doing the best it can, and if it is...they must think or come-up with a new approach right now.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 5 years ago from Noida Author

Though, Government must take better steps to ban child labor but it is also the responsibility of each individual to stop hiring kids just for the sake of saving little money.

mani 4 years ago

i agree that we need to stop the CHILD LABOR !!!

Susan 4 years ago

That was a very heart breaking article that truly brought the problem of child labour into the light. What child labour fact strikes you as the most shocking? Thanks and keep up the great work!

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 4 years ago from Noida Author

Thank you Susan for appreciating the article. The most shocking fact is when a child is forced to work to pay back some bad loan instead of educating a child.

Satish Tarenia 4 years ago

It's an awesome writing about child labour.Very nice n great post.

homa 4 years ago

what could i say... this article shocked me, well anujagarwal where evr you get this or how you get this just keep it up. Maybe tell us even more shocking news and how we could help

manan 4 years ago

Hats off to the person who wrote this.This article is amazing.Keep it up the good work

Neelam 4 years ago

you have done a great work.I really appreciate your work.It have helped me a lot to frame my views.You have deep understanding of this social issue.

AMAN AHLAWAT 4 years ago


MARIYA 4 years ago

HI Anujagrawal how are you .Thanks for this post.You have done a great work . I realy appreciate your post . It is very heart breaking post I THANG YOU FOR THIS

JUSTIN 4 years ago


Verna MacKay profile image

Verna MacKay 4 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

Thanks for your article. There so many children in our world who are being exploited by the very same people who are supposed to take care of them. Your article brings out points that many of us never consider and sometimes the clothes we wear are made by children who should be in school learning but are deprived of the basic rights of going to school. Please check out my article on hub pages regarding the evils in this world and how they affect our children. Thanks. I hope you don't mind me posting a link to my article in this comment section. If you do please let me know. Thanks.

samar 4 years ago


write atleast 10 causes and 10 effects

Daniel Mangulu 4 years ago

Its a pitty that a great number of people in this moden world still think and treats children in such horrified manner to satisfy their interests. Please let us work together to eliminate child labour as a lot of innocent children are denied their rights. Many thanks for the article as it highligts the plight of children are facing across the global.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 4 years ago from Noida Author

It is good to see that many people around the world wants to eliminate child labor but still we do not contribute much as we simply think it is Government's job to eliminate child labor. It would be great if we as an individual do not hire any child for our work and encourage them to get education.

Jenney 3 years ago

Thank you for ur article very useful . I didn't know that child labour still exists because Ive heard from some people that child labour is not exists because it has been gone , but it was hard to belive .Do you know what other orgaination like The United Nations for Children and ILO do so far for these children ? Are they help these children?

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 3 years ago from Noida Author

@Jenney: Though, it is hard to believe but child labour do exist and just not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. There are various organizations that certainly do their bit to help the children but it is not so easy to eliminate it completely unless we as an individual also do something about this. We should not hire any child and help them and their families educate so that they will understand the importance of education and ill effects of child labor.

Lizan 3 years ago

good article but I was wondering how can governments in developing countries can work to abolish child labour??or does education contributing to child labour or education policy work in any countries?

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 3 years ago from Noida Author

Lizan, you have pointed out some interesting points. I think what the government can ensure is that first they completely ban child labor and carry out raids to find if they are involved in laborious work. Generate employment opportunities for the adults, create awareness programs to showcase the ill effects of child labor on society and promote education.

sparks 3 years ago

Amazing article it actually hit home for me. I didn't really mind it child labor until I read this article. I feel bad for all those kids out there. This article also helped a lot on my research paper. Thank you so much.

kanika shakya 3 years ago

I thing government should stop child labor it is the cursed against the humanity it is to much we should really think for this or we should stand up amass movement for this

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 3 years ago from Noida Author

Good to know it was useful for your research paper but people really need to take steps to eliminate child labour.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 3 years ago from Noida Author

It is not just the government but as an individual, we should make ourselves responsible to take proper steps.

siddanna9@gmail 3 years ago

thanks anuja u are fight against child labour that is u r good work

nathalie 3 years ago

this has helped me to make a speech bout poverty while one of m subjects were child labor keep making more of these i will definitely be checking them out this website is listed to my favorits

sruthi 3 years ago

thankzz for posting this one ............its sooooo good i got a speech in this in which i got 10 marks ....thankzzzzzz for this

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 3 years ago from Noida Author

I'm glad to know that the content present here on child labour was helpful for you. I will appreciate if you will also do your bit to stop child labour.

Hitansh 3 years ago

Thankzzz for this i was searching for this type since 2 days

Ekta 3 years ago

NICE GOOD JOB DUD..........!!!!!

Rainy 3 years ago

Anuj u r dng really really gud work......i appreciate u...

mohdeep 3 years ago

your information is helping me a lot in my project


richa 3 years ago

child labour is a big crime. stop doing child labour please stop ...............

JUDY MWANGOSI 3 years ago


Sha-sha Bangsoy 3 years ago

This should be stop because its feel like they are really having hard time for themselves.. i feel pity and sorry for them :(

Kuldeep 2 years ago

Dear Anuj

I read your column now and feeling that u r d rt pers who can touch heart with words, realy this is one of the biggest malaise exist on our planet. I am also deeply concern but don't hv word like u. Anuj i hope one day Mr. Modi govt. will consider on ur feelings. Thanx.

anujagarwal profile image

anujagarwal 2 years ago from Noida Author

Thank you Kuldeep for your kind words. If everyone of us simply try not to hire kids and oppose to get the services if it involves child labour, then also it can be of great help for the society.

ved prakash mishra 2 years ago

Thank you,your article is very useful for me. New genration is the future of our country

I hope that oneday all children will be freefrom child labour.

vishakha 2 years ago

ya article mara bhot kam aya ha anuj thanxxxx

granthali 2 years ago

You have written very nice

Florence Das 2 years ago

really this article is good

nabanita 23 months ago

Ur article is very nice... by ur simple writing u have showed da reality of the whole wrld,the child r facing..nd in india how da childrens r exploited....da govt of india shud luk after da matter more seriously..

mahmoud 22 months ago

Your essay is very important and nice in the same time . i like it . good

Mukul Yadav 21 months ago

very beneficial as well as important topic you have posted. Got maximum out of it..!!

dIa 20 months ago

i likedt the child labor article thanx for help

anmol 19 months ago

If every starts thinking like u then this problem will come to some end and innocent children will enjoy their life to the fullest.....or post was awesom

dariyus 19 months ago

I like dt child labour article

i am happy dt every corner on the world will receive thiz article

and they will do some thing for the small children

navya 19 months ago

very nice without any gramitcal mistakes any way thanks for helping me in project

binilsajeev 18 months ago

marvellous job.............

great job...

have a great time

Aman 18 months ago

Sit everything you is mind blowing & knowledgeable

Thanks for providing this useful information

AMAN THAKUR 17 months ago


divya 16 months ago

i like the child wood article nice and good job

divya 16 months ago

i like the child wood article nice and good job

Ajanta Bhattacharjee 14 months ago


viru 11 months ago

Very nice

sravan ms 8 months ago

your article helped me for write a goood essay.thanks

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