Politicians Waste Citizens Value


Degeneration of Value Is About Citizens' Value

This Hub was written, as an answer, to another Hubber's question, about an article. Ohma has requested my insight to an article she read. And, I divulge what I know about it.

This a very tricky situation, because of the strict guidelines and wording of the U.S.Constitution, about the printing of currency. The Constitution stipulates that all U.S. based currency is to be coined silver or gold. Script based currencies were outlawed by British. That created a huge problem. It even exists today and needs to be addressed. It's obvious politicians are not going to handle it, so it leaves it to the people to take care of it.

The early years of American money, seems to be coming back alive, among many businesses in America, because the value of the dollar isn't looking good. I'm not going to get into the economics of America's Economy, but I am going to refer to it's history, which shows a problem. What problem? Well, degeneration of value. America is spending more and more money, which isn't being paid back.

It continues to expand the debt of the nation. This action is causing the degeneration of value. When I say "degeneration" is an actual description about the growing deficit, revenue generation, wasteful spending, misappropriation or slush funding, ineffective and inefficiencies within all agencies.

In the end- degeneration of value is mostly about politicians reducing the value of citizens' lives. They are reducing your individual value, while increasing your value via a debt system for other people. You're being used to generate wealth for others, while you're beaten down.

Government has complete access to almost unlimited resources, due to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is NOT owned or operated by the U.S. Government. In today's society, America's money is based on foreign oil reserves, so as to give more leverage for spending.

America, the Nation, IS under water, to the extent that, at least 4 or more, complete generations of children will have grown old and passed on, in an effort to re-pay the accumulated debt. The actions of government(federal and state) official continue to damage, manipulate power and wealth, on the efforts of others.

The history of America's currency has been well documented, because it is a fundamental for the basis of the Economy. The Economy is made up of many different businesses. Some are small businesses that do things on a small scale, because their owners get comfortable with their incomes. Thus, they become content in their life. Some are BIG business, where the little person isn't really thought of, compared to profits. Regardless of what spin you get from them.

It is important to remember, in America, the Economy is supposed to be your way of life. Seriously folks, the Economy is suppose to be how you live and gain the life or lifestyle that you choose. If you are part of the workforce, then you are using or subsidizing, a Federal program, known as the "Employment" program, which was established.

In the early years of America, the government needed a way, besides taxes, to generate revenue, so it could leverage more money for operational protection of the citizenry, against foreign and domestic threats. Thus, currency or "paper money" was born. It was realized that the new barter/trade invention was an excellent way to generate revenue and increase leverage. Thus, the idea of Economics was at it's most basic concept then, in America, compared to now. As a newly founded nation, government soon found a flaw in the Economy.

The flaw was that the economy was prone to slowing periods. So, they implemented "paper money", known as colonial scripts. This allowed them to leverage more and build revenue. The colonial scripts were to be injected into the Economy, whenever there is a slowing period, so as to reduce the amount of time the slowing period happens.

Yes, you read correctly. This is the one and sole reason for our nation's debt. The government isn't preventing the slowing period from happening, it is only reducing the length of the slowing period. The slowing period is going to come, they know this - Yet they do nothing about preventing it from happening?

There was explosive growth in America, when government established the colonial scripts, so much so, it got attention of other Countries. Remember, America is just beginning, Spain - France - England - Russia - Egypt and other Countries had Economies before America. Also remember, Christopher Columbus 1492?(some say it's not correct, I'm only using it as an example). That's before America declared it's Independence from British rule.

The Economy has recorded history of ups and downs, to the extent, that it's almost bankrupted America. When you look at history, you will notice one hiccup and that is when America began using the British Parliament's banking rules, is when the problems began.

The events that lead to the independence of America happened, only so as to form a more perfect union between citizenry and government. There was one person who saw what was happening and took a trip to Britain, so as to talk with Parliament about the new laws that prevented American use of colonial scripts. When he was in Britain, he was amazed to see many beggars, prostitutes and others scouring the streets. He saw quite a bit of homeless in the short visit. When he got back to America, he began noticing the same thing was happening. He wondered what difference there was? He attributed the homeless and beggars, to the Economy. Who was this man? Ben Franklin.

You want to know why homelessness exists? Because, those people are not taking advantage of the Economy, in the manner, in which, they are suppose to. They don't possess the knowledge they need to benefit from the Economy, like they should. The hidden secret about living in America is openly displayed, but completely dismissed, because a lack of knowledge. The common-sense answer to understanding living in America is of a moral beginning on to a selfless ending. As an American, it is your duty to protect your fellow citizens against any harm from others.

The fact that many people let themselves be influenced by other morality standards, is wrong in and of itself. It's points to the one common misconception about life- morality is natural. This concept is filled with ambiguity and deceitful. The human being isn't naturally moral in any manner.

Morals are defined by Humankind and it is done so, to provide people with the absolute standard for living life and so Humankind can advance forward toward one common goal- Peace on Earth. If you need more information about the effects of actions by government or other problems in life brought on by others, you can check out the other hubs to get a bigger picture of the problems.

Thank you very much for your time and Thank You Ohma for presenting the opportunity to present more life's truth.

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Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 2 years ago from On the edge

Very informative and well based! Thanks for keeping us in the know!

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Thank you very much Pooh for the comment and reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) And you're welcome too. :)

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 2 years ago

Well politics are not my thing to be honest...... Nice to see you cagsil, I snooping round for inspiration.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

Hey Joy, always nice to see and hear from you. I'm aware that politics isn't the "thing" of many. I appreciate your honesty, but that's specifically the problem. No one wants to bother with politics and rather leave it up to someone else to fix. That's not how politics works. The current actions of politicians continue to waste taxpayer's revenue, left and right, because it continues to support corporate protectionism, which is corporate welfare, through subsidies. Mega corporations nowadays use it heavily, to make their profits. The Federal Reserve which was enacted in 1913, creates fraud every time it issues money. What many people fail to realize is that America is actually broke, as a nation. Politicians also don't deal with the economy as the article states, in a manner in which growth can build. They deal with it by a debt system, which isn't allowed by the Constitution, as we're not allowed to pay any debt with anything other than silver or gold. I don't think I provided you any inspiration, but then again, this particular article wasn't written to create inspiration. You could have picked almost any other article with a higher probability of successfully finding inspiration. Thank you for reading? even those I'm not unsure if you read the article vs just posting a comment? Either way, I'm grateful.

TakingBackAmerica profile image

TakingBackAmerica 2 years ago from Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Thank you Ray,

Anything we can do to help folks 'get a grip' on the concept of 'money' aka 'currency' will help us as a society to regain control of the dysfunctional state of its implementation.

I think of currency as a 'tool', designed for a specific purpose; like a hammer or screwdriver, works fine when used for its intended purpose, in the hands of a knowledgeable person with good moral intent. When used inappropriately, it can cause great harm.

As to control & quantity, currency is the 'oil' that lubricates the economic 'engine'. Too little, too thick, causes engine to slow or even seize. Too much, starts splashing out, making a mess.

It doesn't really matter who makes the 'oil' as long as it is properly used for its intended purpose. A defective product doesn't stay on the market very long.

Thanks again for your inspiration.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 2 years ago from USA or America Author

You're welcome and I'm grateful for your time. I appreciate your comment. :)

wba108@yahoo.com profile image

wba108@yahoo.com 23 months ago from upstate, NY

" The government isn't preventing the slowing period from happening, it is only reducing the length of the slowing period. " I would go a step farther to say that government intervention increases what you call the "slowing period" via distortions in our economy.

As far as i'm concerned, I see the federal reserve as an extra-constitutional institution. The only legitimate function it should have is to inject extra currency into the economy in proportion to economic growth. And as you mentioned, this needs to be done not via a quasi private organization but through direct oversight of Congress.

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 23 months ago from USA or America Author

I see the Federal Reserve as fraud, manipulation, control and unnecessary, since Congress could provide Treasury with the ability, you speak about. Economic growth has as much to do with the investment in people as it does about expansion of businesses. Thank you kindly for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

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