Cut the hands of the Zalim

Consequence of Shia Massacre

Cut the Hands of the Zalim

Genocide of the Shias in Pakistan by the heathenry Taliban under the name ‘Sunni Tahreek’ and ‘Lashkar-e Jhandvi’ is at its peak. Their workers have infiltrated in the army, navy, air force, judiciary, parliament and in the entire political parties like Jamat-e Islami, Tahreek-e Insaf, Pakistan Muslim League N, and Jamiat-e Ulma-e Islam. These political parties are a tool of these terrorist and the enemies of the Shias.

The Ulemas of the Sunni Mazhab, never speak a word of condemnation against the Lashkar-e Jhangvi or against Sunni Tahreek , which is the banned Sipah-e Sahaba operating under this adopted name. The Sunni Ulemas in spite of the repeated bombing of the Shia towns and enclaves by these Taliban never demand that these Taliban be eliminated from Pakistan, instead they have called an All Parties Conference to negotiate with the Taliban and then that without any precondition imposed on them. This shows these parties’ complete leaning towards the Taliban accrediting them with their consent and permission to do what they are doing in killing the Shias. This is a grand conspiracy to eliminate the Shias from Pakistan. The recent repeated bombing of the Quetta Shia and the bomb blasting in the Abbas Town in Karachi and earlier burning of the houses and killing of the Shias in the northern Kurram agencies of Parachinar and Gilgit Baltistan are glaring crime committed by them and this will not be the last. The Taliban are bringing death and destruction to the Shia population and these political parties are gleefully watching that happen.

There is no drastic action taken by the army or the security forces of the country. The excuse is given on the media transmission that the arrested criminals are released by the court since no evidence is producible, as people are afraid to their life to stand as witness and to vouch evidence of the crime committed by the terrorist.

In these circumstances it is a fight of survival for the Shias of Pakistan. The Shia clergy has always been preaching that to take up arm is Haraam, which is an unjustified slogan in the present circumstances. The Shias must rise and take up gun to defend themselves. They have to pluck courage as it is their moral and spiritual duty to send their youth to take up the challenge of the fierce and immoral killer who is driven by the craze to create wholly a Sunni State in Pakistan. If the official of the government agencies are not willing to take action against these ruthless murderers, the Shias must do two things immediately:

1. Raise a political platform from where to demand a separate state in Pakistan. And this to be inclusive of lands from Baluchistan, Sind, Afghanistan and Punjab, so that the cultural heritage of the Shias of the regions could be preserved and the state be viable to survival.

2. The Shia youth force take up gun and raid openly the dens of the criminal Sunni Tahreek and the Lashkar-e Jhangvi group bands and maul and destroy them.

This work must be done as of duty and no religious inhibition should come in the way. There is no religion in the world which will permit its followers be eliminated systematically under its cult of remaining passive as its age old tradition. The times have changed, and our research scholars at work in Qom and Khurasan and Najaf, must look in their hypotheses evolved for the gone centuries. The Shia approach to life in the current waters of turmoil must be cut to be progressive.

Quaed-e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was Shia Asna Asheri and he wanted a Pakistan, where the religion stayed outside the box of the state policy and all religions there practice their faith as equal partners of the state of Pakistan. But this was all along rejected by the extremists in Pakistan and more so today.

And it has gone to a point of no return and the only way out is to create a separate state out of Pakistan and making it a greater and stable state by carving out territory from Afghanistan as well. And a model Islamic State must be created out of this arrangement under the guarantee of the UNO, who’s Charter of Human Rights vouches security to life and property of the races.

The recent example of the terrorists killing the Shias and their hate campaign against the Shia crème of the country is the killing of the PN Lt. Commander Azeem Husain four days back while he was going to a naval base from his home. They sprayed seventeen bullets at his car and the assassins are roaming scot free. In other killings in the buses the Shia passengers are isolated from the rest of the passengers by identifying from their identity cards and then killed at point blank range. The targets of killing by the gangs of Malik Ishaq, Ahmad Ludhianwi, Aurangzeb Farooqui, Rab Nawaz Hanfi, and Abdullah Shah Mazhar and so on are the Shias all over the country of Pakistan. Such hate and brutality against the Shias has to be stopped not by negotiation but by drastic action, as negotiations with them have failed. The iron hand of the Shia faith has to be created from the Shia strength in Pakistan and it has to be done immediately. And world peace will be guaranteed through them.

As for the world community, they must help Shia life preserved, who believe, not in aggression but in defence of self and their culture and duty to God. The United Nation’s mandate, the British justice, the American democratic principles, the Chinese Taoism and its justice, the Russian dignity and support to the weak, the French respect for liberty, the German haughtiness to uphold superiority of races and their rights, and the Indian righteousness must help create this separate land for the Shias in Pakistan, like they created, East Timor, Cassava, South Sudan, and even not too far back Israel.


Sayed Athar Husain Naqvi

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)




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