Chapter 2, so you say you’re not a Muslim?

Chapter 2, so you say you’re not a Muslim? In 1952 President Truman established one day a year as a National Day of Prayer. Thirty six years later in 1988 President Ronald Reagan designated the first Thursday in May each year as the National Day of Prayer. Then in 2007, presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama declared that the U.S.A. was no longer a Christian nation; as President he followed this declaration up by cancelling the 21st annual National Day of Prayer at the White House under the ruse of not wanting to offend anyone. Not wanting to offend anyone; what about the hundreds of millions of American Christians who are growing ever so weary of standing by watching their religion get trashed!

Five months later, after cancelling the Christian National Day of Prayer, on September 25, 2009, President I’m not a Muslim held a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion on Capitol Hill beside the White House from 4am until 7pm. President Hussein Obama played host to over 50,000 Muslims that day in Washington D.C. Thus he prayed with the Muslims but cancelled the Christian day of prayer.

Our I’m not a Muslim President continues in his not so covert support for all that is Muslim as he initially weighed in on the Ground Zero Mosque controversy in mid August. His immediate position which proved to be politically inexpedient was the Muslim community had an “inalienable right" to construct the mosque. He went on to elaborate by saying "this country stands for the proposition that all men and women are created equal, that they have certain inalienable rights. One of those inalienable rights is to practice their religion freely. And what that means is that if you could build a church on a site, you could build a synagogue on a site, you could build a Hindu temple on a site, then you should be able to build a mosque on the site." As everyone is aware the issue is not their right to build their mosque it is the chosen location and their proposed name; Cordoba House built on the site of their latest and greatest conquest over American Christianity!

Debra Burlingame, the sister of an American Airlines pilot who died in the 9/11 attacks, and who leads a group of 9/11 families staunchly opposed to the ground zero mosque location, told Newsmax in an exclusive interview that there now can be no doubt President Obama supports the specific location of the controversial mosque. "There's no question now," Burlingame tells Newsmax. "He was given an opportunity. The question was posed: 'We all know there's freedom of religion, but where do you stand on the wisdom of putting this mosque there?' And his answer was to go back to this Koran burning, and how that would inflame the passions of more than a billion Muslims. "He seems to utterly ignore or dismiss the passions or the sensibilities of 300 million Americans, including America Muslims, who told us this mosque, without question, will be interpreted in the Muslim world as ratification of the attacks that took place nine years ago, that it will be used to recruit jihadis and that it will endanger our troops."


breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 6 years ago

Brilliant explanation of the facts and they are facts right out there for easy interpretation.

Obama is a Muslim in his soul and if he doesn't openly practice his religion he does so because he is a an opportunist and a liar. Thumbs up, patriot..awesome.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

We feel you! November is coming!

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks Pop

America is waking up; I just hope it's not too late!

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

American Romance

I'm with you; let's not loose our tenacity between now and November!

jiberish profile image

jiberish 6 years ago from florida

Patriot, not only did he cancel Nation Prayer day, but signed an executive order repealing it. Makes you want to say Hummm.

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


Makes me wanna say a lot more than Hummmm but I'll take that for starters if enough people wake up and say it!

pcoach 6 years ago

Excellent hub! I believe in my heart he is dropping towel and praying east. I don't care what others say. You did an excellent job connecting the dots.

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

thanks pcoach

Watch for chapter 3; I took your advice and titled it Wake up Little Suzies!

eovery profile image

eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

Come on November. The Tea Party is having a great effect and the Dems are running scared!

Keep on hubbing!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Patriot, T think you very cleverly explained the situation. We had better hope November is the beginning of change because things are going downhill.

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go.

They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.**

Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author


I'm with you but this time not Obama's Change you can believe in; Change back from Marxism to a Constitutional U.S.A!

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