Obama For Change / The ' WIN WIN ' Feeling !

Obama For Change / The ' WIN WIN ' Feeling !


Barack Obama , contender for presidentship of United States, gathered more fans with his campaign slogan "Yes We Can". These three simple words profusely infused confidence in himself and in American people. His other popular word "Change" has raised people's anxiety to know what change is in store for them if Obama is elected. Hillary Clinton's advice to her supporters to "Unite" for Obama's success as president of USA as added more weight. Obama's fans are thrilled to portray him and his slogans through their attire. He is already popular outside United States too. Obama, if elected to Whitehouse might reassess United States' role in strife torn world. Surely the man has the skills to confound and please at the same time: so essential for an American president. In this connection his tour to Afghanistan, Iraq and West Asia is to stress importance of these regions in U.S. foreign policies. Obama has plan to shift U.S. military focus from Iraq war to central fight against terrorism. This is focus point of Obama's foreign policy.

The ongoing Democratic National Convention at Denver, the two ladies, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton were very impressive with their speeches supporting Barack Obama as well enthralled the Americans.

He is celebrity for change !

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