Cuba - 20th Century

Cuba - An Enigma

Ninety miles off of the southern Florida coast lies Cuba. Outlaw nation and venue for one of the most enduring cults of personality in the last 59 years. Fidel Castro whether you approve of him or not has endured and made his mark on the World Politic.

Cuba sixty years ago was a fat, corrupt puppet nation run by gangsters and opportunists. Batista the ruler during the beginning of the revolution fled before it had hardly begun. Cuba wanted something better and different. Did they get it with Che and Fidel. Maybe, maybe not.

Fidel has endured and Che Guevara raised to almost sainthood after his death in Bolivia. Castro is still trying to implement Che's socialist ideal. Some of it works and some does not. Che always thought the people would rise above the good of the individual for the good of the group as a whole. Castro is more pragmatic, as with the restructuring that began after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Block. Tourism, yes el tourismo is saving the island nation. Dollars and a hybrid form of Capitalism. Is Cuba evolving moving slowly right...for that matter is the U.S. evolving moving slowly left. Are the peoples needs in countries actually driving the political ideologies in a certain centerist movement albeit slowly. It's seems to me philosophies espoused in the 18th and 19th centuries are being refined and transformed into something for the next 200 years. Cuba may be one of the most visible laboratories to observe the change take place.

Dollars and Tourism are saving the country right now. Threads of capitalism are beginning to weave a socialist surreal tapestry. Cuba is surviving. She is alive and thriving with a goodly amount of pride. Should we be proud of her, maybe. Certainly she has gained a lot of admiration from other countries besides the United States, behemoth with the almost supernatural embargo on the nation. Castro blames it, so does some of the population of the country. Between you and I the embargo is just a rallying point for Catrofiles. Cuba is going to survive one way or another.

If this has interested you I am planning more on what I believe is a world wide for the most part bloodless revolution going on right now.  From where did the root ideologies spring, where are we heading? What are some  possible outcomes? Who are the movers and shakers right now? And most of all where are the hotspots to observe.

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electricsky profile image

electricsky 6 years ago from North Georgia

Castro (in the past because I read he is too ill to govern his nation) has kept Cuba so isolated from the United States it seems, we never know what to think about them. I have read many articles about people who have fled from the island nation to escape political persecution and the Elian affair making U.S. look worse than Cuba; other than that I wonder if we will ever open up any kind of trade relations with them or make an international peace?

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