China and India can never become friends

Sino Indian ties

Chinese Businessmen Are Untrustworthy

When the Chinese Prime Minister Li Kequiang visited India, only one Chinese company was represented by its sourcing managers in India. Li was more interested in selling Chinese goods to India than buying from India. Therefore all the talk that the Chinese Prime Minister was interested in evening out the one-sided trade relations which is blatantly in favour of China is a meaningless talk. Li stated that Indian and Chinese businessmen can create miracles if they joined together. Actually if they join together, miracles will not be created but Chinese businessmen will eat away Indian businessmen’s profits.

Border Issue Will Never Be Settled

Both India and China stated that special representatives will be appointed to prevent Depsang-type incidents. Here again the Red Army may violate the border agreement at will and India may not be able to do much about it. India should never trust China. It should establish strong defence ties with USA and Japan in order to prevent such incursions by the Chinese Red Army. China has expressed its desire to settle the border dispute with India. But this is a gibber talk. China does exactly opposite to what it speaks. China is never trusted by any of its neighbours. Even its all-weather friend Pakistan never trusts it fully. That is why Pakistan has refused to condemn Japan in its island dispute with China. Li said that both the countries have the wisdom to find a fair solution to the border issues. China is never going to settle the border issue with India. It will demand access of Arunachal Pradesh with it and India is never going to accept it. Therefore the wisdoms of both countries are not of any use to them.

India Should Declare That Tibet Is an Independent Country

Chinese Prime Minister expressed his anguish about the continued presence of the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama in India. What is wrong in it? India has done well to stop mentioning that Tibet is an inalienable part of China in its joint statements since 2010. If China is blatantly favouring Pakistan in the Kashmir dispute, why not India consider Tibet as an independent country? If India takes this stand boldly, it will embarrass China and will force it to change its attitude towards Pakistan. India has expressed its concern about the Chinese activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Who Can Forget The Chinese Treachery Of 1962?

India and China have renewed the flood data agreement on Brahmaputra. But the crucial question is what steps India is going to take to stop China from diverting the trajectory of the river inside its territory? There is no answer to this question. Li was pointing out that he had chosen India on the map of his maiden visit. It all sounds good. But Indians are no more fools as they were in 1962 to believe the sweet words of the Chinese. It is true that India and China have expressed their differences frankly. But this will not lead to resolving them in the immediate future. India considers China as its number one enemy. This is not expressed overtly but it is in the minds of every Indian. China and India can never become friends even in the distant future.

Don't trust Li

Don't trust Li
Don't trust Li | Source

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From Mao to Li, all Chinese leaders are anti-Indians

From Mao to Li, all Chinese leaders are anti-Indians
From Mao to Li, all Chinese leaders are anti-Indians | Source

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Writer Fox profile image

Writer Fox 3 years ago from the wadi near the little river

I don't think China really wants to be friendly with any country, except Iran because it needs their oil.

tuteramanda profile image

tuteramanda 3 years ago from beijing china

The key problem of our relationship is the border issue, i think we may settle it in a decade,we face many chanllenge in common

Gans 3 years ago

Well said!

Indian leaders- at least the ones with brains know this very well. It's a political game!

Thanks for educating the Indian readers with your insights.

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