Causes of Broke Homes


There is no place like home says a popular adage. There are many definition of a ‘home'. What then is a home? "A home is a place where one lives with once family" or "a place where one was born and has lived for a long time". It can also defined as an institution, where people needing care or rest are kept. Generally, it is a place of refuge, care, comfort, rest, security, help, love etc.

The home may comprise of the father, mother, children sometimes with any other member of the extended family. Then if the home has the above definition, what then, are the causes of broken homes. Here are 7 tips that are major causes of broken homes.

Wrong choice in marriage - how do know you marry the wrong spouse? When both partners are not in good terms most of the time. When one partner always regret marrying the other partner these are all signs of wrong choice. Disagreement is the only language they understand. They could be liken to two captains in the same boat heading to different destination. In this kind of situation, hatred, unfaithfulness, fighting, anger, suspicion, cheating becomes the order of the day and break-up is the end result.

Parental or friends influence. This is very common these days. Many broken homes today are caused by undue influences and interference of parents, friends and relations in the private affairs of the family. When a man or woman allows these third parties to be their advisers and confidants such a home is heading to a break.

Lack of genuine sacrificial love - This one of the major reason many couples have fallen apart today. Love they say does not fade. If truly you love your spouse, it will be very difficult to break away from such a person. The truth is that, when one of the spouse had found a new love elsewhere he or she becomes desperate and start looking for any means to breakaway. All you need is to water or renew the love you have for your spouse sooner or later it will grow to become a full tree of love with many branches.

Communication breakdown is also responsible for many broken homes today. There should be freedom of speech. Every problem should be talked over or discussed to find a lasting solution to it.

Sexual unfaithfulness to once wife or husband has caused lots of broken homes. Whatever you fancy in another man or woman that make you attracted to him or her, you can get it for your spouse. Be content with your spouse. Sex is good, but excess of it with many partners is very dangerous. Be satisfied with your spouse. This is the anti dote to this menace.

Stinginess/meanness and extravagant money management is equally not good for any home. Give to your spouse, meet his or her needs anyway as far as is your power to do so. If for some reasons, there is a delay kindly talked it over within the two of you.

Time consuming jobs is not good for the family. Your presence is needed by your spouse. I am not saying stay at home always with your family. Get me right. Undue attachment to once work at the expense of the family has caused lots of havoc in many homes. When a man or woman stays too long at work, the other partner will start feeling lonely, neglected, abandoned and sometimes frustrated. Striking a balance will be a good idea.

The list is endless. But the pertinent question is who want a broken home? Certainly, no one! The will God for us is to experience a blissful marriage. Cheers!

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annabel 6 years ago

I agree from this article

kansola 6 years ago

yes,you are right but what are we going to do to stop all these

azeez 5 years ago

am really convinced

lory 5 years ago

i really liked what you wrote. may i ask permission to use this in our report in school?

Ranjee 5 years ago

I really like the way you have phrased the causes of broken homes in a simple and straight-forward as well as an easily understandable way. May I kindly request for your permission to make use of this article in a school project that i am carrying out? Thank you very much! =)

AMARTEY O WISDOM 5 years ago

I want to be broken home advocate since i am a victim myself.I am also very clear with your submission

Abolusoro Dare 5 years ago

Yes,u are right! I Like this article. Permit me to publish this article in my next church magazine. Thanks

Doctivity 5 years ago

I love dis writeup kul and straight 4ward.

Pastor.Tolorunloju O 5 years ago

God hates divorce or putting away and so it must not be encouraged. Malachi 2v16. Your write up is göod

kenny aboagye 5 years ago

i really appreciate your analytical skills. i like the popular adage used as introduction

Blue Nine :) 4 years ago

i agree . :) may i ask permission to include some of the things here to write in my research paper? thank you God bless

Charity D. M 4 years ago

I'm inpress with your acticle, pls permit me to write a book on it. Thanks

Salisu Z Garba 4 years ago

The points are very educative and interesting. And It will serve the required purpose to reduce the number of broken home, by those who are wise.

Med Issah Falilat 4 years ago

I really like your it's very simple and easy to understand, well done.

Musbaualimot 4 years ago

Its indeed very true. Soo many marriages today are based on money and not love and the end result is always bad. I really appreciate your work and hope to read many more.

Mercy Edu 4 years ago

Am imprest with your write up l will like to read more thank you.

Peter moses Alogo 4 years ago

This article is rich

Afolabi .a.o 4 years ago

In fact, i real learn on what you put out,even it enhances me to the cur.

lanzemo michael 4 years ago

i really understand your causes of broken homes.thanks is for my project

Aboiralor blessing 4 years ago

I love ur right up cause evry thing is true cause am almost a victim

underworld - selinw 4 years ago

i agree but can i ask permassion can i get this for my homework from school? thank u verry muc h^_^

undrworld - seline 4 years ago

i gree but can i ask permission can i get this for my homework?thank u very much ^_^

shemphang jyrwa 4 years ago

i been bless a lot , but i need bible verses also to teach others

abegail julian 4 years ago

very interesting ,good ,i am so proud that i saw this page so that i can tell to my friend and to post some comment here like it !!! :D

Ebus 4 years ago

I think your treatment on the question I asked was fairly okay in many purposes.But you need to enlarge it.Thanks.

yeah 4 years ago

Your article is very straight forward. Would you mind if I use your article for our case study? Thanks!:)

edzkie 4 years ago

your article is really good, now i will apply this as a wife...

mohinder 4 years ago

This article is based on facts of daily life but parents still interfere to much and ruin the life of small kids and the is very sad.

roma 3 years ago

nice piece of work tanks

trini 3 years ago

this really an additional info. pls. permit me to use this for my writing proj. thanks a lot...

prisca 22 months ago

l love ur write up

Blessing 22 months ago

gud Iike dat

folybat 21 months ago

Fenk u sir.....bless u.

Deborah 20 months ago

I like this write-up. Please permit me to include some of the points mentioned in this article in a research project I am writing. Thanks.

Abayomi Anuoluwapo 19 months ago

I like this,because it iz good for a family,nd it teach us hw to do with our wife/wives

Sandra 19 months ago

pls advice me, am married for a year plus now, but my husband still thinks I cheat on him, besides he stopped me from working. And as I speak now he sent me packing saying that I can't give him a child and that am not faithful, but he have refused to accept the fact that he has a problem(low sperm count) what should I do to restore my marriage cos I love my husband.

omah emmanuel 16 months ago

This is a great blessing to mankind, especially to those who are looking forward to get involved in marriage affairs.

prez isaac anum 15 months ago

Ur written has help me to do my homework.thanks is really understanderble

praise 15 months ago

I this is good keep it up sir.pls can I also use it for my research. tnz

oyinkansola 10 months ago

it is really understandable also, it canhelp the youth in doing gud to their partners.

Babafemi Balogun 9 months ago

Keep it up,more grace.those getting set for marriage Will learn a lot from you.well done

Holarmilekan 9 months ago

Good job, love this can I make use of some of the article for my project? God bless.

professor obioh 8 months ago

This is an insight to rise,not minding the prime of time, to protect our homes

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