Cops Above The Law


Another police officer has been charged with using his taser on three misbehaving children. He was investigated by his fellow officers and found to not have acted in an inappropriate manner.

Law enforcement officers seem to rely on the use of a taser rather than use reason and logic. Although the taser causes extreme pain officers continue to use and miss-use this cruel weapon.

At some point it even seems to cause the law enforcement officers great pleasure to see someone withering and screaming on the ground while they control the device giving the person on the ground great pain.

According to the reports on the news, it makes no difference to the police how old or young their victims are. In Florida a misbehaving first grade student of only six years of age was tasered by an officer responding to the call for help from the teacher.

In Texas the oldest victim of the taser happy police is in her late eighties. I also remember seeing a dash cam film from a state trooper where he uses his taser on an elderly woman for arguing with him over a speeding ticket.

Back to the children that are being tasered by the police. Why is it against the law for parents to use a taser to punish their children? An even better question is: Why is it NOT against the law for policeman to taser unarmed helpless children under the age of twelve?

Is the use of a taser to inflict great pain on an unarmed citizen discussing a matter with a policeman, cruel and unusual punishment? Is the use of a taser on a citizen cruel and unusual punishment before due process? Can the argument be made that the taser is the way police punish citizens without the benefit of due process?

In Texas, we have laws against anyone doing harm to any disabled or senior citizen. Why do these laws not include police violence against the elderly? There is no doubt that unarmed and helpless elderly citizens are being abused by the police and their use of the taser.

To be sure every high profile incident of police use of the taser is investigated by none other than the police themselves. And, of course each and every time the use of the taser has been found to be a “proper use”.

A taser is a weapon. Every time a policeman uses his taser there should be an inquest, a hearing before a board of citizens to determine if this type of extraordinary force was indeed needed. Moreover, there should be very harsh penalties for policemen using their weapons to punish citizens without benefit of due process. This is indeed a country with out a conscious where the police are acting as police, judge, jury and executioner.

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Journalistmommy profile image

Journalistmommy 6 years ago

All law enforcement agents who are trusted with tasers should have to be tazed themselves at least once. I bet they'll think twice before they use them then.

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