China Can Be Broken Only Through a Border Clash with India

Narandra Modi May Move Closer To China

Narandra Modi May Move Closer To China
Narandra Modi May Move Closer To China | Source

Indo-China Border Clash Will Benefit USA and the West

J-31 Fighter Plane Launched

Recently China launched its test flight of J-31 fighter plane. It was an improvised version of J-20 which was launched two years back. Now China is the only country other than USA to possess J-31 fighter plane. China is likely use this fighter plane to threaten countries like India, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and other border nations. In the Asia-Pacific, Indian involvement has been increasing of late, causing concerns to China. Of course USA is seen as the major irritant by China. There is also a cyber threat from China to the Border States. China has made huge investments in cyber warfare. China can cripple the technological prowess of even an advanced country like USA. China has penetrated deeply in important technologies in India like IT, energy, industry, communication and commerce spells doom to India. India should realise that China is its number one enemy. China invaded India in 1962 and captured 32000 square km of its Territory which it is still holding. China has built strong infrastructure along Indo Tibetan border that includes missile launching pads, network of airbases, cantonments and other important infrastructure.

Xi Jinping and His Father Were Harassed By Mao

The Bo expulsion has caused only ripples in Chinese society and not waves as expected. There are likely to be key changes in the top military body of China. The former Railway Minister Liu Zhijun was also expelled from the Communist Party of China. He is alleged to have involved in bribery amounting to $128 million. Xi Jinping, the new Chinese leader was brought up in a village Liangjiahe in Shaanxi Province. His father Xi Zhongxun was the Vice Premier of China. But before he got this post, he was purged by the Red Army and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution. Even Xi Jinping was sent to the village in the Cultural Revolution where he did not have proper food to eat.

Ji Xinping May Bring Reforms to Ease the System

Now that Xi Jinping is at the top, there is a possibility that he may ease the system and allow democracy. In other words, he may follow the footsteps of Michael Gorbachev who introduced Perestroika in Russia in late eighties. Having suffered at the hands of the Red Army, Communist Party of China and Mao Tse Tung, Xi Jinping might have developed a revengeful mentality and may throw all the shackles to the winds. He will also overhaul the Red Army and remove those people responsible for the purge of his father.

Can China Be Broken?

China is silent on Heywood’s alleged connections with M16. Perhaps some information may come out during Bo’s trial but the trial itself may take place inside the iron curtains and whatever vital information emanates is likely to be suppressed by the brutal China government. Bo would definitely have known about the status of Heywood. China poses a threat to many countries in the world including USA. It is in the best interests of the world to curtail China and if possible break China into pieces just like USSR was done in 1990. For this, one should understand the administrative setup in China. Many institutions are involved here like the Central Military Commission, People’s Liberation Army (Red Army), National Congress, Central Committee, Polit Bureau, Central Commission Inspection, Standing Committee, State Council, Presidential Office, Secretariat and various other departments.

Indo-China Border Clash Will Benefit USA and the West

But it will be enough to unsettle the Red Army for a people’s protest movement to take place. Once the Red Army’s strength is broken, China will also break. But how can one break the Red Army? In this regard, USA should realise that it is only through India that the Red Army can be broken. Of course India is not capable of defeating China in a conventional warfare. But if a border clash emerges between India and China and turns into a nuclear war, the Red Army’s hold will be broken. China will also be shattered by the impact of nuclear war though India will also suffer heavily. At this time if USA comes to the support of India, China can be finished off and broken into pieces. Therefore it is in the interests of USA and the West to see to it that India and China never arrive at a border settlement and the tension between the two countries continues.

Narandra Modi May Move Closer To China

If Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India as is likely in 2014, he will be friendlier with China as USA denied him a visa and branded him as communal. On the other hand China welcomed him. Under Modi, India and China may come closer which is not in the interests of USA. But USA cannot do anything to prevent Modi from becoming the Prime Minister as India is a democratic country and its people elect the party to power.

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Modi is right. Offensive is the best part of defense. China preaches something, but practices something !

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