Congress in December 2010 (Lame-Duck) session

Lame Duck Session

The lame duck session is the time between the election of new representatives and the swearing in of those newly elected to Congress.  During this session, many bills which have not been passed/considered can still be voted on by the current Congress.  Some of these bills include the don't ask, don't tell and the extension of the Bush tax cuts.  These two things did not get done because people, both Republican and Democrats, did not want to make a decision for fear that it would hurt their election campaigns.   There are those who say that Democrats have not gotten anything accomplished in the past 2 years.  I don't see how they can say just the Democrats have not gotten anything done when there were Republicans in the same chamber when legislation was presented.  I am sure just as during the past 2 years both sides have prevented don't ask don't tell from being passed, it will not change during the Lame Duck session.

After the Lame Duck Session

Now that we have elected quite a few new Republicans to the House of Representatives, I cannot wait to see how they govern.  I believe in giving everyone a chance to prove themselves.  The Republicans ran on the platform that they are in favor of smaller government.  Some of these same republicans receive money from the federal government for their various products and services.  They have been unwilling to say how they will solve the deficit problem and what programs they will cut.  When asked about specifics they always point to the fact that we need to extend the tax cuts for everyone on a permanent basis.  This is contradictory because if we do this the rich will continue to get richer but not necessarily create jobs so that those less fortunate will have employment or insurance.  When I speak to people who own small businesses and ask how do they decide if they should hire someone, not a one mentions that it is because they are not sure what their taxes will be.  They all hire based on how much business they are getting. 

I just believe that we are not going to see any real change in the way bills are passed into law until after the 2012 election is over.  I think that one Republican Congressman spoke the truth regarding how they will govern when he said that the first order of business was to see that President Obama was a 1-term president.  In order to accomplish this the Republicans still will not work with this administration until they are sure that he will be the President.  They cannot be certain until after he is re-elected in 2012.  Until then we will not see any real evidence that individuals are governing for the people of the United States.

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Karen Wodke profile image

Karen Wodke 5 years ago from Midwest

I've never figured out why the $250,000 mark for tax cuts. Why not extend the cuts for everyone making less than, for instance, a million dollars a year? Seems the politicians are stuck on the $250,000 figure, which would unfortunately hit a lot of small businesses. Great article, by the way. Like you, I hope the new members of Congress will hold true to their promises of spending cuts and smaller government.

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