Death of a Prosecutor

A Different Perspective

It is said that before the prosecutor in the Maguindanao Massacre case died because of heart attack, he had often been withdrawn and had been seen disturbed.  What could be disturbing him then?

Could it be that he finds himself disturbed by the way the Ampatuans murdered the massacre victims?  Or could it be that he is disturbed by the threats he and his family receive from the accused?

It could be because of some personal problems such as his family's behavior, his relationships, finances, etc.  Or maybe, he had been disturbed by other things involving his work such as the witness protection program, which, no matter how trivial, is very difficult and helps put the Philippine justice system in place and working.

One possible theory of his being disturbed, which I hope is untrue, is the possibility of his having discovered something contrary to what the public believed had happened in the Maguindanao Massacre.  I shudder to think that such an event had actually been a suicide done so as to destroy the powerful clan and the Philippine Republic.  After all, it was the Ampatuans' camp which experienced gunshots months ago during the election and post-election season.

I still hope that such a theory is unfounded, and that what had happened is actually what people know and think had happened.

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