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Deng Xio Ping
Deng Xio Ping | Source

China Air

News: China overreacted to the Buddhist Conference in New Delhi

Comments: China always overreacts to whatever Dalai Lama does. If Dalai Lama sneezes, China catches cold. Had China ignored Dalai Lama right from the beginning, he would not have grown to the present position. Israel made Yasser Arafat popular. China has made Dalai Lama world famous. Today, Dalai Lama is most popular among all the world nations. He can walk into the White House and discuss matters with the US President. He is most invited for all the conferences, meetings and seminars. Diplomats vie with each other to have a handshake with Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama should be thankful to China for all this publicity.

News: China fears global crisis may ignite fire at home

Comments: China’s society is built on dictatorship. Freedom of speech is suppressed in the communist society. China should have broken into pieces after Mao Tse Tung’s death in the early seventies (some say that he died in late sixties but his death was officially announced in the seventies due to power struggle in Peking). What held the society together was the economic progress because of liberalisation measures undertook by the Chinese government. Once a crack is made and the economy starts collapsing, the Chinese society will also collapse. Arab Spring will spread to China.

News: Assange has accused China sucking out CBI mails

Comments: CBI (Central Bureau of Investigations) is the chief investigative arm of Indian government. It is not only the CBI mails, but the entire communication network of the Indian government that could be under Chinese scanner. China wants to attack India and capture it or at least parts of India like Arunachal Pradesh, which it claims as its own. However, China is concerned about the nuclear capability of India. It wants to know where these nuclear weapons are placed, who is in charge of the control over their deployment and use. China needs these details to plan its attack against India.

News: Beijing postpones its border talks with India

Comments: This is the outcome of India’s bold stand in the East Asia summit held recently. China objected to India’s presence in the South China Sea for oil exploration in collaboration with Vietnam. China claims suzerainty over the entire South China Sea. China gave a warning to India to vacate South China Sea. But India rejected the warning. In the East Asia Summit, all the nations including USA supported India’s stand. This was a rebuff to Beijing. Naturally, Beijing chose to postpone the border talks. Even if the border talks had been held as scheduled, no progress would have come out of the talks. China wants to thrust impossible conditions on India to conclude a border agreement.

News: Chinese retailers give global giants run for money

Comments: It is two decades since China opened up its retail sector fully. It started with 26% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in retail trade in 1992. Foreign retail giants like Wal-Mart and Carrefour entered and changed the way Chinese companies operated in crucial areas like logistics to farm procurement. But it is the local retailers and not the foreign retail shops that dominate the Chinese retail sectors. However, entry of foreign retailers has brought many changes like higher production efficiency, increased market consolidation, booming exports and rising investments in rural infrastructure. India should take note of this fact and allow FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in retail sector. There is widespread opposition in India for allowing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in retail because of the fear that the Manmohan Singh government may indulge in corruption and siphon off money belonging to the people. A series of mega scams like the 2G Spectrum scandal, Commonwealth Games scandal, Adarsh Housing Society scandal and other scams have made people to view everything the government wants to do with suspicion. Tomorrow if the Indian government bids for conducting Olympic Games in India, people will think that the government is doing this for pocketing billions of dollars by inflating the cost of materials.

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