Cutting the U.S. Budget: Delay Military Retirement Checks


When thinking about our overwhelming debt as a nation, I can up with an idea that might not be popular with most people, but it makes a little sense. The military offers retirement after twenty years of service. The service member receives a check for the rest of their lives each month. This is a great recruiting tool and I have to say since I joined the Marine Corps in my youth, I would have loved to stay twenty years and then at the age of 38 have supplemental income for the rest of my days.

These service men and women deserve a retirement after such a commitment to our nation, but does the retirement have to be so young. Can't the money be put into a retirement account to be released at a later age. The money could be invested in the government and a larger check could the service person when they reach a certain age. This coupled with social security, retirement from other jobs, and whatever savings would create a nice retirement package for the person at retirement age when it is needed the most.

I don't know what the percentage of our national debt goes into the retirement plans of young people who do their twenty years. I am sure it is a large chunk. This is just an ideal in the grass roots stages which could be shot down with a few comments. I just want to know what the rest of you think so please comment. Please disagree if you want, but please give an intelligent reply of why you are disagreeing. If you have facts or links that support or disagree with this idea, please link them in your comment. Since our government is having such a hard time figuring out the budget, I guess it is time for Joe Citizen to help them out.


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