Causes of homelessness and possible solutions

This is a homeless guy I can have respect for! He is not a bum.
This is a homeless guy I can have respect for! He is not a bum.

Different causes of homelessness

Many of you are already aware of these things, but to refresh your memories I'll put up a list.


Mental illness

Lack of education and work history

Bad economy

Veterans returning home with no work available


OK, that about sums it up. Considering that there a variety of different factors which contribute to homelessness, many people have instant compassion for people who are without homes. On the other hand, many people also assume it is their fault and don't have any sympathy for them. There are also people who fall in between; people who went through compassion fatigue. I used to have a soft spot for the homeless, but now I view it as just a fact of life. (I know its too bad, but I never get emotional about it.

A lot of people believe that side walk begging and other behaviors displayed by the homeless are unjustified, myself included. What do you think? Observe the Poll below and add a comment to this article if you want.

Do you ever give money to panhandlers?

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Safety hazards for the homeless and the general public

One of the problems with homeless shelters is that you can become a victim too easily. You might get robbed of what little you have by others staying there, and there is problems with cleanliness and the risk of infections that the workers and stayers could experience.

Solution: Mandatory health inspections every single week, maybe more

(easier said than done)

A lot of stereotypical homeless people sit around in front of business and on sidewalks, taking up space while begging for change, which is a nuisance and turns people off. Some homeless people lack enough common sense to get in other people's personal space.

Solution: City ordinances. Some people need to get 'discrimination' off of their minds about these kinds of things because it targets a person's behavior, not the fact that they're homeless!

Defacating on sidewalks already is illegal, and penalties for that should probably be more harsh.

I am currently in a big city on the west coast, and it looks like city ordinances are not enforced. Bums make it a less desirable place.

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mikeb72 profile image

mikeb72 5 years ago from FACEBOOK

the problem in my observation is lack of love and fear. If each person in this country who had a basement or room empty gave it to one person who agreed to simple rule about drugs and alcohol there would only be drunks and druggies on the streets,but people are in fear for their own safety or just don't care.I am not sure if you agree or not after reading this.

stuff4you profile image

stuff4you 5 years ago Author

@mikeb72 I don't agree, I don't want some random person staying in my basement for free.

If they paid rent, they have value to offer. If they worked, that is also value.

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