Cauvery Water Issue – Karnataka Has Taken a Bold Stand

Tamil Nadu Disobeyed the Supreme Court Boldly In Reservation Issue

Tamil Nadu Disobeyed the Supreme Court Boldly In Reservation Issue
Tamil Nadu Disobeyed the Supreme Court Boldly In Reservation Issue | Source

Karnataka Has Set a Good Example for Other States to Follow Suit

Bold Stand by Karnataka Government

Karnataka government has taken a bold stand by refusing to supply any more water to Tamil Nadu state. The stand is bold because it defies the Supreme Court order and also the order of Cauvery River Authority headed by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. One can understand a state government defying the orders of the Prime Minister as Manmohan Singh has lost all respect right from a vegetable vendor to the state Chief Minister as he has allowed willingly Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other ministers to steal public property and stash away public wealth abroad. Under such circumstances, if any person shows respect to the Prime Minister, one has to send him to mental hospital for treatment.

Tamil Nadu Disobeyed the Supreme Court Boldly In Reservation Issue

But showing disregard and disrespect to the Supreme Court is something a bold act. It is not that the Supreme Court enjoys a clean image among the public. Its judges are also mired in corruption with a few exceptions. But still, the authority of Supreme Court is respected by all the states except Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu government openly revolted against the Supreme Court order in case of reservations. While the Supreme Court ordered that under no circumstances reservations could exceed 50%, Tamil Nadu government boldly implemented a 69% reservation and maintaining it for more than two decades. For some unknown reasons, Supreme Court has been unable to rein in Tamil Nadu government.

Tamil Nadu Also Disobeyed the Supreme Court in Rajiv Assassination Case

Tamil Nadu government also defied Supreme Court in another aspect. The assassins of Rajiv Gandhi were given a death sentence by the Sessions Court, Madras High Court and the Supreme Court. Even the President of India rejected their mercy petition. But the assassins again applied to the Madras High Court. Usually if a case is decided by the Supreme Court, the defendants cannot appeal against the Supreme Court judgement in a lower court. But Madras High Court admitted the assassins’ petition in violation of the Supreme Court guidelines. Once again Tamil Nadu boldly defied Supreme Court rules and regulations and got away with it.

The Managing Director Was Afraid Of the Clerk

However the other states had been more subdued and respected the authority of the Supreme Court. The reason why Tamil Nadu government alone has been ably and boldly disobey the Supreme Court without getting any adverse remarks from it is not known. There should be some inside secret to this. I know one company wherein the Managing Director feared an ordinary clerk. Even if the clerk came late to the office frequently, the Managing Director would not question him while he was strict with other employees. After a long time, the secret was out. The clerk had filmed the secret activity of the Managing Director with a woman and was threatening to leak it out through Internet. The Managing Director had to fear him and give him undue respect! Maybe some such secret is involved between Tamil Nadu government and the Supreme Court.

Karnataka Has Set a Good Example for Other States to Follow Suit

Now Karnataka has also followed suit Tamil Nadu and disobeyed the Supreme Court. We can hope that more states will disobey the Supreme Court orders in future and the Supreme Court itself will be reduced to a powerful entity in India. That will give happiness to people like me who find it peculiar to see only one state continuously disobeying the authority of the Supreme Court and other states respecting it. This should not be the case. When we talk of equality, equality should be in everything including disrespecting the Supreme Court order. Karnataka has shown the way to other states in India. Now Tamil Nadu will not be the only state to challenge the Supreme Court.

BJP Can Shore Up Its Popularity

By the way the BJP government in Karnataka was losing popularity among the public because of the scandals that rocked the erstwhile Chief Minister B S Yeddiyurappa and his ministerial colleagues. If an election is held today, the BJP will lose it and the Congress will come to power in Bangalore. But now the BJP may take advantage of the river water dispute. If the Supreme Court dismisses the Karnataka government because of disobeying its orders, the Chief Minister Shettar can dissolve the assembly and order for a fresh election. BJP can indulge in propaganda that it lost power because of its refusing to release water to Tamil Nadu and protecting the interests of the Karnataka farmers and people. Riding on this popularity wave, the BJP can come back to power.

Supreme Court Cannot Be Partial

Of course the Supreme Court cannot dismiss the Karnataka government. If it dismisses, it will be ridiculous as it has not dismissed the Tamil Nadu government for the last two decades though its orders in reservation was flouted openly by the Tamil Nadu government. Supreme Court cannot punish states selectively because that will amount to partiality. If Karnataka government is disobeying the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will have to keep silent as it did in the case of Tamil Nadu and can do nothing else.

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