Chapter 3, Wake up Little Susie’s

Chapter 3, Wake up Little Susie’s

Wake up Little Susie’s Wake up-Wake Up Little Susie’s Wake Up

Obama Wasn’t so Hot- He Had an Insidious Plot

We Fell Asleep Our Goose Is Cooked Now Christianity is Shot

Wake Up Little Susie’s-Wake Up Little Susie’s

Now that I’ve gotten your attention; one of the great mysteries in today's political world is why college kids, especially college women overwhelmingly support Obama. Why would I make such a statement you ask; well Chapter 3 is directed to all those females who are still somewhat enamored with this Charismatic well spoken enigma we now have as our president. To begin with I will reacquaint you with his self proclaimed allegiance to the Muslim World; in The Audacity of Hope he wrote, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

In Chapter 2 I explained how the Muslims conspired to install Sharia Law once their percentages reached certain levels of the population. Well Little Susie’s, what would living under Sharia Law mean to each and every one of you; the Burkas would be the least of your worries. First off, according to Sharia Law, despite declarations of the equality of the sexes before God, women are considered inferior to men, and have fewer rights. A woman counts as half a man in giving evidence in a court of law, or in matters of inheritance. Her position is less advantageous than a man’s with regard to marriage and divorce. A husband has the moral and religious right and duty to beat his wives for disobedience or for perceived misconduct. A woman does not have the right to choose her husband, or her place of residence, to travel freely or have freedom in her choice of clothing. Women have little or no autonomy and are deemed to need the protection of their fathers, husbands or other male relatives throughout their lives.

So you say, you’re out of your mind, Obama is not a Muslim. Well let’s take an objective review of his performance thus far! One of his first acts as president was to order the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and set a date for the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq. Next he called on Israel to halt the building of settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.It appears that Obama is seeking to make significant changes in the U.S Israeli relationship as he said this country's relationship with Israel means we have to be honest with the country over such controversial issues as settlements and their obstruction to peace. So in Hussein Obama’s view the Israeli settlements, not the Arab Suicide Bombers are the impediment to peace! So Little Susie’s; is Obama a Muslim or not; WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE’S!

Next, Little Susie’s remember way back when Obama was caught on camera bowing to the Saudi King and they came out with some outlandish excuse he was bending down to shake hands or some absurd explanation such as that. Well, he was born to and educated by a Muslim father and was simply following protocol! Also where was Michelle? It is forbidden for an orthodox Muslim man to take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices Sharia law; hello my name is Saudi Arabia! Finally he has downplayed his Christianity and spoken openly of his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulos!

So Little Susie’s will you be happy with an Islamic society? A society in which you are kept away from the gaze of other men; where you are forced to stay home under the protection of your man; in a society where Islam has the right to tell all other women, including non-Muslims, how they should behave? If not then all I gotta say is WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE’S!



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pcoach 6 years ago

Well, you certainly named a few of the reasons why American women should be running fast, and far, and faster still, and farther still, from the threat of a Muslim America. It stuns me that American women aren't speaking up and saying what a perverse religion this is. They just actually believe that in America they will escape the delights that await them in Islam.

Why are American women staying silent? The only reason I can believe is they are scared. Maybe they are using better sense than we are (men) by not trying to enflame them. Well, not in my little American world, ladies.

Come on. This fight cannot be won with everyone sitting on their laurels, or behinds, which ever the case may be. There is a lot to be afraid of people, but not defending ourselves is the biggest fear you should have. Stand up and speak right now while you can because literally tomorrow it can be gone. This country doesn't require an act of congress anymore. Get it? You could wake up tomorrow with your extreme highness telling you women you need to cover your heads, you shameless hussies. And covering your heads is the least of your problems. How about the sexual organs that God gave you? Would you prefer those organs to be mutilated so that you will never enjoy sex because you certainly shouldn't be enjoying it. Just ask Allah. Not according to Islam. Or perhaps a good stoning is to your liking. Nothing like a good stoning on a Saturday afternoon. Makes you want to grab the kids and take ride, doesn't it?

Come on ladies. My wife is poking me to say so much more but sometimes less is more. And this is your hub, Patriot. Thank you for waking up the "little susies"! I pray they listen.

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Partisan Patriot 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the comentary pcoach

I once heard some say if you bury your head in the sand to avoid trouble; they'll just come along and cut your neck off. Well the time is here for all Little Susies to pull their heads out of the sand!

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breakfastpop 6 years ago

Great eye opening hub. The evidence of Obama's allegiance and leanings is out there for anyone to see and it really isn't open to interpretation, it's pretty clear. Too many Americans have their head buried in the sand and it is maddening.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 6 years ago from America

Patriot, nice point! I believe more daily that Obama is certainly a sympathiser to the Muslim religion.

partisan patriot 6 years ago

Correcto-Mundo Pop

All the sand is not in the Middle East; some of it is spread throughout the good ole U.S.A. where it is being utilized by various Americans to bury their heads in!

partisan patriot 6 years ago


I believe he passed Check Point Charlie long ago on his way over to the Muslims!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Patriot, I think there is no doubt that Obama is a Muslim. Those college woman should be concerned because living under Sharia law is no picnic. These Muslims think they can take over the whole world and maybe they will. Great message -rated up!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

It's not ony whether or not Obama is muslim, it's that most politicians and the press are sympathetic to Islam. We wouldn't have to worry if it was only Obama. Might I add, a muslim man can divorce his wife at any time, for any reason, he gets the children and she gets nothing, no alimony, nothing.

partisan patriot 6 years ago

Thanks Pamela and Shelia B

You two are definitely no Little Susies; you've been awake to what's going on for as long as I've known you through Hub Pages. Our job now is to awaken as many Little Susies and Little Steves as we can before November!

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