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Daily News from USA

Daily News from USA
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Daily News from USA: Fed says Europe is a big risk to US economy

Comments: USA and Europe are big allies. Each is dependent on the other for economic prosperity. If Europe fails, USA will also fail. Therefore there is a great truth in what Fed is saying.

Daily News from USA: India seeks resolution of US visa issue

Comments: India is not happy with the hike in fees in H1B visa. USA sees India favourably now in the changed situation when its relations with Pakistan are at the lowest ebb and China ever posing challenges to American supremacy. USA has realised that China could be contained only through India. Therefore India has a chance of clinching the visa issue favourably from USA.

Daily News from USA: Ship off US coast to host 1000 entrepreneurs. US company promises floating freedom from visa troubles

Comments: Hi, it is great news for India. See the above news. This is a good answer to Indian requests

Daily News from USA: Bernanke signals Fed is ready to ease on European Union risk

Comments: Bernanke is suffering the fallout of all the sins committed by Alan Greenspan. To a jaundiced person, everything will appear yellow. To Bernanke, the European Union crisis brings to his mind horror thoughts of a collapse of US economy. For me, USA will be affected much more because of the political fallout of the European Union crisis. If the neo Nazis and extreme right rise their ugly heads again, that could bring a political polarisation and pave the way for a Third World War. Already resentment is building in Germany against the Jews who come from Russia and settle down in Germany.

Daily News from USA: USA promised India full backing in the 1971 war against Pakistan if China carried out unprovoked attack

Comments: Great. It was USA that saved India from Chinese aggression in 1962. It is nice to hear that USA was ready to save India in 1971 war also. Probably that was the reason why China refrained from entering the war openly on the side of Pakistan. But USA needs to promise India its open support in the event of another Indo-China conflict. That will deter China from planning to attack India.

Daily News from USA: USA freezes $700 million in aid to Pakistan

Comments: Grandfather sometimes gets angry with the grandson, snatches the toy from his hands and refuses to give it back! It is all fun. The grandchild cries for sometimes and then the grandpa gives it back. Even outsiders will refuse to believe that it is a real fight. USA is the grandfather and Pakistan its favourite pet and grandson. This ‘fighting’ will go on for some time before USA comes out with more aid to Pakistan

Daily News from USA: USA unemployment at 17 years high

Comments: Perhaps this is the right time Obama should increase his aid to Pakistan and pump millions of dollars into that country!

Daily News from USA: Indian audit firms can set up shops in foreign countries like UK

Comments: But will they be as efficient as PwC in assisting frauds in companies like Satyam Computer?

Daily News from USA: Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani says there is a credibility deficit with USA

Comments: There has never been any trust between USA and Pakistan at any point of time. The two countries are unnatural ‘allies’. Pakistan is more loyal to China. But USA is unwisely pouring millions of dollars into Pakistan in the name of ‘war on terrorism’. Tomorrow news may breakout from a trustworthy source that it was the Pakistan government and Pakistan’s ISI that planned and executed attack on the World Trade Centre, New York that killed more than 3000 Americans. USA should stop fooling itself any more and keep Pakistan at arm’s length. India should be its natural ally.

Daily News from USA: USA vacates Pakistani airbase

Comments: Let USA vacate Pakistan itself. Then we can appreciate its wisdom. Vacating one airfield is not a great deal and that too after Pakistan instructed it at gun points to vacate it. It was a shame that a big country and a superpower USA had to eat humble pie before a small nation like Pakistan

Daily News from USA: UK can be marginalised by Cameron’s veto

Comments: If Cameron does not veto, UK itself will sink. Which is better, complete sinking or mere marginalisation?

Daily News from USA: New defence policy allows Pakistan army to hit US drones

Comments: US drones have become a mocking stock in the world. Even till recently, they were regarded with respect and considered as capable of performing superior military tasks. In fact the drone precisely hit the target and killed Ilyas Kashmiri, the dreaded Pakistani terrorist much to the happiness of India. But Iran proved everything wrong. Iran attacked and shot down a drone. It de-assembled and studied the reverse engineering of the drone. Now Iran is refusing to hand over the drone to USA. Pakistan has now announced that it will hit American drones. Tomorrow even North Korea may shoot one or two drones and refuse to hand over them to USA. Unless USA acts strongly against Iran and gets back the captured drone, its prestige will sink as a superpower. Either USA should force Iran to handover the captured drone or should severely punish Iran through military action in order to redeem its lost prestige in the comity of nations


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