Indo China border agreement is never going to come

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China Is Never Going To Sign a Border Agreement with India

China Is Never Going To Sign a Border Agreement with India
China Is Never Going To Sign a Border Agreement with India

China Is Never Going To Sign a Border Agreement with India

If Europe Sneezes, China Catches Cold

The Euro crisis has affected China much more than India. IMF has predicted that China’s GDP may halve because of the European Union debt crisis. IMF has prescribed tax cuts to the extent of 3% of the GDP as a remedy for China. Usually IMF’s remedies are always worse than the disease. In fact, IMF itself is afflicted with problems which it is unable to cure. See my link below for a wider discussion on this aspect. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has stated that China has a substantial stake in the Euro bailout. Today the situation is such that if Europe or USA catches cold, China will sneeze.

Rebellion May Spread

The southern Chinese village of Wukan rebelled against the Chinese authorities over the issue of land grabs. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has pledged to protect the rights of the farmers. China should realise that it is living in an Internet age (China has 500 million Internet users) when the explosion of technology has touched nooks and corners. When Mao Tse Tung killed hundred million Chinese people in the name of Cultural Revolution in the sixties, not a single protest was made. But now times have changed. Arab Spring is an example of the changing times. Today Wokan village has risen in rebellion. Tomorrow the rebellion will spread to other parts of China. This kind of problem is absent in India which is an open democratic society.

China Will Never Normalise Relations with India

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit India this year. Such mutual visits have taken place in the past also, but the complicated border issue has not been resolved yet. If China returns the land it occupied in the 1962 War against India, drops its claims over parts of India and also concludes the border treaty to the mutual satisfaction of India, then it will be a setback to USA. Now USA is able to sway India away from China only because of the 1962 War and the vexed border issue. The Chinese President Hu Jintao is due to arrive in India shortly to take part in the BRICS summit. Ahead of this visit, the Indian Foreign Minister S M Krishna is scheduled to visit China. But in my opinion, China will never normalise its relations with India in the foreseeable future and so Indo-American relations will flourish. India should opt for more defence cooperation with USA in order to ward off a possible Chinese attack.

Do Not Protect Criminal Actions In The Name Of Patriotism

Indian traders in China have begun their legal battle to clear their names. They have sought the help of the Indian Foreign Minister to take up their cases with the Chinese authorities. They faced a trauma during their abduction in China last year in the city of Yiwu. But there are also reports that Indian traders are entering illegally into China or overstaying and do illegal activities in China. There are also reports about molestation of the Chinese women by the Indian traders. Indian Foreign Minister should not protect these unscrupulous elements simply in the name of patriotism. There is a saying that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Let those who misbehave be punished irrespective of their nationality.

Dalai Lama Continues To Guide the Tibetans

There were clashes between the Tibetans and the police forces in Sichuan province. Two people were reported dead and many more injured. According to Dharmasala sources, the number of dead is many times more than the reported figures. China swallowed Tibet in 1959 but even after a lapse of more than fifty years, the digestion is not complete and is creating problems for China. The majority of Tibetans in Tibet and outside still continue to be guided by their spiritual leader Dalai Lama who has put up a government in exile in Dharmasala in Himachal Pradesh in India.

A Limited War in the Offing?

There are reports that India and China may fight a limited war in the near future. A full fledged war between the two Asian giants may produce a nuclear holocaust and decimate even the neighbouring countries. But China is reportedly planning to attack and capture Arunachal Pradesh and then declare a truce. But if India does not accept the truce and fights back, the war will escalate into a full fledged one with USA also intervening on the side of India.

Baby Rush in the Year of Dragon

There is a baby rush in China in the year of dragon. Many married couples have planned to have a baby in this year of dragon which is supposed to be auspicious. Chinese companies are planning for more investment in India. For example, China Steel is planning to invest $180 million in Gujarat. In technology, China is leapfrogging to catch up with USA. China has produced trains that can travel in mountains. It is a lighter version of magnetically levitated train (maglev).

Yuan Will Never Replace the Dollar

Chinese currency Yuan is gaining ground. Some financial analysts say that if China progresses in the same rate as now in the next decade, Chinese Yuan could be the world currency, displacing US dollar. But I differ from this view. Chinese currency may gain strength, but it will never replace the US dollar. This is because the world nations have trust in USA. This trustworthiness is lacking with regard to China. China is not trusted even by is neighbours. China threatens to capture other people’s land whereas there is no such threat from USA. When people do not have a trust in China, how could they reinforce confidence in its currency? The UK chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne recently visited Hong Kong for negotiations with the Chinese authorities to enable London to become a future trading centre for Yuan. China’s Central Bank Governor has stated that China does not control the flow of Yuan across borders as tightly as it might want. He also predicted that the Yuan’s trading range is bound to widen over a period of time. USA is accusing China for not quickly moving on exchange rate reforms.

Talibans May Drop Nuclear Bombs on China

Chinese companies are rethinking about their investments in Pakistan because of instability. The Islamic terrorists including Taliban consider China as more of their enemy than even India. The Talibans are sore that China is harassing millions of Muslims in the Xingjian province and denying them their religious rights. Talibans want to liberate Xingjian province from China and are indulging in terrorist activities there. Pakistan government has no control over this. But at the same time China does not want to abandon its ‘all weather’ friend Pakistan. China has supplied nuclear technology to Pakistan and continues to assist it. But tomorrow if the Talibans succeed in capturing power in Islamabad, some of these bombs will be dropped in China also. (See my link below)

Israel May Strike Against Iran

Realising that the oil sanctions against Iran and a possible Gulf War are imminent, China has taken steps to ensure alternative oil supply to its needs. Recently the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited Saudi Arabia and made arrangements for this. China is one of the biggest recipients of Iranian oil. Israel is likely to strike against Iran pre-emptively in order to defend itself as Iranian President Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe out Israel from the world map. The conflict will escalate when Saudi Arabia and USA get involved in the war against Iran. Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations feel threatened by Iranian nuclear weapons programme and want USA to do something to check this. But the first strike is likely to come not from USA but from Israel. Saudi Arabia cannot openly support Israel even though it will indirectly support it.

India Should Build Stronger Relations with USA

For border talks with India, China denied visa to an officer belonging to Arunachal Pradesh from India. Indian government took it into stride and continued the border talks. But this was a wrong response on the part of India and shows that it has no guts while dealing with China. What India should have done was to cancel the border talks, which in any case will not produce any results and is a waste of time. China is never going to sign a border agreement with India as it signed with Russia. India will be living in utopian land if it thinks so. On the other hand, India should gear itself in the fiftieth anniversary of the Chinese attack, to fend off any possible intrusion or attack from China. It should conclude a defence agreement with USA in this regard. In 1962 it was USA that saved India from falling into the hands of China. In another war, the same USA is likely to save India. India should be forever grateful to USA for safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

China Is Never Going To Sign a Border Agreement with India


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