Ben Carson - The GOP'S Best Chance to Defeat Hillary in 2016

The last six years have been very tough for this nation. Hope and Change is what we were promised, but the change is not what we wanted and now many have lost all hope. I don't see things improving in the next two years under the current administration. In 2008 I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, but I don't want eight more years of the same. Hillary owns the foreign policy of Barack Obama which is failing all over the world, especially the Middle East. Israel, our only true friend in this region, is under siege. The economy has not improved. Obamacare has been a disaster. Unemployment is still too high and many are either working part-time or have dropped out the job market. Do we want another 4-8 years of the same?

Many Americans think it is a foregone conclusion that Hillary will be our next president. She is not unbeatable, but it will be very difficult to defeat her. Bill Clinton is probably the most popular politician in America and Hillary is second to him. The Clinton Machine was stunned in 2008 by Obama, but will be ready in 2016.

How do we win the White House in 2016? The GOP has to nominate a candidate that has the best chance to defeat Hillary. There are several candidates that I am excited about - Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina. and Ben Carson. All, except Ben Carson, would probably lose to Hillary. Why? We are living in a different time and the demographics have changed. The GOP can no longer win the White House with just a majority of the White vote. In 1984 Reagan got 60% of the White vote and defeated Mondale by a landslide. In 2012 Romney got 60% of the White vote and lost to Obama. We need a candidate that can attract voters from the Black and Hispanic communities. The Black Community has been voting democratic for over 50 years by at least a 90-10 margin and the Hispanic Community supported Obama in 2012 by a 70-30 margin. White voters make up about 72% of the voters in the general election and minorities make up 28% of the votes. So you can see what the GOP is up against.

While I do not believe Carson would get a majority of the minority vote, he would get enough to defeat Hillary. I support him for many reasons, not just because I think he has the best chance to win. He is an intelligent man with lots of common sense - something you don't find in Washington. Some will say he has no political experience and does not understand how Washington works. Washington does not work and has not worked for the American people for years. His lack of political experience does not concern me. A smart man, like Carson, would surround himself with the best people to help lead our country. I like Carson's views on immigration, tax reform, domestic, economic and foreign policy. He is also a godly man who will rely on God for guidance. I truly believe he is the right person we need in the White House. If the GOP teamed him up with a strong VP candidate like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Carly Fiorina, it would be a ticket that would definitely be very difficult to beat.

Finally, it will take lots of hard work in 2016. It is important that we nominate the right person to win in November. There are several candidates that have a realistic chance of winning the nomination, but only one that can defeat Hillary. I urge you to consider Ben Carson as you seek a candidate to support. The election of 2016 is probably the most important election in our lifetime. We cannot survive eight more years of liberal leadership in the White House!

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The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 3 years ago from Arlington, TX

Hillary has to know that Benghazi is going to come back to bite her big butt.

Patrick Billman 18 months ago

I second the article!

I believe he is much smarter than president Obama!

And that he would stand up for doing the right thing.

Jerry Etheredge 12 months ago

Ben for President! I will support him all the way! He is Gods man and we need God to bless this nation....

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