Conservatives Stick It To Women Again: You Won't Get Equal Pay [139*4]



THIS WILL BE A VERY SHORT HUB, thank God, many of you may say. Yesterday, all 47 Republicans, mostly conservatives and a few zombie moderates, and 5 conservat\ive Democrats voted not to let a bill guaranteeing pay equity in the workplace for women to proceed for a vote; it took 60 votes to do so and the Democrats came up 8 shy. It would have required employers to show that their pay structure was not discriminatory toward women, when challenged; something that is fairly easy to do, statistically, so long as the equivalent work categories can be fairly established.

Conservatives say this would be a god-send for those Satan look-a-likes, the trial lawyers, and a bane on employers because it prevents them from running their businesses the way they see fit (regardless of who it hurts), the way many conservatives believe was intended by all of our founding fathers. This belief apparently extends to conservative women as well, because they continue to support the conservative cause in spite of of the fact that historically conservatives have fought hard against EVERY woman's rights issue that has come down the pike, including the right to vote, every one! Why is that?



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LARGELY DUE TO POOR TURNOUT AND ... increased support from women across all demographics except single. Since most Conservatives are on record as opposing equal pay for women, one can expect the next two years to be devoid of any actions along this front. Given that a few of the more reactionary Conservatives actually believe 1) women don't belong in the workplace or 2) should take a secondary role on the off-chance a pregnancy happens, you might see attempts to take back gains women have made over the years.

That is already happening in the conservative Supreme Court where several 6-5 votes against women's rights in the workplace and prevention of violence have been doled out.

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michememe profile image

michememe 4 years ago

Wow, thanks for this information. This is so upsetting. I worked for a company who didn't have equal pay among women and men.

My Esoteric profile image

My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL Author

Hi Michememe, your welcome. The article really got to the Libra in me.

MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 4 years ago

My Esoteric, you're Libra, too. No wonder we see eye-to-eye on so many things! I'm glad you wrote this hub because I just heard about this fiasco this morning when I got to work. I can understand some males wanting to keep their self-appointed superiority. What I don't understand is that a lot of women support their own inequality. What kind of inferiority complexes do these women have? I think that any woman who does this actually is an inferior human, and unless and until she changes her attitude, she doesn't deserve any better than her lot! I resent their benefiting from the efforts of us stronger women who have struggled to succeed in a male-dominated world. I wouldn't feel this way if they would appreciate our accomplishments and change their attitudes instead of throwing criticisms at our strengths.

When I worked in the private sector, I encountered gender discrimination all the time. One prime example: At age 28 I worked at a TV station in New Mexico, and I was instructed to train a 19 year old teenager to run the control room. Before the evening was over, he started to complain about his low salary. Then I found out that he was making more than I was with several years experience. It was explained to me that I "was married, so I really didn't need the money."

Second example: I was a single parent raising two boys and drawing $100 per month child support whether I needed it or not. At one radio station where I worked, I worked with a single father "X" who had custody of his two children about the same age as mine. One male salesman made the statement to me that X needed to make more money than I did because he had custody of his two boys and "needed more money to keep up their lifestyle." I asked him, "Do you mean that his boys deserve a better lifestyle than mine because they live with their father?" He answered, "No, but X has more expenses than you do. He has to hire things done that you do for yourself." I came back with the fact that X could do and did anything domestic I could do, including his laundry and ironing his own shirts, and he could do his own repairs around the house that I had to hire done, like fixing light switches and broken steps. Then he came back with the argument that X needed a nicer car to take girls out on dates. I knew it was impossible to argue with this troglodyte. You just can't argue with Stupid!

You know, I believe my vitriolic reply is longer than your hub! Sorry.

My Esoteric profile image

My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL Author

Thanks for the examples, piling on, especially with such clear anecdotes, is a good thing. It is indeed a rarity where a comment is longer than the books, that some call hubs, that I normally write.

HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

They certainly stuck it to women again, My Esoteric. Just another in a long line of attempting to keep women in their place. i outlined much of it in my last Hub. The Republicans and social conservatives are arrogant and despicable. i still do not understand how any women vote for them. Excellent Hub.

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

give me a break, CNN never tells the truth about the bill or what those Democrats stuck in there! Besides how can someone run a business and pay the same when they can't get the same they get from men? A business could be in the middle of a huge project and the ladies take 6 months off for child bearing etc............Men and Woman are not the same and never will be!

I suppose it's simply another ploy by Obama to take attention off his failed policies...........didn't seem to make any difference last night in Wisconsins landslide vote for Walker, now did it???

My Esoteric profile image

My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL Author

So, if I get what you just said right, AR, simply because women are able to make babies, then, ipso facto, they should be paid less than men "even though they are doing exactly the same work" because there is a "possibility" they would MIGHT take vacation time they have earned (vacation time a man might take to go hunt to kill deer) or unpaid leave to care for a child they had. Is that what you just said?

American Romance profile image

American Romance 4 years ago from America

Attention everyone, I know that we do not see eye to eye, but can anyone that commented tell me what was in that bill that conservatives simply could not stand for? Can anyone tell me what was in the bill that had nothing to do with equal pay? I am betting NONE of you! Meaning you hear some typical Democrat scream foul and you bought it! Now look at michememe, she is in awe, you guys have opened her eyes to truth! How can you guys be truthful when you have no information?

MSNBC the other night made a huge issue over a fundraiser for Romney down in Texas at a billionairs house and dinner costing $50,000 a plate. The liberal media made this out to be an autrocisity............they failed to mention just the night before, President Obama had Bon Jovi playing a concert fundraiser for $40,000 dollars a ticket! And the place was packed! You watch MSNBC because the liberal commentators agree with your ideology. I watch FOX because they agree with mine! The difference is FOX showed both fundraisers and MSNBC only showed the truth on this bill and you may change your viewpoint, meaning you cannot trust one persons voice in saying it is so!

My Esoteric profile image

My Esoteric 4 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL Author

AR, you didn't answer my question. Do you believe, as you implied in your first comment that because a woman can produce babies, she should not get equal pay?

As to your last question, I not certain about your phrasology but I am thinking you were asking if there was anything in he bill that would have provided for equal pay. If that was your question, then the answer is yes. It would have required companies, when challenged, to prove their pay system is equal rather than the complaintant having to prove it isn't equal.

It is a very simple thing for a company to prove their system IS equal when, in fact, it is. On the other hand, it is very DIFFICULT for the complaintant to prove the system unequal when, in fact, it is. This bill levels the playing field. Remember, the defendant is most often a large company and the plaintiff a single individual.

It was this leveling that conservatives objected to.

MizBejabbers profile image

MizBejabbers 4 years ago

I think AR is blowing smoke over the real issue. Campaign dinners have no relevance to equal pay for equal work. I really don't give a fig for what a campaign dinner costs either party. I am glad that I wised up and went to work for state government as an editor. Our state jobs are classified according to a grade and pay scale based on education and experience, and it doesn't matter whether we are male or female.

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