Con Dem Budget Hits the Poor

George Osborne Goes for the Poor

VAT is to rise by 2.5% to 20% from 11th January 2011. This means the poor will either have to stay cold next winter or see their fuel bills rise considerably. Without doubt this will encourage the fuel companies to raise their prices to cover the costs that the rise in VAT will bring them. In other words, the rich fuel companies will not earn less because the poor will have any costs passed on to them.

The rise in VAT will hit the poor despite the promises of the Liberal Democrats pre election promise NOT to increase VAT. For this reason alone, if decent Liberal Democrats want to maintain any image of integrity they need to rebel against this budget as soon as possible.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg Keep their Child Benefit

The richest people in the UK will not see a reduction in their Child Benefit. Even millionaires will keep the Child Benefit payments and will receive the same for their children as the poorest in the country. Child Benefit will also be frozen for the next two years and so the poor will be hit again while the richest who don't depend on their Child Benefit to feed and clothe their children will hardly notice. This is outrageous.

Cuts in Payments to the Disabled

Cuts in payments to the disabled will increase year on year and every year for the duration of the ConDemNation.

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