Conspiracy, Hypocrisy and Unenlightenment

Conspiracy, Hypocrisy and Un-enlightenment

The English reader will have to bear with me and accept my translation of the word Jihalat as ‘un-enlightenment’. The translation of ‘ignorance’ for this word is much milder for its sustained and deliberate involvement of fallacious understanding, and fallacious teaching of Islamic jurisprudence by the clergy on loose, on the streets, and in the Masajid by those of epistemic status holding on to the high post of Imamat like in Mahabat Khan Masjid in Peshawar, where the Imam issues Fatwa that anyone who brings the head to him of Asia Bibi he will pay him 5 lacs in reward. This is conspiracy, hypocrisy and un-enlightenment all combined. And this kind of treatment Islam has been receiving all through the history of Islam right from the beginning of its history.

When the Prophet SAWW was in the Koh-e Hira, a story was framed that when the Angel came to the Prophet with the message of God to recite Iqra with the name of God on the lips i.e. read and let it be known that you are Messenger on mission to bringing people to Islam. This particular version of the story said; the Prophet saw this huge and colossal thing and he was shaken and trembling in his constitution and afraid of it and said to the Angel he cannot read. On that the Angel pressed the chest of the Prophet, squeezing it to his own, three times and then the Prophet complied. The Prophet afraid and shaking from there came straight to his wife and requested her to cover him with a sheet of blanket. And when his wife – the honourable Bibi Khadija heard of the massive creature doing the treatment to the Prophet, she said he was Angel and suggested they together go to her cousin Warka bin Nawfal who was a Christian and he will explain of the matter.

Warka on hearing of the incident said, ‘we have been waiting for such a thing to happen, the Angel Gabriel came to you and you are Messenger and let me submit my allegiance to you.’ So the Prophet was very kindly told of his Prophethood by the Christian devotee. This was a historical disrespect shown to the Prophet which is accepted as faith, but there with it is all the flare of Jihalat at work.

And not only was that, under a conspiratorial aegis the question was raised to the Ummah, what was the religion the Prophet followed before he declared himself Prophet. And the answer was furnished to confuse and make the Ummah of dwindle faith that the Prophet either followed the Christian faith or the Judaic faith or the Ibrahimi faith. This was a great score in conspiracy. Since God clearly said in Surah Rahman Aayet 2: ‘Allamal Quran’ - taught this Quran. That was; the Prophet was all of knowledge about Quran. But it was said he was Ummi – uneducated in the literal sense which he was not.

The Prophet proved that (of his literacy) on the day of the Sulah-e Hudaibia. A treaty was being drawn on the peace accord with the idolaters of Mekka - the infidels. Hazrat Ali was the inditer and Rasool Allah SAWW was the dictator. The prophet said write: ‘In the name of Allah the most Merciful the Most Beneficent’, but Suhail Bin Amr the envoy negotiating the peace treaty objected to that and said, ‘write in the name of O Allah’. The Prophet complied with the demand.

The Prophet next asked Ali to write; ‘This is a treaty of peace between Mohammad, the Messenger of God and the Quraish.’ Suhail again objected and said; ‘If we had acknowledged you as Messenger of God, why should we be fighting against you.’ Don’t write the words the Messenger of God and write only your name and the name of your father.

The Prophet agreed to this demand also, but by this time the words ‘Mohammad the Messenger of God’ had already been written and Hazrat Ali said, ‘It is not in my being and power to strike out the God designation ‘Mohammadan Rasool Allah’ and he declined to strike it out. On that the Prophet took the agreement and struck out the relevant writing.

Now if the Prophet could not read and was Ummi, how he struck out the words Rasool Allah. (This writing has reference to a Majlis on Masooma-e Qum on 6thFebruary 2011 at the Babel Murad Centre London).

Hazrat Ali’s refusal to strike out the appellation of Rasool Allah that was denoting his divine function was faith related, and the refusal was a depiction of respect for the Rasool Allah. But the refusal of Hazrat Umar Ibn al Khattab on this same day to comply with the Prophet’s order to go to Makkah and explain to the infidels that the purpose of the Muslims to come to Macca was only Umra and circumambulation of Kaaba and making of sacrifices, was against the faith and conviction reposed in the Prophet.

This refusal to go to Makkah fell in the class of disrespect shown to the Prophet SAWW by Hazrat Umar. He feared for his life that the Makkans will kill him and so he suggested that Usman Bin Affan be sent inside to Makkah who will have a friendlier audience, because of his connections there. And later Hazrat Usman was sent inside Makkah, but this suggestion by Hazrat Umar and replacement by the Prophet SAWW does not exonerate Hazrat Umar of showing disrespect to the Prophet SAWW. Rumour spread later that Hazrat Usman was arrested or even executed. And as a consequence there was Bait-e Rizwan – the allegiance under the tree. And solidarity of the Muslims emerged and the Makkans came to negotiate the Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya. And all that surely must infuse wisdom in the clergies of today, not to go into sweeping declarations of blasphemy against someone for disrespect. The disrespect as levied to have been shown by Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab is a hurried and amateurish decision by the extremist elements in Pakistan.

In these days by the law of blasphemy if someone does not accept Mohammad SAWW as Rasool Allah in Pakistan; the extension of the blasphemy law will drag him/her in the blasphemy net and the general public will be keen and all out to brand him /her as blasphemous and he/she will be automatically sentenced to death. The blasphemy offence is automatically non-bail able and carries automatic death penalty and it is a convenient tool for some exploiters who use it to eliminate their irritating foes.

A revision in the law against blasphemy should therefore be tailored to suit to the imperatives of the country. The drag in the law and the flaw in it is that the ordinary cases appeals in Pakistan linger on in the High Courts and the Supreme Court for 18 -25 years. In ordinary cases the victim is granted bail, but in the blasphemy cases the victim is not granted bail and he/she has to stay behind bar all these years and if he/she is declared innocent, he /she will be killed by the fanatics when he/she came out of the bars. So there is a need that in the first place the law ensures that the trial under blasphemy does not start unless it has happened beyond doubt. And for that certain check laws have to be introduced.

Take the case of the shop keeper and his son (Mohammad Shafi, Imam of a Masjid 45 and son Mohammad Aslam 20) who removed the poster which advertised a religious meeting and sermon notification in a nearby village. They were sentenced for life by the Multan court with a fine of Rs 200,000 because the posters carried Quranic Aayat. Now if this is not blind justice then what is? The poster was apparently pasted at their shop without permission and it had no moral authority to be pasted on someone else’s property. But all that blindness in logic is considered ‘bright viewing’ and victims’ act was termed blasphemy by the blinds.

Then we see one Waseem Shahzad writes an article ‘Causes of Polarisation in Pakistan’ in Crescent International February issue and he angles to defend the killer of Governor Salman Taseer and writes sentences like;

‘The killing of Salman Taseer by his own bodyguard on January 4 has scared living daylights out of the already cowardly rulers. If you cannot trust your own police guard, who else can you turn to for protection? This is the price of alienation from the masses.’

This writer then goes on and blames the killing to the shortage of electricity and such like irrelevant talk. This is conspiracy hatching to protect the killer. And the non-reasoned are active on all fronts in Pakistan.

And there is no effort to see Islam as it is but see it as the self righteous clergy wants it to be seen. Even the Prophet of Islam is not spared from characterisation and formidable Ahadees were produced which are taught to be believed that the heart of the Prophet was operated on and cleaned by the Angel to take the blob of fallacy out and prepare it to take the impact of the descent of Quran at the time when the Angel came with the verse of Iqra. The book of Hadees Sahee Bukhari, what it says about the Angel and the first revelation ‘Iqra Beismi Rabbikal Lazi.....’ has its mention in this collection of the Hadees.

All this malaise has contributed to the faith state we have entered in today. Blasphemy cases are reported to the agonising level that when one shop keeper threw the business card of a pharmaceutical company representative in the dust bin, because his name was Mohammad, the case was registered for blasphemy against the shop keeper and he was accused of insulting the Prophet.

A number of people have gone into hiding including our ex-information minister Sheri Rahman for venturing contemplating to move a bill of amendments in the blasphemy law. The people are simply getting heretics on this question of blasphemy creating blasphemy accusations where it never is applicable. An unfortunate Mohammad Yusuf Ali who was a deranged person, claimed he saw Prophet SAWW come to him in his dreams. Leaders of sectarian organisations falsely accused him of claiming Prophethood which indeed is an act of blasphemy. Yusuf Ali was convicted by a court and imprisoned where other inmates killed him.

At present in Pakistan an environment has been created where no one can dare speak on the subject of Prophethood, lest it is interpreted to be blasphemous. And this is another kind of terror which is being nourished by the ill equipped Ulema, even so much so that the learned Sayed Munawwar Hasan, Mufti Munibur Rahman, Maulana Fazlur Rahman and such personalities are in the forefront dragging the wagon train of the believers to the individuations of dooms.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


9 February 2011


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