Characteristics of a Real Man

When someone says that a certain individual is a "real man", sometimes I am not certain what that means. Different people may have a different definition in mind when it comes to being a "real man". I am going to talk about my own definition.

I am a bit old fashioned and I believe in some ways I am a romantic at heart. I still believe in men opening doors for women, supporting them financially, and just being a total gentleman. I think these qualities are rare to find these days, but I believe "real men" still exist.

A real man in my opinion should know how to take care of a woman. He has to provide and protect. He should show his woman respect and treat her with kindness and consideration.

I believe a "real man" would make a great father figure. He has to be mature, responsible, caring, and independent. He has to be very patient and provide a good example. If he is a good teacher that would be even better and a great sense of humor would not hurt either. I guess I might be describing the perfect man here and maybe the real man is not so real after all. However, I like to be positive and keep the dream alive.

I would say if a man has some of these wonderful characteristics, these days he is a find. There are way too many crazy and unemployed useless dudes running around these days not knowing what to do with themselves. So if a man has a job and is fairly sane and decent I think you could settle for that.


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