Democracy and Humanity

Every human knows right from wrong and to depict this character is called humanity.

Democracy is just a forceful method to make people comply with some of the basic rights of all human beings. Humanity on the other hand allows humans to be really free and righteous. The universal law should be humanity and democracy should be abandoned.

I dont understand why there is a need to rush for resources. Why there is need for anyone to work 9 hours or more each day to get his livelihood when there are plenty of resources and machines to do all the repetitive tasks. These days people are busy with their businesses and work life so much that they forget the real purpose of life. Ideally, there should be lots of time for recreation,fun,art and above all finding the reason for living which is totally apart from business.

Democracy allows anyone to earn as much as he can with legal methods. Those legal methods are bound by laws decided by society formed of the same people who are greedy, selfish and foolish. Which means that selfish people won't allow just distribution f resources. And which means that some people are always struggling for resources to feed and shelter themselves.

Most of the Indians think that if one is poor it is the cause of his own destiny. They don't understand that the real reason for poverty is that although the universe gives equal oppertunity to all, humans do not.

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mortimerjackson profile image

mortimerjackson 5 years ago from California

o...kay then.

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Very well said Nitin. Democracy is key in ensuring human rights and freedom. But the people must stay vigilant and demand adherence to these principles.

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