Close to the victims

Left under the care of her Uncle,she was only 9 years,orphaned at 8. The only place safe for her was under his care, he vowed to give her everything her father would have given her.

Everyone was kind to her, she was an obedient kid,smart and intelligent,you could see the beauty of an elegant lady in her and at her age,she understood that education is the key to success.

She wanted to be a medical doctor in future, a dream her uncle vowed to help her achieve but he ended up in jail and that almost shattered her dream but a friend close to her family took up her responsibilities.

She proved the saying that a friend close by is far better than a brother far away, she was kind to her because her parents were kind to her sometime so it was simply a pay back but why was her uncle so mean? She was like her own daughter but he vowed to devour her innocence and she cried...

"Daddy don't touch me, you were suppose to be my father, why are you the one to take my innocence"?


Is it true that most rape cases are committed by people close to the victims?

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