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Rahul Gandhi Wants Banks to Write Off Loans to Muslims

Rahul Gandhi Wants Banks to Write Off Loans to Muslims
Rahul Gandhi Wants Banks to Write Off Loans to Muslims | Source

Rahul Gandhi Wants Banks to Write Off Loans to Muslims

Kapil Sibal Denies Coal Scam

Now it has been established beyond doubt that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself is corrupt to the core. Previously when many scandals were erupting under his very eyes like the 2G spectrum scam, the Adarsh housing scam, the Commonwealth games scam etc, the media and the people only blamed Raja, Kalmadi and other ministers for the scam and gave a cheat to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In fact Kapil Sibal went to the extent of stating that no such scams had ever happened.

Manmohan Singh Is Corrupt

Now the coal mines allotment has been done by the Prime Minister himself to various private companies at a throwaway price. The Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) has pointed out that the government has incurred a loss of a whopping Rs.186000 crore. This amount is much more than the 2G spectrum scam estimated at Rs.176000 crore. The principal opposition party BJP is paralysing the parliament continuously and is taking the issue to the people in its public meetings and media campaign.

CPI (M) Is Worried

Much more than the Congress party and the government, the communist party CPI (M) is worked a great deal over this development. CPI (M) feels that the coal allotment scandal will definitely erode the image of the Congress party and benefit the BJP in the next parliament election to take place in 2014. CPI (M) does not want the BJP to come to power. The communists feel that the Congress is a secular party whereas the BJP is communal. Biman Bose is very sure that the Muslims’ rights will remain safe at the hands of Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi rather than at the hands of the BJP. The communists also point out the way the BJP campaigned to pull down the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992.

CPI (M) Question BJP’s Role in Destroying Babri Masjid

Therefore the CPI (M) leaders have instructed their cadres to counter the BJP campaign against the Congress in coal allotment issue by highlighting BJP’s role in the destruction of Babri Masjid. CPI (M) is also highlighting BJP’s demand for abolishing the Haj pilgrimage subsidy granted to the Muslims by the Congress government. CPI (M)’s point is that the Congress is only looting thousands of crores of public money but is taking care of Muslims’ rights. On the other hand the BJP may be a clean party in financial matters but is disposed against the Muslims, according to the CPI (M).

Deva Gowda and Karunanidhi Want Congress to Continue In Power

DMK President Karunanidhi also points out that though the Congress is looting the public, it is continuing the subsidy to the Muslims for their Haj pilgrimage. Karunanidhi is also highly critical of the BJP pulling down the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The former Prime Minister Deva Gowda also agrees with the CPI (M) views. Deva Gowda feels that even if the Congress loots the entire wealth of India, it will continue the Haj pilgrimage subsidy to the Muslims.

Rahul Gandhi Wants Banks to Write Off Loans to Muslims

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi question the qualifications of the BJP in criticising the Congress. They point out that Yeddiyurappa, the former Karnataka Chief Minister is also corrupt. Sonia Gandhi wants the next parliamentary election to be fought on the plank of secularism versus communalism. She is confident that the Indian people will vociferously vote for the Congress to power as Congress has always upheld the rights of the Muslims. Rahul Gandhi is keen to write off all the bank loans availed by the Muslims. That move will win Muslim votes for the Congress. Some Congress leaders also want pension to be provided to Muslims so that they vote for the Congress in the next elections.

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Corruption thrives whatever political belief of the government, whatever religious belief, whatever geographical position (west or east). I'm surprised that the Gandhi family is still in power!

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Gandhi family manages to cling on to power by doling out subsidy to the Muslims for their Haj pilgrimage. This is their secret.

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