Decisions Made by Elected Officials with upcoming elections

Those we elect to represent us at all levels of government have specific duties and responsibilities for which we expect them to take seriously. Decisions made should not be influenced or impacted by scheduled upcoming elections regardless of the time period between them. The present political environment and the decisions made within it are affected by legislative proposals and the decisions made regarding them. Today some of our elected individuals seem to care more about getting re-elected in the next election that controversial issues seem to not get the long term exposure if at all. This is not something new but has existed for years. This culture needs to change but it will not happen overnight.

I have more respect for an individual who has the character to do the job they are elected to do. Individuals who are elected to represent us that take their responsibilities seriously can be identified by their actions and decisions they make each day. Many times they receive criticism from their own parties but this does not deter them from doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. We may not always agree with decisions made by our elected officials but we should respect their resolve in making them. We need more individuals who will stand up for their beliefs especially if it involves honoring the Constitution. If the decisions are the right ones ones for their constituents and the country they will get re-elected. If the decisions individuals make are the wrong ones they will find themselves on the outside looking in as in the recent election results.

Legislative activity should not be impacted by upcoming elections. Difficult decisions need to be made regardless of the timeframe in which they are made. In some cases as with the change in control of the Senate some decisions currently being considered should be limited to the immediate timeframe. The new Congress has a right to make decisions which will have far reaching effects when the period will be under their watch. The present Congress should not tie the hands of the newly elected Congress by making long term agreements as the actions may not be what the new Congress would accept. It is not morally right for the present Congress to make decisions for which they will not suffer the consequences if the decisions are rejected by the voting public.

The federal government as a whole continues to make decisions for us when many of them should be left for us to make. Granted some decisions are appropriate even if they impact us but others are not. Election time as it draws closer in the political arena always sees a rash of activity in order to sway voters to vote for individuals or political party. This is not the reason they were elected. There are many issues facing our country and in some cases our states which need to be resolved not pushed out to the future for someone else to decide the action required. They appear to believe the issues will not affect themselves or their families and friends but it will and has. Deficit spending is affecting us all and both political parties need to take the bull by the horns and come up with solid solutions regardless of whether it is election time. Again this is what we elect individuals to represent us to do. We can only hope the new Congress will work on critical issues in a comprehensive manner and resolve them once and for all. It should not be about on political party over another getting the credit but working together for the betterment of our country and our economy.

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