Colorado Planned Parenthood Blame?

The Real Blame Goes To---

Today, the shooter (regardless of whether he is mentally incompetent or not) made his appearance in court and ranted many times about protecting babies, baby parts, etc. Without a doubt, he pulled the trigger and should be put away forever. However, what sent him over the edge and led him to kill a policeman and two innocent bystanders, people who weren't really his intended victims?

The group which sent out the video which purports to "prove" that Planned Parenthood was coming unspeakable things with fetal tissues. Aside from the fact that there is NO PROOF that their claims are real, putting out such a disturbing "report" is the real cause for an unhinged mind to leave the rails and attack the organization which does more for women's health issues than any other organization in the United States.

The group should be held accountable for what their "report" created, a real monster. The politicians who didn't see it necessary to refute violence against Planned Parenthood (or any organization) are also to blame for the continued violence. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and anyone else who endorses any program which endorses discrimination or distrust of people simply because of their religious beliefs are also fomenting possible violence.

Words and ideas are the single greatest cause for violence in this world. We must be very careful what we say and how we characterize "groups" of people. It's as bad as saying that "all politicians are crooks." While it sounds good, it's just not true. Until those who think that they are good enough to lead this country in a position of authority learn to choose their words more carefully, there will be more acts of violence, all of which can be traced to irresponsible statements made in public!

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