Definition and Importance of Political Science

These are the varied definitions of Political Science as it originally emphasized by the Greek term “polis” for city-state and “scire” means to “know”:

1) It is the science that studies the political power and authority of the state and government.

2) It is the systematic study of the institution, organization, processes and laws of the government.

3) It is the study of politics that may influence the government structures and processes in a given society.

4) It is how the branches of government perform the various political task such as the delivery of basic services.

5) It is the exercise of sovereign political right of the state and government to carry its task for the improvement of quality of life in the society

Generally, the importance of political science is the application of political powers and authority in the realm of government structures. The ordinary citizens may know and learn about their political rights and privileges from a given form of government including the political structure and processes of the state.

1. The knowledge of human rights and privileges will educate the citizens about their role in the political affairs of the state particularly in political rights : a) The right to vote (suffrage);b) The constitutional rights and privileges ( due process of law); c) the right in providing the basic services such as education, health and sanitation, employment and other public support.

2. The study of political science motivates the citizens to participate in the political activities of the state as to achievement the development thrust of the government in relation to the improvement of quality of life.

3. The political science concepts on democracy, dictatorship and power structures give the citizen full understanding as to the consequences on the individual political action as defined by the political power and authority of the state.

4. The concept of politics may well be studied in the political science not simply in the art of persuasion and influence that the citizens learn about also how these political concept area applied in the society.

5. The comprehensive study on the branches, forms and systems of government provide the individual better understanding in the concept of separation of powers, parliamentary system, diplomatic immunity, human rights, general welfare, social services

From the understandings of these basic concepts of government, state, laws and institutions those who would study political science must know its importance and function, relationship with other discipline and broader understanding to its specific roles of individual in a civilized society. The students and professionals should not only know the political theories but also deeper insights as to its application in their own field of expertise. Thus the study of political science will also include the empirical investigation of political facts through social research and the application of critical thinking. The key words in the comprehensive analysis on the principles of political science are state, government, law, institution, power relationships, legal process, constitutions and politics. These are the important dimensions to study political science that need to be constantly in touch to mold the citizens in achieving quality of life to our society.


These are the related SAVIOR ON HUBPAGES- FREE ACADEMIC ARTICLES AND RESEARCHES in POLITICAL SCIENCE for the COLLEGE STUDENTS to facilitate in doing their homework, assignment and research activities in the school particularly those impoverished countries of AFRICA, ASIA and MIDDLE EAST.

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I'm a proud political scientist. I intend to read international relations at masters level. Politics is every where as it entails authoritative allocation of values. Proudly political scientist.

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kemikalz 2 years ago

De detailz aa soo ROMANTIC

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joyp mulilo zambia 19 months ago

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political science really educates one to stand as the real citizen of his country. this helped me a lot in my research.

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