Climate change conference in Copenhagen- Hopenhagen

Projected impact of climate change on agricultural yields by the 2080s, compared

 This map shows the projected impact of climate change in the 2080s on agricultural productivity across the world. Impacts are measured as a percentage change in agricultural productivity compared to 2003 levels
This map shows the projected impact of climate change in the 2080s on agricultural productivity across the world. Impacts are measured as a percentage change in agricultural productivity compared to 2003 levels

Alston Koch at Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Alston Koch discusses Climate Change at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen)..
Alston Koch discusses Climate Change at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen).. | Source

Copenhagen (Hopenhagen) will replace Kyoto Protocol

The new climate treaty in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen) will replace Kyoto Protocol adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997. Kyoto Protocol entered into force on February 16, 2005.Climate change conference, Copenhagen has been taking place between December 7 and 18, 2009.

184 countries signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol but the US. The UN Climate Convention set binding targets for reduction of green house gas emissions. Yvo de Boer is really happy to see the United States of America (The US) back in the international climate change process. Obama administration in the US is also engaging domestically in the process.

Both President Obama and Hilary Clinton have been showing their keen concern on environment related issues. It is to be worth noted that President Obama has promised five million domestic green collar jobs in the United States of America (The US) in a decade.

Copenhagen can be proved Hopenhagen if Obama administration of United states of America (The US) will support agenda of developing countries and join hands to cut carbon emissions. It will really be a great step to stop global warming. Developing countries likes of India and China have shown their willingness to go green to fight global warming.

Voice of animals in Copenhagen

Essentials in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen)

Yvo de Boer, UN climate chief hopes the Copenhagen climate change conference will reach to agreements on four political essentials. He does not expect to have detailed work in Hopenhagen. Yvo de Boer, Executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), had expressed that in an interview with Environment and Energy Publishing.

The four essentials calling for an international agreement in Copenhagen are:

1. Willingness to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by industrialized countries.

2. Willingness to limit growth of emissions of greenhouse gases by major developing countries such as China and India.

3. Help and finance needed by developing countries for reducing their carbon emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

4. Managing money to support processes of limiting carbon emissions to stop global warming.

Dr.Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, has unilaterally announced cut in carbon emissions by 20 to 25 percent. This is a significant for the progress of second agenda. It will surely put pressure on the United States of America (The US) and other developed countries in European Union and other parts of the globe to promise for reduction of green house gases.

Global action day Copenhagen

Global Action Day in Copenhagen
Global Action Day in Copenhagen | Source

What Is Global Warming and Sustainable Development ?

Rise in temperature of the globe (The Earth) is called global warming. Burning fossil fuels produces Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other such gases. These gases are called green house gases and produce green house effect.

Causes of global warming: Green house gases work as resistant to thermal radiation and do not allow the earth to emit heat to the space. These causes warming of the earth. Hence, carbon emissions or green house gases emissions are the main causes of global warming.

Effects of global warming: Global warming causes irreparable loses to global environment. It changes the climate of the earth. Glaciers start melting filling rivers, oceans and seas with water. This causes flood in the various parts of the globe. It also increases sea level and brings coastal cities into danger. It also severely affect agriculture. Climate change also causes various diseases.

It affects animals and plants adversely. Large number of plant and animal species are either extinguished or at the threshold of. Conservation of species is great problem of modern days. It creates imbalance in the nature and and damage ecosystem.

Global warming solutions: Carbon emissions cut is the main global warming solution. Forestation, switching to renewable energy sources, limiting over consumption, go green etc are parts to fight global warming.

Read and write global warming articles: it is absolutely necessary to spread awareness about global warming and reading and writing global warming articles are part of that. Read more about it and motivate people to read and write global warming articles to stop global warming and climate change. it is in the interest of all of us and also for the next generations.

Sustainable development: Sustainable environment is a must for sustainable development. We must have to protect and preserve global environment at our own interest. If we ignore environment issues now we can not achieve environmental conservation and environmental sustainability.

Climate change conference; Unitar Video

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Darshan 6 years ago


Copenhagen could not be turned as Hopenhagen due to disappointing behavior of developed and rich countries. They are not willing to compromise and tried to impose everything to developing countries.

African Countries rightly boycott the conference.

Thanks for a good and timely hub.

Thumbs up!

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 6 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Cleanclover,

India need not to compromise to its growth while adapting carbon emissions cut. This promise needs huge funding and the rich and developed countries have to finance for that. They also have to provide technologies required. India will get huge funding and finance while implementing its declaration and large number of green collar jobs will be created.

More over, India will be benefited with carbon points and receive huge money for long time.

It will also help protecting its environment and generating green forests.

India need not to act on its promise if rich and industrialized countries fail to fund and finance it.

Thanks for your comment that add value to the hub..

Jyoti Kothari

Cleanclover profile image

Cleanclover 6 years ago from Piece of land!

India should not compromise growth for climate change. We should always maintain 8-9% growth rate regardless of what decisions are taken.

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Praveen,

I will try to expand it with more details.

Thanks for your valuable comment and suggestion.

Jyoti Kothari

Praveen 7 years ago


This is the second article about Copenhagen I am reading in Hubpages. This is a well written hub describing main agenda of the climate change conference. But this is too short.

Please expand it with details.

Thanks and thumbs up!


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Vrajbala,

You have supplied new info about global warming. This will provoke thoughts to many. Thanks for add value to the hub.

There are pros and cons about any topic and people debate on those. Scientists come with hypotheses that may be proved true or false.

It is better to think with open mind.


Jyoti Kothari

vrajavala profile image

vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

Jyoti, in an interesting offside, in the "hacked" emails, was one from Dr. Mike McCracken (american climatologist) wrote that although CO2 does raise temperatures, SO2 decreases temperatures, in effect offsetting the change in temperature. He actually admitted that a little "geo-engineering" might solve the whole problem of so-called climate warming.This would consist of spraying SO2 over the oceanin a controlled fashion. he also saidt that, at present, India and China do not curb SO2 emissions, so that has a great effect on any global warming trend.

Another point is that Global Warming Advocates that humans cause about 3% of the global warming, and as some skeptics say, cutting that, won't result in much compared to the enormous expenditure to the economy and loss of jobs.

Obama has promised many things, but I don't recall any promises he's kept yet, except the one to take his wife on a date, which cost the American taxpayers a cool million.(

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