Come on!... my hubpage family answer my question about Princess Diana.

Princess Diana's death: Accident? or Murder?

I don't really have much on this. But to give you what everybody says, here it goes.


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Ok, thats it. But if you will ask me. Well, it was an accident, a pretty accident. I'm not a detective myself but there were evidences and it may be murder. You know, it is so easy to stage a murder. But if is is a murder, well, it is pretty well-staged. There is just one question that comes on my mind: why would a driver with a noble and important passenger drives a car that is likely to be smashed like that?

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dxdukes profile image

dxdukes 8 years ago from Rochester

In my opinion, I think it was an accident also. People have created this hunger for getting information about famous people that causes at times disaster. I like reading about my favorite stars but not to the point where it invades their private lives and emotions.


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