Congress Please Listen Now !

You know ........I thinks somethings been
lost in transmission
Congress never got our message
maybe we forgot thier commission

Is it the green that made them completely
ignore our command?
Voted and gave themselves a raise !
I just don't understand

Shall we meet in the alley so I can
pass this bonus' off as phony
Or just pass a new law so that you can legalize
graft ....corruption ......baloney

I know I know the American people just
can't understand
Just how hard it is to
live like a congressman

SOOO sorry's the cash for this week
and if you'll just be calm
Next week we'll buy you an island
and lay some more green in your palm

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tngolfplayer profile image

tngolfplayer 4 years ago from Knoxville

They ignore the people, and come election time the sheeple forget the bad and vote on name recognition. We need to clean house, and pay politicians what we pay police, firefighters, and teachers. If they want more money, they need to raise the really important public servants. Maybe then once they learn to live within their means, they can do the same for the country.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

tngolfplayer, It s coming my friend , I think it's coming !

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