Chemtrails and conspiracy theories I no longer believe

Perhaps it's not so bad after all?

I have been a truth-seeker for many years, from long before the term was even popularised. I have been a researcher of conspiracy theory material for over twenty years but I have ended up having some grave doubts about some of it and about the way people believe what they are told and then seek to push it on to others.

JazzRoc - a noted chemtrail debunker


Conspiracy theory guru David Icke

What I mean by that is that fans of a famous conspiracy theory writer such as David Icke seem to accept whatever he says as gospel and then to repeat it parrot-fashion. This applies to any leading writer/researcher - their fans and supporters will not even entertain thought and opinion that is not what is taught by their "heroes."

What is really strange about this is that the same people talk about "sheeple," meaning people who blindly follow a leader or what they are told or brainwashed with, but then these same people appear to act the same way.

Even stranger, and all credit to David Icke, he is not saying you have to believe what he says but should work it out for yourselves. He is just passing on information and the conclusions he has reached.

Nevertheless, I have found his supporters are not at all happy with opinions that do not agree with what David's books and lectures teach.

David Icke is one of very many conspiracy theory writers and researchers who talks about chemtrails as a reality and a threat. A growing number of people believe that chemtrails are real. They believe that they are being used by the Illuminati to weaken and kill off a large amount of the population, that they are made up of toxic substances including barium and aluminium, and that they are being used for weather modification. I used to believe all of that but no longer do so but saying so results in a barrage of nonsensical statements by chemtrail-believers telling me that I have been got at or that I have fallen back to sleep and need to "wake up." I posted a thread about my new belief at David Icke's forum but it became more of a batlle between me (the non-believer) and them (the believers).

I have been sent many YouTube chemtrail videos in an effort to re-convert me into being a chemtrail-believer. Well, I am not buying it and many of the videos I have already seen. As it is, none show anything proving the reality of the chemtrail belief system or threat.

My friend Tony Duncan, aka Jazzroc, gets worse - he gets nonsensical accusations made about him by people who know nothing about him in reality, and he was banned from forums and the YouTube site. What is his crime? Mainly it appears to be opposing the belief in chemtrails and for daring to say they are harmless contrails!

Over the last few months, I have become a supporter of David de Rothschild, and have published hubs here explaining why. Once again this does not go down at all well with Icke fans and conspiracy theorists!

Well, I am going to continue in my new belief that chemtrails do not exist and that the only danger from contrails that there is is that they create large amounts of artificial cirrus cloud cover that does have an effect on temperature and the amount of direct sunlight getting through. But they are not poisoning any of us, and there is no danger in going outside when the skies are covered in such trails.

I am also going to continue to believe that David de Rothschild is one of the "good guys" and is doing what he can to raise awareness about the terrible pollution of the oceans with his Plastiki expedition, and about the need and responsibility we all bear of recycling as much as possible.

On both counts, I have gained a positive outlook. I no longer have any fear or worry about seeing contrails in the sky. Secondly, I know that someone who is in a position to get a lot of publicity is doing something to inform the public about the state of the planet and offering some suggestions as to what can be done to turn things around.

Fear and worry are not good for the health and not good for your views on life and the future. Fear and worry are weapons against life and positivity that are being used against us. I do agree with conspiracy theorists on that and that is why the media is full of bad news.

My questions are: why is conspiracy theory also always full of bad news and why do followers of its leading authors all seem to revel in talking about how bad everything is? It's almost as if chemtrail-believers want the trails to be a danger and they want to be made ill!

Conspiracy theory is just as full of doom and gloom and scary stories as the mainstream media it criticises.

I think action and positivity are what we need. Let's do something about creating a better world and sorting out the mess it is in.

UPDATE: Since I originally published this hub I have been corresponding with David de Rothschild and am running a fansite for him at Facebook here:

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Universal Laws profile image

Universal Laws 7 years ago from UNIVERSE

Actually I reckon your a bit of a "wind-up merchant" trying to get more comments on your hubs! I would love to know what you think those lines in the sky are, why they are there criss crossing the sky completely on some days.

Its only skeptics that call the new information/knowledge conspiracy theory. An intelligent truth seeker finds out the info for themselves and certainly doesn't believe one person like a guru!!!! My only comments, I'll let you carry on your devils avocate with those who will bite harder.

When you are in contact with David de Rothschilde next ask him why his father and step mother have now such a great interest in India's commercial markets - especially the food industry.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Well, I have answered in great detail what I see the trails as in my hubs on the subject - I see them as persistent contrails made up of ice crystals. They are there some days and not others depending on changing conditions and there is nothing very sinister about that.

What others in David's family do or have done is not what he is doing. I am able to see him as an individual and what other members of his family do is a separate issue and has no bearing on whether I support him or not.

fen lander profile image

fen lander 7 years ago from Whitstable

I'm really out of touch here, dude. I've never heard of this alleged phenomena before. To me, as a first time hearer, the idea is ridiculous, to say the least. Who could possibly want to poison the world- and to what end? Could it be old Nick, Beelzebub, Satan, or one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse?

It seems that free-floating fear and paranoia have become the central support posts of very many people's 'belief-system,' which only helps to create the very situations - illness; war; etc, such folk claim to be against.

If they really care about the fate of the world they should take up meditation and/or yoga, and stop indulging their fears. They are creating a black-hole of despair in this oasis of light and love, our planet. Love and peace.

wabond profile image

wabond 7 years ago from England

I did for some years read conspiracy theory books and mags, but put me off it all is that it is depressing reading.

The problem is that many conspiracy theorist do start off with a valid point, but once the theory starts then it is built on and built on, until all sorts of incredible claims are made.

Another point is that if you become a conspiracy theory author, then to get people to read your book you also have to entertain. And to do this you have to create a dramatic story. So conspiracy theorist have to be like newspaper reporters who also have the same problem, and have to create dramatic stories so people will read their papers.

I am sure this is why David Icke is such a success as an author, he is a trained journalist and so has learnt all the tricks of the trade of putting a dramatic spin on his theories.

The trouble with this, is that conspiracy theorists end up like newspaper reporters and follow the old newspaper rule, "you don't allow the truth to get in the way of a good story".

Unfortunately because the the widely exaggerated claims made by conspiracy theorist, they lose all credibility with the general public. This then allows politicians and large international companies of the hook. Because they then can dismiss conspiracy theorists as a bunch of nutters.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

I love that word 'sheeple', I don't know why it has passed me by but it is one I have needed a lot of late. Thanks, Interesting I am sure the comments will be too.

Alex 7 years ago

Fascinating. I'm always (not being patronising here) impressed when i hear someone has changed their mind. that's quite key to the future of the world. and yes sometimes reality is a little less exotic, so i plump for the contrail explanation myself. I'd love to hear more common sense debunking please - take us closer to reality. it also takes courage to disagree, so good work there too, but i know what you mean about people swallowing the whole pack of lines just because their guru said it - we need what i call open minded skepticism - 100% receptive to truth, 100% non receptive to falsehood - an ideal but not easy to achieve. very difficult to ascertain truth when there are conspiracy theories around.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for your posts, Fen, William, Peter and Alex!

Fen, the chemtrail conspiracy and belief system is massive and now includes celebrities such as Prince who has talked about them and Beck who released a single entitled Chemtrails. My friend JazzRoc, like yourself knew nothing about it until he saw my blogs about chemtrails. He was horrified and set about debunking the subject wherever he could and personally I am very glad he did because I was wrong about this! Chemtrail-believers are not able to agree with me on this point at all!

It has left me the odd one out again! lol

Sheena 7 years ago

Well, Steve, thanks for posting this. I've been sitting on the Chemtrail fence for a number of years myself. You are so right, sheeple should be more concerned with the poisons in our water supply. Personally I would like to see a cull of worldwide air travel, not completely, but certainly a reduction. As I would like to see a reduction in car use and a half decent public transport system. (One can dream!)

Being the odd one out is often a great place to be. You have your views and opinions, and I would defend your right to have those! I am inclined to agree with some of the comments posted here too.. I have read all of David Icke's books, and while I agree with him on some issues, I certainly think he blows some stuff totally out of proportion.. he just pushes buttons. If it encourages people to find stuff out for themselves, rather than blindly believing, then its a good thing.

Anyway, I'm rambling now!

Well done for raising your head above the parapet!!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks, Sheena! I would like to add that if people were not so biased in their opinions about David de Rothschild they would find that he advises people to take less flights and is concerned about the cloud cover the trails make. He calls them contrails though and thinks the cloud cover traps heat in the atmosphere and says so in his book.

Charles Kafka 7 years ago

i don't know what is going on with the arial spraying in the US here is an earlyer report from england.

7 December 2005,

the minstry of defense was told by its scientists that it was harmless but the cancer rate went up 50%

at least they owned up to it.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Yes, but that is hardly an example of what people are calling chemtrails worldwide!

CAROL 7 years ago

i HAVE A FRIEND WHO GOES TO MEETINGS CALLED THE LIGHT WORKERS THAT i TRIED OUT ONE TIME AND THEY SPOKE OF THIS I found the meeting very scary and depressing not full of light.She is very paranoid I cant even talk to her on the phone she thinks people are interested in something we might talk abou like our no good husbands or menapause lol Im all about bringing happiness and light to others not being scared to wake up in the morning. I guess we all have our destinations in life. LOVE AND Light to all

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting, Carol!

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Bard how do you feel about the Bilderberg group ? Fact or fiction ?

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Very much fact!

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

I think so too . Thank you for confirming it

EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

EYEAM4ANARCHY 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

I don't know why so many people are so convinced lately that rich people want to kill all the poor people, since that would leave no one to do all the menial work for them. Wanting to exploit them and not caring if they die is very different than actively trying to kill them.

This isn't so much addressed specifically in your hub, but involves fals conspiracies. There are actually concerted efforts by the governments (such as COINTELPRO) to spread absurd false conspiracies in order to discredit legitimate conspiracies. It's something along the lines of a strawman argument where they put something out there and then "debunk" all conspiracies by saying "these conspiracy theorists believe absurd things such as..." Then of course there are false things put out there by unbalanced people and/or people looking to profit from conspiracies.

When you research things outside of the mainstream you have to sort through the reality and the nonsense carefully.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting! A big reason for the belief that the elite are trying to kill us off is because of the Georgia Guidestones that says to maintain the population at 500,000,000. See

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Thanks for a very interesting and thought provoking hub Bard. The Bilderberg group, Chemtrails and the very real Military Industrial Complex is pretty unsettling, even frightening. One can only attempt to research the truth and to share the knowledge as you have done so admirably. As to the fear factor; individually we can overcome it, choosing instead to instill positive change; expressing our own unique gifts towards for manifesting a positive future. Namaste

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting, Green Lotus! At least for me chemtrails are one less thing to worry about!

apricot profile image

apricot 7 years ago from Italy

I admit I don't know anything about chemtrails but just these last few days have been curious about them - I'm afraid I'm turning into a bit of a David Icke groupie so I was glad you pointed out some of the pitfalls! I shan't be shrieking you down though - I like hearing new points of view and if chemtrails don't exist I, for one, shall be much happier!

I'm with you 100% that positivity is the thing that counts - I reckon it's a positive attitude that will save our immune systems if the illuminati really are poisoning us!

It's a pity but it seems like some conspiracy theorists just don't want to accept a different point of view (just like the traditionalists, as you say). I do think that if a person changes his mind on a subject, it should merit great interest not hysterics. It's also very interesting to read your thoughts. Nice hub Bard of Ely! Thanks!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks, Apricot!I intend doing my first hub disagreeing with David. As per a recent interview he gave he seems to think that in the future all carnivorous animals will cease to be and that this is a big part of what went wrong here and is being corrected. I have studied wildlife since I was tiny and I cannot see how many creatures could live nor how an ecological balance could be maintained. I believe that parasites and carnivores are part of the balance on all other worlds too. Many species bodies are built more or less around being used to kill and eat others. I think David is dealing in wishful thinking on this but it is sure to appeal to animal lovers!

See these videos and watch them all to see what I mean:

LaVieja profile image

LaVieja 7 years ago from London

Well said!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you, LaVieja!

apricot profile image

apricot 7 years ago from Italy

Yes, it does rather sound like wishful thinking! I'm looking forward to looking at the video though - thanks for that!! I shall read your upcoming article with interest!!

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

I read and write about all conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. I never try to take any of them too seriously, but if they raise a good question, I check that out.

You should always keep your mind open.

Just not far enough that your brain will fall out!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for posting, sabreblade! Conspiracy theories are very easy to take seriously I find and getting to the truth very difficult. I agree that you should keep your mind open because otherwise you may end up in denial of the actual truth and settle for a belief.

TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 7 years ago from England.

I've seen jets flying close together releasing huge streams of white mist in the atmosphere that seems to hang in the sky for some time. I also see this criss cross formation of white trails and on one occasion I saw a floating cloud of red vapour completely isolated in the sky. Very strange!

In the USA a team of bio scientists took air samples after a community reported a series of repeated chem trails hanging in the sky. Back in the laboratory they examined their findings to find all manner of toxins in the samples that were taken.

Although an absolute separate issue there is also HAARP technology which has the capability of sending out vibrational sound waves into the Earth's ionosphere which can alter weather patterns and mess with magnetic fields and frequencies.

Look it up, investigate it if you think it is too outrageous.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for your comments but to my way of thinking there are no "chemtrails" so air samples from them simply do not exist. You fail to specify what "all manner of toxins" were. If aluminium was included I am not at all surprised seeing as it is clay that is a normal constituent of the soil. Any other air pollutants have nothing to do with the trails left behind by planes but more likely are from industry, traffic and agricultural usage.

As for HAARP I have seen countless videos and photos of so-called HAARP interference in cloud formation that show natural cloud patterns. As I no longer have any belief in chemtrails the effects on their formation by HAARP is of no interest to me. How can something that does exist have any effect on something which doesn't?

TheAllSeeingEye profile image

TheAllSeeingEye 7 years ago from England.

Way of thinking?

That's exactly how they get you. It's called subliminal programming. Another thing to investigate and research if you think it is outrageous. There are toxins in the air, food and water supply that mess with the way you think.

Thanks for your reply.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Well, yes, I know all that but if you would care to read my hubs you would find that I am no newcomer to any of this and that I am well experienced and researched into the chemtrail conspiracy! I still have a concern about it - that even if they are not real there is a whole lot of fear generated by the subject and belief system. And that would suit the controllers very well. Give the sheeple something that doesn't exist to worry about and waste their time on!

HAARP "boiled sky" is just another part of the chemtrail belief system.

SXP profile image

SXP 7 years ago from South Africa

Honestly, life is just to short for us to worry to much about things we think we know, hope we know, wish to know etc. I believe in God and Christ and that this whole universe will be judge according to Gods law one day. Therefor I strive to keep my life right and ready for the day that will surely come. Whomever does all this evil, will be defeated by God, but never by us normal humans.

All that being said, I still believe we all should be open minded and expose threats to human kind at all times. We should also do all we can do attack and remove these threats, but strangely most conspiracy buffs never names people. It's the NWO, but name people, cause them, we can target.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

David Icke always names people and in any of his books you will find long lists of the Illuminati and what organisations they belong to such as the Bilderbergs.Icke even names various celebrities.

Kosmo profile image

Kosmo 7 years ago from California

Hey, dude! If the Illuminati are using chemtrails to decrease the surplus population they're certainly doing a lousy job. Overpopulation is the world's biggest problem, global warming notwithstanding. You're my kind of skeptic, ole Bard of Ely. Keep up the good work. Later!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you! I agree that if it's true they are doing a terrible job at getting rid of us with chemtrails!

Cl455icCh4o5 6 years ago

I have always prefered to better my own understanding of life in all areas history, science, physics even languages and art. It seems to me that alot of conspiracy theorists examine small parts of a larger picture and if informed about the whole may themselves come up with a different opinion.

Its nice to see I am not alone in this thinking

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for posting!

Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

since we got some knowledgeable people discussing here...I want your honest opinion on something...Bard, what is your take on Sue Arrigo?...she just wrote something new this month...which sounded seems like the majority of people just think she is crazy.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

To be honest I have never heard of her until now so just went to find out more and read some of what she has to say and wasn't impressed!

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

what an interesting hub. I haven't heard of this. I've read about the evaporation of synthetic nitrogen into the atmosphere from agriculture which in turn acidifies the rain and contributes to global warming...and eventually ends up in our drinking water... which can affect the amount of oxygen that reaches our brain. I'll have to take a look at your other hub explaining what it is. you have some really interesting hubs bard! :]

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you, Rebekah!

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

ahh, I see. I just watched a video. I've taken photos of these... hmmm.

Jim Baker 6 years ago

Excellent article. Thanks.

JazzRoc 6 years ago

rebekahELLE, there's no such thing as synthetic nitrogen. Nitrogen is an ELEMENT and ALL its atoms are IDENTICAL

Nitrogen CANNOT "evaporate" - it is already a GAS

Oxides of nitrogen are NOT made by agriculture

ACID RAIN is made by oxides of SULFUR

NITROGEN DIOXIDE is made by lightning, industry, and transport - anywhere nitrogen gets heated to a high temperature in the presence of oxygen

What is the source of the lies you are telling?

Prometheus 6 years ago

Have any of you taken samples of Chemtrails/Contrails? if not, then I'd suggest that each of you either do so or contact someone who has. Unless there is no imperical evidence one way or another there will never be true discloure. I'd suggest for a good starting point.

For those who doubt, I suppose that it is also highly impossible that Big Corporations/Pharma exploits the masses or assassinations don't happen or here's one for ya - 9/11 was caused by Arabs who invaded the US, outwitted NATO/Pentagon and destroyed several buildings and as in the case of the Pentagon left no evidence of the plane/passengers intact while at the same time leaving behind office material...

Wow! that must have been a movie. Fool!

Linda 6 years ago

I'm beginning to believe the chemtrail theory in CA, seems like everyone is losing their freaking mind out here, unless it is the water

Patrick 6 years ago

I just read the article above, and finally someone speaking some sense. Honestly if you believe all these conspiracy theories you would go crazy, it's all doom and gloom. I listen to a certain "doom monger" on internet radio daily, and some of the stuff he talks about does sound feasable, but really most of it is entertainement. When you watch wrestling on the Tv 2 guys beating the hell out of each other, it's not real, just entertainement and thats how to view( listen) to these conpiracy theorist, it all just good fun

KKalmes profile image

KKalmes 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

Hello Bard, I was worried that you had been consumed by the conspiracy theorists and that's why you haven't been around. I thought I maybe insulted you in my comments in your jim jones(?) tom jones(?) hub.

I like this positive Bard best... let's insist on positive energy stories whether conspiratorial, political, social, or philosophical whenever possible.

It is stressful to read hubs that beat me up all the time...

thumbs up!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Glad you liked this hub, KKalmes! Thanks for posting!

Strawberry-Banana Sorbe Candide del Milano 6 years ago

Why have all these " conspiracy theory sheeple" got such silly names ?

Anaya M. Baker profile image

Anaya M. Baker 6 years ago from North Carolina

I have a huge issue with "conspiracy theories." Not because I disbelieve them, but because I think that when information is presented in this way, it allows the majority of people to completely disregard it. In my opinion, some of the so-called conspiracy theories are actually good journalism, and are exposing important truths about our society. When packaged as a conspiracy theory, its the best way to get people not to listen.

On the other side of it, there are many conspiracy theories, and chemtrails are one of them- at least from everything I've seen about them- that are total hogwash. These are the theories that make people not want to listen to the more pressing issues of our day cloaked in the packaging of "conspiracy theory."

You hit the nail on the head with conspiracy theorists who lambast the general public for being so easily led, yet blindly accept anything that is thrown at them if it comes under the tag of "counter-culture."

Check your sources people! I can't tell you how many times I've asked someone "Where'd you hear that?" only to hear back, "On the internet." That's right, I have a bad habit of forgetting that if its on the internet, that makes it true.

So frustrating. Thanks for your post, always good to hear a voice of reason!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank YOU, Anaya, for your comments! I am glad to hear you can see through a lot of the rubbish we are getting presented with and supposed to believe!

Mais183 6 years ago

Thanks for the info Bard, I am so fed up with the constant reference to 'chemtrails' and the danger of them from people that read too much into it.

I actually introduced a friend to the idea, who first of all told me I'm talking rot and didn't believe it was possible. Stupidly, I felt he needed to be shown proof of this possibility......why did I do it? Why do people need something to follow.....boredom?? Problem I have is that no one actually does their own research (and I don't mean just read stuff), and just jump on the next credible sounding story.

Now I have to put up with a constant barrage of theories relating to this 'chemtrail' nonsense, I'm not saying I don't or do believe its happening......I just think there are so many other things to get on with in life.......its good to inform people of things they otherwise may not know about.....but I think some people tend to become preachers (obsessed) and basically HAARP (hehe) on at everyone for not doing their bit!!! The way I see it is.....ummm....move away from this horrible part of the somewhere nice and eat locusts and rice etc....they cant remove vitamins and protein from insects...and I'm pretty sure aloe vera is still abundant in many don't worry too much people..

Sat on a beach in South East Asia.....listening to someone chatting about Codex Alimentarius...ohh my it true? or isn't it? hmmmm he thinks they want to kill us!!!!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for a humorous response to the subject!I am tired of all the people who have HAARPed on at me about it all but I excuse you cos you made me laugh!

Peter Smith 5 years ago

I believe that Chemtrails do not exist. I also believe that Man Made Global Warming does not exist.

To the poster Universal Laws, India and China has cheap labour. The Rothschilds can produce food there at rock bottom prices, ship it around the world and sell at massive profits.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Well in that case, Peter, we are in agreement! With regard to the point you have made for Universal Laws I would like to point out that David de Rothschild encourages people to support local farmers and grow their own food as much as possible.

tugbo200-5 5 years ago

Let's look at another approach,looking at these contrails "chemtrails now then remember if you can 30 to 40 years ago the trails disappeared trailing the jet for a short distance.That is a contrail,ice crystals they stay a short time then gone.

I'm 67 have been in the service and seen many contrails.Here in Pa with beautiful blue skies from horizon to horizon,then they come,you can't see the jet

but you can see the crap it leaves in its wake.soon that beautiful blue sky......turns to gray.

the trails also go from horizon to horizon then spread out you can sit in the backyard and watch it happen.

This past summer we had very little sun,It's Sucks.

Now I'm no scientist just an old coal miner,Bard you saying these contrails are ice crystals I'm sorry ,I'm not buying that if you want to know what's in the chemtrails follow this link

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I am actually bored with the subject which is simply people calling contrails chemtrails, believing they are harmful and being worried about the cirrus cloud they create! You can believe what you like but I don't happen to agree with you!

I have seen that video before! This is another reason I am bored because chemtrail-believers keep circulating the same stuff over and over and over again. And they do not understand science or accept scientific opinion!

tugbo200-5 5 years ago

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Facts are mainly ignored by chemtrail believers!

tugbo200-5 5 years ago

After reading another hub on this subject,I have another

theory I now believe you changed your mind on Chemtrails to save a friendship.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Well on that you would be wrong! I changed my mind as explained when I looked logically at explanations I was given and my own findings.

DS 5 years ago

I believe chemtrail, no, wait... I KNOW chemtrails exist as much as I KNOW Agent Orange does... So whether or not they exist is a discussion one shouldn't have, the question should be: are some of these covert programs still going on or not? and if not, why would some governments change their policies on "public anonymous testing" if they would never do that... oh and is it so far fetched governments would do harm to people? I can mention dozzens of previous "leaders" who have done so "in the name of the country/god/capitalism/democracy/communism/..." so please, all people who DO read and like to KNOW things, just do your homework n leave the nitwitting to "believers" and "non-believers"... most FACTS find their truth somewhere in the middle....

free your mind!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I believed and researched for several years until I realised there were no chemtrails so I disagree with your viewpoint on this although I don't disagree with your views on governments!

allstayathome profile image

allstayathome 5 years ago from Fristco, Texas

I totally agree with your hub and it's amazing how easily led people can be. It is all a matter of perception and sometimes I have to keep that in mind when watching shows or reading about conspiracy theories.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for posting and yes, it is a "matter of perception" and then belief!

CJStone profile image

CJStone 5 years ago from Whitstable, UK

Ha ha, how did I miss this before Steve? I've been thinking about writing a Hub called "The Illuminati don't exist". I wonder how that will go down with conspiracy theorists?

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Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Chris, if the Illuminati don't exist a lot of famous people including the UK royal family, political leaders, banking families, and heads of global corporations will all disappear off the planet because these are the Illuminati according to Icke and others! If you publish that you will never hear the last of it! As I have found out it is bad enough saying chemtrails don't exist and that I support a Rothschild, so I dread to think of all the crazy mail you will get for daring to say that!

do rite 2 years ago

Bart you've been bought out..............

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Bard of Ely 2 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

blogtraveler, yes, I have heard all about that and actually published a hub about Blue Beam. Do rite, if I had then I should have had the money by now, and it is Bard not Bart!

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