Communism's Good Points... But

Going onto the official website of the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America), which is, I snooped all around out of curiosity –as my husband's Grandfather was a member ages ago (a die-hard member).

On the home-page there was a quick link to a short article. It was also available in a PDF format so that it could be passed out as a flier. (It's also available en espanol.) The page was titled “Save the nation! Tax corporations! Tax the rich!” After reading the two page long PDF, I was surprised, they had good points with which I agree –despite being a die-hard Capitalist pig. The page stated statistics such as:


Profits: $45 billion in 2009

Federal taxes paid: Zero”

“General Electric

Profits: $10.3 billion in 2009

Federal taxes paid: Zero

Tax rebates received $1.1 billion”


“Wells Fargo

Profits: $12 billion

Tax credits: $19 billion after purchase of Wachovia Bank”

The above does indeed boil my bottom –as I work hard for my money, watch my financial securities get sucked away by the vacuum hose of taxes, and so have never had a vacation yet to date. But does my agreement with their point mean I will now take up the Red banner & march through the streets shouting Leninist slogans? No, no, NO!

First, despite being mad at the above statistics, let me note the positive:

Let me use Wells Fargo for example. When the corporation received $19,000,000,000 in tax credits it allows them to have more net profit. Those higher profits allow them to build more facilities which create more jobs in this high unemployment age. Is that not a good thing? Their higher profits allow them to have more benefits for their employees, such as paid psychological treatment for my sister after she was locked in the vault of a Wells Fargo bank by a strong-arming bank-robber. Is that not a good thing? You tell me.

However, despite the above positives, I still believe that the big-time 'corps' need to (should) pay more. Because I am in agreement with their (Communist) idea (point) does not mean that I am in agreement with the Communist Party. Does a Republican become a Democrat when he/she agrees with one of the Democrat's ideas?

What the CPUSA flier does is point out one of Capitalism's problems. Capitalism does have problems, there are weeds in the field, there are bad seeds in the sowing bag –heck, I work for such a seed of a week (a black spot on the Capitalist flag of bright freedom). But do the problems with Capitalism mean we should dump it and change the USA to the CSA (no, not the Confederate States of America) –the Communist States of America?

When you get an infection, when you get a cut, when you see a crooked tooth... do you throw away your body? Do you dump yourself off for a new one? (Granted, you can't, but would you?) No, you go to the *bleeping* doctor!!! You get that problem fixed. You rid yourself of that staining issue. The same is with the great Capitalist system of this beyond-great nation. It has problems. It needs to go to the doctor, not chucked into the dumpster. And the best thing about the American system is that it doesn't have to cross the Sahara for the physician, rather it has it in it –Congress, the American way... Democratic Republicanism.

So, ask American Capitalism to visit its doctor, don't ask it to head to the leaper-colony.

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JerryTillotson profile image

JerryTillotson 5 years ago from Montpelier, VT

Excellent, thought provoking hub. I've always regarded communism as a good idea (from each according to their abilities; to each according to there needs)that won't work because it kills incentive and humans have an innate motivation to improve their situation. It punishes success and rewards mediocrity. I agree with your assessment on U.S. corporations, that every dollar taken in taxes is a dollar denied to development, but there has to be a happy medium. Those of us watching our pennies should not have to subsidize billionaires.

Politically, I'm an independent who believes that conservatives (fiscal responsibility) and liberals (social responsibility) have good ideas that should be implemented. I also teach in a predominantly liberal community and some of my students have expressed sympathy for socialist/communist ideology. So I ask them, If it's a good idea, then why don't I average all your grades together and give all of you the same grade? Of course, immediately the less motivated, less academically inclined students perk up because that system will benefit them. Obviously, the motivated students know their grades will be watered down and they immediately protest. I then apply that to basic employee economics and they quickly get the point.

Another issue that seems to be ignored is the amount of oppression and violence required by communist regimes to remain in power. Stalin was by far worse than Hitler when it came to silencing the opposition through murder. That says something legitimacy.

Yes, capitalism has its issues. It does create conflict between labor and management, but what we have to do is maintain a healthy environment for competition and create an equitable system of public contributions, i.e. taxation.

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

Very well put. I love your symbolic explanation of communistic principles in the classroom. I wish all teachers explained things in a logical & understandable manner such as that. And the tyranny of communist goevernments speaks for itself. I cannot think of any communist nations which didn't cause tyranny. China? No. USSR? No. Vietnam? No. Cuba? No. Laos? No. North Korea? No. Nope... can't name any.

TMMason profile image

TMMason 5 years ago from FL.

I am glad to see you are not falling for the fairy-tale of Communist/Socailist/Marxian phylosophies. The history of the 20th century has shown the results of those failed systems based on Marx' ideology.

Keep up the learning... America has the best of systems, yes it has its flaws, but all in all, it is the best the world has ever seen, and the best that has ever been.

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

Right on Mason! We do indeed have the best system despite our flaws which are petty compaired to the other systems out there.

Alexander Props profile image

Alexander Props 5 years ago

My father lived half of his life in communism so i know some things about it. Communism is, in theory, the best system, the perfect one. It works this way: everyone give their money to the country. You have nothing. But they spread the money equally so everyone have enough money for living, there is no poor people, but there is no rich people either. ( well, it should be: everyone take as much as they need, but that fails beacause people take more than they should.)

When I ask my father how it was back in the day, he always say that it was the best time of his life, everyone was happy. But there was no democracy, no freedom of speech or anything, that was the problem and the biggest hole in the system.

JerryTillotson profile image

JerryTillotson 5 years ago from Montpelier, VT

Yes, that does sound perfect.

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

Yes, it does sound good, but in regards to America, if we add more S and subtract some C, what do we have left? Do we lose the very essence of who we are as a nation?

Bud Gallant profile image

Bud Gallant 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Very interesting hub. Like yourself, I explored some Communist perspectives, as well. I've found that the most ardent supporters of Communism are often not the so-called "working class" at all, but the non-working class. I'm aware it's a generalization, but that's been my experience.

I don't like taxes, frankly. I think there needs to be a massive reduction in taxes and a massive reduction in "social programs". I do believe in a fair tax system where everyone pays the same percentage regardless of their income. I've never understood why some people believe the wealthy and successful contributors to the society should be taxed at a higher percentage. It absolutely punishes success and promotes a middle-class mediocrity, which I suspect is the purpose, anyway.

I agree that Capitalism may have it's problems, but often what we view as problems of Capitalism are inherently socialist departures from it. The banking and auto bailout are a perfect example. Suddenly welfare became a great idea, so long as it was going to companies instead of people. That's not a very Capitalist attitude in my opinion. Those companies should have went bankrupt, and the free market should have remained free, and not rigged with tax dollars.

There's a man named Milton Friedman who I think was such a common-sense and yet brilliant economist, and it's worth checking him out on YouTube if you want to hear some sanity when it comes to the economy. These days that is difficult to find.

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

I have reached the conclusion that there exists for lack of a better term, a global elite quietly pulling the strings in D.C. Politics at that level, transcend a right/left paradigm. For whatever reason, though I'm sure it benefits those in power, we appear to be entering an era of statism. In summation, we have a powerful elite intent on increasing power and control, in conjuntion with a weak, inefficient government which seeks seeks to increase taxes while interfering with every aspect of our lives. Groovy.

uncorrectedvision profile image

uncorrectedvision 5 years ago from Indiana

What most people ignore is the amount of power that must be ceded to the State in order to take from everyone that for which they have worked so hard. A man who runs his own business can put in 80 hours a week where one of his employees may only work 40. The employee goes home at the end of his shift worry free, at least as far as the business goes, but the owner is never free from those concerns.

Both men work, both get paid but is there anything else equal about what they do? Communist philosophy posits the idea that all people will be equal when they are materially equal and that can only happen if the State runs everything. This assumes several false things. One that people are not already equal. The equality is a material measure. Worst of all, that the State has the ability to make all people equal, has sufficient information for making all economic choices for every one and that its judgement is so superior to that of the individual that all personal property, effort and decision making should be awarded to the State.

Isn't the State run by individuals? Isn't the State just another organization like a business? What brutality must be used to force all property into the hands of the State?

Ask the Kulaks.

There are hundreds of billions of economic decisions made every year by individuals in the United States. Though some of those decisions may be flawed the overwhelming number are not. It is the wisdom of the crowd. The sum total of all those decisions since the founding of the nation have led us to this place. It is only when Americans decided that Government should start making more and more personal economic decisions for them that our progress as a people has been slowed.

To understand the complexity of how many things must happen, how many decisions must be made for an economy to run I would recommend an essay "I, Pencil..."

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

Very well said! Communism does act like God; trying to control everything that it has no ability to control. Must be the reason as to why the USSR tried so hard to produce mind-control technology...

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

Great thread. In theory all would be idealistic all forms of Government would work if there wasn't abuse of any of them. Funny I see this when I have been reading the Communist Manifisto for the past few weeks. I'm not through it all yet, because I want to read each of it's links as well, but so far I have learned that whenever there is one in power, it's just not going to work due to the competition of man.

As for taxes, I won't go on about Exxon, I get enraged and will surely stick my foot in my mouth! But I do agree everyone should pay the same percentage of taxes regardless of income.

Mind Control tactics have been a subject for a long time with (I'm sure you know) countries other than just Russia. As China uses psychological warfare on their people all the time at a place that hits home the hardest, with the one (female) child per family law.

I tend to get angry with my own country for interfering with other forms of government around the world but not doing a thing to stop China from their 8.5-Still births of female babies. From what I have been reading so far, some mothers who really want that child if not found out is willing to shuffle the child from family members to family members, and the child suffers. The mother loses her mind and has been put to death. Had I not seen the outcome while staying glued to the tv in 1989 Tianamen Square I would probably not feel as I do when I learned "Those not ran over with tanks were executed, and onto brighter news......" I fell into an anger that has still not let up. Clinton refueled that during his reign. I'll stop before I put a hub within a hub. Great hub, great comments! -Kathy

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

Kathy (or "Kat", whichever you perfer), I too have read the Communist Manifesto. I never want to argue against that which I do not know. Many people do that and that is how debates become dead-locked. I completely agree with you. I wish you did continue :) True: China, as a Communist State, does pry its nose in things that government should never approach, especially the sex of children. I have a daughter and that issue hits home very hard.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

Most of my friends call me Kat, but really either is fine. What I never understand about some people is they cannot agree to disagree, a debate should not be about an argument or changing another's belief's, if it does, then you think "Great point it was better than what I originally believed" rather than just agree to appease a person. Otherwise it's just pointless to have a constructive conversation with someone, anyone! No two people's belief's are the same. A short for instance, my father always told me, "this is what I believe, but you have got to take all the information for yourself and put it into YOUR belief to ever realize who you are and what you stand for." I think that's why we got along so well. After that I learned to form my own opinions for myself.

Still it doesn't change the fact of ambivalence on some issues and that could hold true with anyone. Like you have read the Manifisto, and I have not finished it nor the links so I could never begin to make a valid debate on it one way or the other. I guess I'll have to let you know when I have finished it, or maybe even how far along I am because I have yet to find another person who has actually read it! I'm trying very hard not to look at it (at this point anyway) as any political statement, although that's what it is about. But I'd really like to know more about the whole Marxist theories than I do at this point.

I have to run right now, but as a stopping point I will leave on this note. A person I know who is very politically outspoken, and a musician/performance artist was being "booed" off stage. They stopped the music and he screamed at them "GO WORSHIP EXXON THEN" I thought, they'll never get it. But to this day he has followers that, just don't get it! Will speak more! Time is short. -Kat

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author


Great comment. You do write mini hubs, lol.

I loved your short as it spoke to me. I consider my husband the spiritual leader of the household; the one who teaches our daughter. One day I saw him fully explain the Torah and then the Gospels and he said to her that here are the facts and it is up to you to see which one you believe, which one speaks to you, and that neither is wrong. Being of the Levites, my husband does the Sabbath in full priestly garb and then we go to Church on sunday. We see our faiths as one in the same.

Also, I am not too suprised that you can't find anyone who has read the manifesto, so many are pro-communism and protest for its principles without knowing them. It's a little funny I think.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

One thing I think annoying of hubpages is, it gives the room to write more, but not like having a real conversation, too much gets said or left out!

It's good to know you're doing the same, giving your child information and letting her process it herself so she knows her own person as she grows.

As far as politics, I find so very few people that CAN talk about politics without it becoming heated and to me that's just wrong. I will rarely bring something up unless I can back my statements (in fact I have a friend who will back that statement lol) but like I said, I want to fully read, understand, read/understand the links in the Manifisto before I can have a constructive conversation about it. But if I do bring up something I don't know much about, it will be to learn what someone's thoughts or feelings are on it, if they're open minded to have learned or if they're going to shut it out completely. I have little tolerance or patience for people who stay stalemate in life and refuse to move further.

This is why you might find my hubs (all but a very few) trivial, space takers. It's too hard to find another intellectual being. (Don't get me wrong, there's got to be fun or life could get to depressing) But just knowing there's another person who has actually read the Manifisto just amazes me. I actually asked someone to watch a movie that's rather corny but brilliant, and REVOLVES around bringing the original Manifisto to the Professor who owned the original papers, and she drops them off the top of a Farris Wheel on accident, and she called it "brainless." Then I knew she'd never get

profile image

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

I don't know much about Communism in the United States, but in Nepal almost 15 thousand people died during the ten years of "people's war" raised by the Communist Party of Nepal Maoist.

BukowskiBabe profile image

BukowskiBabe 5 years ago from Somewhere in the middle of it all. Author

My husband knows much more about this than I do. He has discussed the plight of the people of Nepal with me in the past. How are things now...better?

profile image

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

After winning the election by two-third majority, the Maoists have formed the government and the Constituent Assembly is finalizing a new constitution. Here, we are hoping for the best.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

Binaya.Ghimire, if you don't mind, are you in China or an outer lying land? I do not me to be intrusive, I've just had concern for the people of China for a very long time.

Hi Mary, I think of you often, I also wish the best for you as can be expected. My computer was down and my new one just arrived this week, still getting used to it's quirks! :) ttys -Kat

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