Crime Sites and Jon Benet Ramsey

There are many crime sites on the Internet that devote some of their space to the sad fate and horrid murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. The crime library has a lot of information and it has thirty seven chapters and a bibliography chapter explaining the ins and outs of the case. Many of them do a good job of telling what is known about the case and all have their slant.

It is in this slant that the reader must be careful not to get engulfed in these opinions, if being objective about the evidence is the goal. But it has now been proven they her parents are innocent. Before this evidence came to the surface one could get caught up on one side or the other, debating online about whether or not the parents did it.

There was a lot of controversy over how the police initially handled the evidence and one police woman's career was ruined because of internal bickering. Still the case isn't solved. If you thought the parents were innocent all along, you were on the winning side so to speak.

Seventeen books have been written about the death/murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. Even the National Enquirer has a book out about the crime, as sketchy as that information is. Intense and avid interest in her case arose and went on for a long time. Books have been written by her parents, investigators, and professional writers. The talk and the writing though have died down and the killer is still on the loose.


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