China Ranks Second In Production Of Electricity

China Showing Interest In Offshore Wind Power Generation

China Showing Interest In Offshore Wind Power Generation
China Showing Interest In Offshore Wind Power Generation

Most Chinese Leaders Are Engineers

Most Chinese Leaders Are Engineers

One can gauge the economic development of a nation through its per capital consumption of power. Very few nations have the figure of more than 10000 kW power per annum per person. In USA, the figure is 12900 kW. In China, the figure is 2600 kW and in India it is 600 kW. Wherever food shortage persists, electricity shortage is also there. China has realised the importance of generating electricity for industrial and economic development and focuses on new schemes to generate more electricity. In China, the President, Prime Minister and many members of the politburo in the Communist Party of China are engineers. They know how to produce electricity efficiently. China ranks number two in production of electricity. Inspite of this, its per capital consumption of power is not as much as USA because of its huge population.

Private Sector Is Allowed To Produce Power

According to the figure calculated in 2011, USA produces 10 lakh MW of power every year followed by China with a figure of 9 lakh MW. India has a figure of 180000 MW. China is planning to produce an extra 11 lakh MW of power in the next twenty years. That will take its total production of electricity to 20 lakh MW per year. China plans to achieve this by tapping different sources like thermal, hydroelectric, wind, solar and nuclear energies. There are no power cuts in China most of the times. Lot of reforms were introduced after 1980 in production and distribution of electricity. Private companies can produce electricity and sell it to the government. A minimum profit is assured to them.

Transmission Losses In India Are Quite High

China adds Rupees one lakh crore every year to a separate fund called ‘Energy Development Fund’. Periodically power tariff is raised to realise the target. In India, electricity produced is not distributed properly. Power tariffs are not revised periodically because of political reasons. There are no adequate measures in India to prevent transmission losses and power thefts. Private sector was handed over the responsibility to distribute power in India’s capital city Delhi two years back. Before this, transmission losses were as high as 50%. Even now the national transmission loss in India is around 30%. Electricity Boards incur huge losses because of availability of free power to different segments of population. Management inefficiency further adds up their losses. All the State Electricity Boards together incur around Rupees thousand crore rupees in India per year.

Electricity Shortage In China Four Years Back

China faced electricity shortage in 2008 for a different reason. The Chinese government in Beijing fixes the power tariff. At that time there was a price increase in coal. But the Chinese government did not raise the power tariff. Because of this, even as the production of electricity went up, so also the losses. Due to avoiding or reducing losses, power companies curbed their production of electricity. This resulted in shortage of electricity. But the Chinese government took immediate action and rectified this anomaly.

Thermal Power Plants Dominate In China

80% of electricity produced in China is through thermal power plants. China ranks number one in the world in consumption of coal. Due to this, China ranks number one inletting out the toxic gas sulphur dioxide (SO2) into the atmosphere. As SO2 gas affected the good health of the Chinese people, the government decided to produce electricity through other means. They used all the rivers in China and started producing electricity through hydroelectric projects. China ranks number one in the world in production of electricity through wind mills. It produces 10000 MW of electricity every year through wind mills. China plans to raise this figure to 20000 MW by 2020.

China Showing Interest In Offshore Wind Power Generation

As wind from the sea is much more than wind from the land, many nations in the world are showing interest in erecting wind mills in sea and produce electricity through them. But this offshore wind power involves huge cost. Lot of time is also needed to erect the wind mills in the sea. But Chinese government is showing interest even in this type of electricity production. China also attaches great importance to nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants have been functioning in China for the last thirty years successfully.


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