Diary Of A Homeless Woman...Part#1


Growing number of homeless.

Dear Diary, I didn't see it coming.......

Where do I start, I don't even know. It seems as if I have not had the privilege to lay my head on my own pillow in quite some time. It's been over a year now and the guilt of my situation is burning holes in me. How can someone as old as I am not protect themselves from this? Surely there is no fool like an old fool.

There are a lot of things that led me here but airing my dirty laundry isn’t one of my long suits. After my husband left, past due bills became my best friend. For a long time I was able to maintain things with my unemployment, but the landlord was tired of me always being in the rear. I tried everything to stay in my home but nothing seemed to pan out. The only good thing is that I was a lone solider with no babies in tow. All my life I had been a loner and it never bothered me; but now I wish that there was at least one person that I could call friend.

Right after my unemployment ended I was able to find a job as a cashier. Unfortunately it was too little too late and an eviction was all I had to look forward to. When I first moved out of the apartment I put my stuff in storage and only kept the bare minimum with me. I still had my door keys and stayed in the apartment for two months after I officially moved out. I would sleep there at night and leave in the morning. Fortunately I had a job to go to in the morning; although I made very little money I did enjoy the job. When time came for me to leave for good I stayed at a neighbor’s house for a while but two women in one house, especially a woman young enough to be my daughter didn’t bring me a lot of joy. That is not to say that she isn't a nice person but after a while you do get tired of walking around on egg shells.

Me and my neighbor had a lot of business deals that we were going to venture out on. All we needed was transportation which I supplied with the purchase of a used car. Supposedly I was going to stay with her until the business took off. But because of a difference of opinions that ended and I was in my car. I must say that I actually didn’t mind that much because I had no one to deal with other than myself. I still had a job to go to everyday, a shopping mall to bathe at and a car to sleep in......to be continued

Living in a van.

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