Definition of Globalization

Definition of Globalization

Globalization is the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy. Globalization refers to the integration of economics and societies all over the world. Globalization involves technological, economic, political, and cultural exchanges made possible largely by advances in communication, transportation, and infrastructure.

There are two types of integration—negative and positive. Negative integration is the breaking down of trade barriers or protective barriers such as tariffs and quotas. In the previous chapter, trade protectionism and its policies were discussed.

You must remember that the removal of barriers can be beneficial for a country if it allows for products that are important or essential to the economy. For example, by eliminating barriers, the costs of imported raw materials will go down and the supply will increase, making it cheaper to produce the final products for export (like electronics, car parts, and clothes).

Positive integration on the other hand aims at standardizing international economic laws and policies. For example, a country which has its own policies on taxation trades with a country with its own set of policies on tariffs. Likewise, these countries have their own policies on tariffs. With positive integration (and the continuing growth of the influence of globalization), these countries will work on having similar or identical policies on tariffs.

Effects of Globalization

According to economists, there are a lot of global events connected with globalization and integration.

It is easy to identify the changes brought by globalization.

1.   Improvement of International Trade. Because of globalization, the number of countries where products can be sold or purchased has increased dramatically.

2.  Technological Progress. Because of the need to compete and be competitive globally, governments have upgraded their level of technology.

3.  Increasing Influence of Multinational Companies. A company that has subsidiaries in various countries is called a multinational. Often, the head office is found in the country where the company was established.

An example is a car company whose head office is based in Japan. This company has branches in different countries. While the head office controls the subsidiaries, the subsidiaries decide on production. The subsidiaries are tasked to increase the production and profits. They are able to do it because they have already penetrated the local markets.

The rise of multinational corporations began after World War II. Large companies refer to the countries where their subsidiaries reside as host countries. Globalization has a lot to do with the rise of multinational corporations.

4.   Power of the WTO, IMF, and WB. According to experts, another effect of globalization is the strengthening power and influence of international institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank (WB).

5.   Greater Mobility of Human Resources across Countries. Globalization allows countries to source their manpower in countries with cheap labor. For instance, the manpower shortages in Taiwan, South Korea, and Malaysia provide opportunities for labor exporting countries such as the Philippines to bring their human resources to those countries for employment.

6.   Greater Outsourcing of Business Processes to Other Countries. China, India, and the Philippines are tremendously benefiting from this trend of global business outsourcing. Global companies in the US and Europe take advantage of the cheaper labor and highly-skilled workers that countries like India and the Philippines can offer

7. Civil Society. An important trend in globalization is the increasing influence and broadening scope of the global civil society.

Civil society often refers to NGOs (nongovernment organizations). There are institutions in a country that are established and run by citizens. The family, being an institution, is part of the society. In globalization, global civil society refers to organizations that advocate certain issue or cause.

There are NGOs that support women's rights and there are those that promote environment preservation. These organizations don't work to counter government policies, but rather to establish policies that are beneficial to all. Both the government and NGOs have the same goal of serving the people.

The spread of globalization led to greater influence of NGOs especially in areas of great concern like human rights, the environment, children, and workers. Together with the growing influence of NGOs is the increasing power of multinational corporations. If the trend continues, globalization will pave the way for the realization of the full potential of these two important global actors.

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As each coin has too sides one positive & another negative then obviously globlisation must there is more positive effect then negative dats why it is imp in d aspect of development,poverty,employment,education & these aspects r imp for a developing country to being a developed one........thnks

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My goodness, the level of English on this forum is remarkably... low!

-No offence-

aitya 4 years ago


i like it

Shaa 4 years ago

References plz?

azam 4 years ago

amazing info. it helps me for preperation of my assignments

farah 4 years ago

stop globalization.......................

SONIA 4 years ago


jazeeba 4 years ago

good notes though.. appreciate ;)

gfhjhkuuuuuuuf 4 years ago

arnav sing rai

chandara 4 years ago

I'm very happy!

komal 4 years ago

It is very useful.


jovet 4 years ago

please can any one help me with the challenges of Archie and proto globalisation.

i will really be grateful if any one can help.

thanks and waiting...

preethi 4 years ago

it was ausom.

priyanka vilas lokhande 4 years ago

I am Making a Project on Effects of Glottalization On human Resource Management can you please help me form where i can get relevant information

sandy26 4 years ago

very nice and detailed information about globalization.. tan Q very much..this is going 2 help a lot in making mi project.. :)

gayatri 4 years ago

Good info but could be much much much more better.....

shivani 4 years ago

thanks for this information. Tis is very helpful for my exams

mainka 4 years ago

it is good

vbbb 4 years ago


ahamd 3 years ago


ahlem 3 years ago

nice and useful information thnx

jimi 3 years ago

thank a lot

nush 3 years ago

Thanks..grasp loads of information and very interesting..(:

jemal 3 years ago

thanks i got a wonderful explanation about globalization

oyella ivy 3 years ago

it was so helpful for my test

MARLON R 3 years ago

thanks for yo supportive explanation of globalisation

MARLON R 3 years ago

thanks for yo supportive explanation of globalisation

kankana bhuyan 3 years ago

A good note on globalisation.Thnx.

john 3 years ago

thank you for this defination of globalisation

amna 3 years ago

thanks nice explanation

prakrati verma 3 years ago

awesomm..... it help soo much in my prjct

pramodgokhale profile image

pramodgokhale 3 years ago from Pune( India)


Globalization was long overdue and finally, conservative governments across the globe realized to join bandwagon of globalization.

Success and failure of any system is applicable here and it is too early to

expect success and we need to strengthen economies and quest for progress and Eco- conservation which will boost chances globalization's success.

thank you sir

pramod gokhale

Suma Prasadimath, Gadag.... 3 years ago

thank you very much sir/mdm.... i m a PG student.... this information is very much useful to my studies and to my seminor about GLOBALIZATION....

Thank u once again.....

Suma Prasadimath, Gadag....

deodatus mbata 3 years ago

nc in4mationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

ali mohammed 3 years ago

10 Q

GODFRED BROWN 3 years ago



Eliud Andrew 3 years ago

thanks to you!!!!!!

ak 2 years ago

globalization is a term that connect all the economic of the world in a one aspect

pongwa khamis 2 years ago

thanks very much for it but elaborate more for better understanding

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