PCO Judges and Justice

PCO Judges and Justice

PCO Judges and Justice

PCO Judges and Justice

The Supreme Court PCO judges of Pakistan show they work to save their interests and to exonerate them of malice, more, than they work for justice. The Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari involves him deeply to save the skin of his son and hide his misdoings by manipulating inquiry in his son’s case of his grab of money when he was using his son status of the son of Chief Justice of Pakistan. This has been pointed out repeatedly to the media and to the journalists By Senator Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi, who is dedicated to the reform of the society but they have proved immune to morality. They have not for even once said that Faisal Raza Abedi is right, but have 100 out of hundred times sided with the Chief justice for his position and for their lack of Eeman the righteous faith.

The Supreme court PCO (Provisional Constitutional Ordinance) oath taking judges - an inferior brand of judges which includes the Chief Justice of Pakistan have taken criticism on them as insult and after three years of the repertoire of the Chief Justice’s doings pointed out by Faisal Raza Abedi of law breaking and political biasing by the Chief Justice , he has asked the Police and the FIA (Federal Investigating Agency) to examine what Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi – the Senator of Pakistan was saying against the PCO judges, in particular against Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari .

The CJ has been exploiting his Chief Justice’s status to secure loan from the House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) and in violation of the conditions of loan misused it, breaking astute law of the country and terms of condition of loan though he is Chief Justice. He has been violating law rather than setting an example to abide by the law. Senator Faisal Raza Abedi has brought out ten irrefutable charges of law breaking, violations and misuse of the office of the Chief Justice, by Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhari, taking his name disdainfully in his interviews but he had not courage to call him in contempt case against him, since his adversary has solid evidences of proof of misuse of power, lies and breaking the law by the Chief justice..

He as Chief Justice on oath in front of umpteen numbers of judges and journalists has declared a false claim in the court as pointed out by Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi and he has thus disqualified him as justice of law and judge let alone him remaining Chief Justice of Pakistan. And Faisal Raza Abedi on law breaking by as high official as the Chief Justice has demanded his resignation. But Chief Justice is sitting plump on his seat as if nothing has happened. And shocking and surprising it is, all the Journalists and all the parliamentarians and all the law enforcing machinery is a pathetic onlooker seeing the CJ violate law.

It is the duty of the investigating agencies, now that they have been charged with the investigation by the Chief Justice, though no precedence of such inquiry exists and some TV anchors including Najam Sethi have called it malaise on the part of the Chief Justice, let the Investigating Agencies be honest like a Sahabi of the first order of the Prophet (S) and point out that what Faisal Raza Abedi has been saying was truth. The public knows that it was truth and the face book is full of the misdeed of the CJ, including serious accusations by the top lawyers and the human activists against him. So the investigating agencies must frame a charge against the Chief Justice and put him in the dock/ take him in custody for violations of the country’s laws and making it look trivial to do it to safeguard his personal and family gains and interests.

No favouritism should be shown in the investigation of the Agencies and they must not deviate from the right course. No effort should be made to belittle Faisal Raza Abedi whom the public knows he is talking truth for the last three years. And journalists like of Hamid Meer should caution themselves not to use words like Khud-Kash – suicide bomber for Sayed Faisal Raza Abedi who is a National Hero. No third rate journalistic tricks should be applied by lopsided journalists who do not believe in justice and believe in expediency. This kind of journalism is hypocrisy and Munafiqat - Re. his talk in his programme on 18th September 2012. The journalists must not sacrifice truth at the altar of expediency. They should have courage and honesty to identify fallacy and corruption and not be daunted by the position of the CJ. If he is dishonest which evidences prove so, the Agencies should immediately proceed against him to do what law and the constitution says. An honest peon of the country is better than a corrupt Chief Justice.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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