China is Trying to Browbeat Dalai Lama and Other Nations

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Dalai Lama fighting against China

Dalai Lama is putting up a single handed fight against the full might of China for the last more than fifty years
Dalai Lama is putting up a single handed fight against the full might of China for the last more than fifty years | Source
If Dalai Lama returns to this Potala Palace with honour, it will be very nice.
If Dalai Lama returns to this Potala Palace with honour, it will be very nice. | Source

Tibet is boiling

China pinpricking India every day

Recently China warned India not to allow the Buddhist Conference in New Delhi to take place. Though India refused to comply with China, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pratiba Patil have cancelled their scheduled participation in the conference, ostensibly to please China. This kind of appeasement to China is unwarranted. China is meddling into the affairs of India and causing pinpricks. It is printing maps showing Kashmir as a disputed region. It is asking Indian Prime Minister and President not to visit Arunachal Pradesh, which it claims belongs to it. It is sending its military in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and even constructing military installations in our border. China is encroaching on Indian land continuously across the porous McMahon line. China is assisting India’s enemy Pakistan militarily and materially. China is supplying nuclear technology and materials to Pakistan. Therefore Indian leaders should not have bowed under pressure at the threat of China. They should have attended the Buddhist Conference and wished Dalai Lama. Now China is trying to exercise pressure on other heads of States not to attend the conference and meet Dalai Lama there.

Dalai Lama is a source of trouble for China

China is a very large and powerful country. But this powerful country is scared of a single individual Dalai Lama. What is the reason? An elephant may be large, but a small ant can enter into its ears and puncture its ear drum, causing immense pain to the elephant. The same way, the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama can cause pain, annoyance and irritation to China through his activities. In fact this is what the Dalai Lama is doing for the last fifty two years in India, ever since he defected from Tibet and arrived in India in 1959.

Dalai Lama is highly influential

World over, China is condemned by all the countries and all the organisations except the Left parties. Dalai Lama spearheads the campaign and incites all the heads of States to take an antagonistic policy against China. Dalai Lama’s influence extends from White House to European nations. There are only very few countries like the Arab nations, Pakistan and North Korea where Dalai Lama’s influence does not pass. These countries are pro-China nations.

India ignored China’s warning

It is not that when China warns other countries, they will listen and bow before its threat. Last year, a dissident Chinese, languishing in prison, was awarded Nobel Peace Prize. The award function was held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. The Nobel Prize Committee invited all the countries to participate in the function. China warned all the countries as usual not to attend the prize distribution function. But India ignored the threat and attended the function, much to the chagrin and anger of China.

India continues its activities in South China Sea, ignoring Chinese threats

Recently when an Indian company ONGC participated in oil exploration activities in South China Sea in collaboration with Vietnam, China warned India to vacate the place as it claimed that the entire South China Sea and its vast resources belonged to it. This view was disputed by ten nations having their shores in the South China Sea. India did not heed to the Chinese warning and continued its exploration. USA also made it clear that the South China Sea belonged to all the countries in the region. China was cornered in the East Asia Summit held recently.

Dalai Lama gallantly fighting as a single man against Chinese hegemony

Similarly China’s warning to other nations not to deal with Dalai Lama will also be ignored by most of the nations. It is really to the credit of Dalai Lama that he has held the burning Tibet issue live even after more than fifty years. It articulates the organizing and negotiating skills of the Dalai Lama to coordinate with the world leaders by periodically visiting them and fighting for Tibet. One single person taking on the might of a powerful nation like China is happening only for the second time in the history of the world. The first time it happened was when Mahatma Gandhi took on the might of the British Empire and won independence for India. Whether Dalai Lama will achieve independence for Tibet is not clear.

China could break

Right at the moment, granting of independence to Tibet is only a remote possibility. But in politics anything can happen. Nobody would have visualised break up of the powerful Soviet Union in 1990 or the crashing of the Berlin Wall. These seemingly impossible events happened nevertheless. The same way, China could break under its own weight one day. If that happens, then the pent up pressure among the people will be released in a violent manner and many areas of China could become independent nations. Such nations could include Tibet and Xingjian Province in China where the Uighur Muslims are clamouring for their freedom from Chinese repression.

Dalai Lama should re-enter Potala Palace with honour

Dalai Lama and other world nations are hoping for such an event to happen to fulfil their wishes, even though they cannot say so openly because of protocol and diplomatic niceties. A majority of the people in the world wish that Tibet should regain its freedom. If that happens in the lifetime of Dalai Lama, it will be a nice thing. There is nothing more joyous than to see Dalai Lama re-entering the Potala Palace in Lhasa which he left fifty two years back. God willing, it will happen sooner than later.

Will Tibet get freedom?

China is destroying Tibet's culture

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Indigital 5 years ago

Your first segment gives me quite a fright, do you believe that China are looking to invade, or annex India?

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 5 years ago from India Author

Yes, that is the intention of China. It is waiting for an opportune time. India should be careful. It is not Pakistan, but China that is India's real enemy

YogaKat profile image

YogaKat 4 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

The Dalai Lama's stance of non-violence is an impressive example of karma and buddhism. While the world looks on, China's aggression toward Tibet and India will become it's demise. This was an excellent and very informative hub. I enjoyed the UTube rapper video.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear YogaKat,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your opinion

Best wishes to you,

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