Chapter 1 the Meeting

Chapter 1 the Meeting

Hey Mike, wake up; Liberty’s here with a message from Tom. Mike Black rolls over rubbing the sleep from his eyes and gently approaches the big bird standing on the edge of his tree house; 500 feet up off the Louisiana swamp. It’s summertime in the swampland so the foliage from the large Water Oaks hide the tree houses which serve as the summer quarters for Mike and what’s left of his Rebel Alliance. Come fall they will be forced to move once again seeking winter quarters deeper in the bayou swamps where the winter fog will completely obscure their existence!

Mike slowly and carefully removes the message from the right leg of the eagle and reads it. Sam, Tom wants a meeting with our group as well as Bob Blank’s somewhere here in the swamp so we can discuss the Regime’s latest plan to establish a Muslim Caliphate with the former United States of America as its head. Where should we meet? That’s easy, the safest and most secure place I know is the old Cemetery just off the New Orleans Blacktop; we’ll meet in the Madam Marie Laveau Crypt; they won’t go within 20 miles of there!

Great idea Sam; Mike and Sam had been best friends and comrades in arms since their days together serving in Iraq. It was only natural when Mike first formed the Southern Alliance when the Regime came for the guns that Sam would be the first to join his friend. Sam along with 5,000 other men in arms now follow Mike through the swamps hiding from the Regime awaiting the opportunity to rise up and recapture their country.

Since the permanent suspension of Constitutional Law and the establishment of the Regime’s absolute authority the 3 factions of the Rebel Alliance have managed to avert capture by hiding in their respective obscure locations. This has been no small task since the Obama Boys are everywhere. They are the group of youths much like Hitler’s Brown Shirts who scourer the country side each and every day looking for all signs of detractors reporting their activities to the National Security Czar. There are no girls in the group since Shari Law which now is the law of the land forbids their participation in society beyond the strict limits as prescribed in the Koran!

So it will be Sam, we’ll meet in the Marie Laveau Crypt, hand me the Blue Stick so I can show it to Liberty; Pete Stone had developed an ingenious way of training the eagle which way to fly; the red stick meant fly to the Louisiana swamp camp of Mike Black, the white stick meant fly to fly to Bob Blank’s camp and the blue one to return to Pete Stone.

After penning the note to Bob Blank, Mike attaches it along with the original note from Tom Stone and launched the big bird once again; three days later Liberty is standing in the mouth of an abandoned coal mine which now serves as Bob Blanks southeastern alliance headquarters. As Bob reads the two notes his mind wanders back to the last time the 3 groups were together, fighting the Regime.

One year to the date after the 2017 Insurrection, which gave birth to the three groups, they stood in arms objecting to the National burning of the Constitution and the establishment of Sharia as the Law of the Land. It was at this event held on the grounds of the National Mall in Washington D.C. that Barrack Hussein Obama proclaimed himself Caliph and announced that all Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues would immediately beginning collecting dhimmitude from their respective memberships. Failure to do so would result in the destruction of their buildings as it was the law in all Muslim Republics to collect such a tax from all Infidels residing in their countries!

Hearing this, the crowd of 500,000 or more stormed the podium but were cut down in a hail of bullets from the Imperial Guard who were stationed in front of their Caliph! This would later be known as Black Friday and was the last time the three Rebel Alliance Leaders were together.

Chapter 2, the 2017 Insurrection


geordmc 4 years ago from Beliot, Wisconsin

Keep 'em coming, PP, this story is too good to stop now! If it keeps being this good, you should find a publisher for it as a novel.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

thanks geordmc

I've almost finished the next chapter!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

Can't talk now, I am hiding under the bed! Up and awesome.

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Thanks Pop

Make sure you come out to vote in November!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

I'll be there as often as possible! Sorry couldn't resist!

Partisan Patriot 4 years ago Author

Hey that's great; if we expect to beat the Democrats we gotta play like the Democrats; come November Vote Early and Often!!!!!

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