Damages to the Earth and Solutions

The thing that mainly damages the the world is human being. Although, there are lots of foundations and activities which are aiming preserve environment, unfortunately, environment is still damaged a lot by people. In fact, there are plenty reasons; however, the most important one are overconsumption and extinction of biodiversity and also there is still solutions that we should do to stop these damages.


The two most severe effects of destruction of the world are overconsumption and extinction of
bio-diversity. Fist of all, world has been being crowded gradually. In every seconds, a baby is being born somewhere in the world. That is to say, population of world is increasing and it causes overpopulation. What does it mean? It means the overpopulation is equal to overconsumption.

Actually, overconsumption results from number of people who consume over that they need. Take a family as an example. In an average family, there are four people. When each one starts consumption unnecassarly, it causes lots of problems. Mother use water, father use electricity more than that they need. In the second place, people damage the environment with the way of extinction of biodiversity. Actually, there are a lot of reasons for extinction such as deforestation or contamination. Deforestation constitutes the main reason disappearance of biodiversity because forests provide plenty of species with food and houses. If there are no forests, species cannot be nourished or protected and they have disappeared gradually. The second reason of disappearance of species is contamination. Human beings are contaminating the environment in various ways. They are polluting the air, groundwater or soil. Therefore, animals and plants are influenced badly. Maybe, owing to poisonous gases, air can be contaminated or due to chemical substances, groundwater can be polluted. Furthermore, it causes dying of animals and plants and unfortunately, disappearance of animals ans plants influence the world badly because in the world biodiversity is in balance and when it goes bad, world's life come to an end.


However, there are still solutions. Actually, the main responsibility belongs to government after that human being must take responsibility. First of all, governments what must do, they have to control rate of birth because more people are more consumption and than governments must make laws that control the people who consume more and more. If governments can do it, they can reduce overconsumption; therefore, the damage that is given to world can be reduced. Secondly, besides, people must do something. People must be aware of harms that is given by people. Initially, people must stop the overconsumption. Especially the biodiversity makes end of world faster. Briefly, governments and people must do something to stop damaging the world.


To conclude, overconsumption and disappearance of biodiversity are all bad things for world. They are making end of world quicker. Human beings must stop themselves because the main danger is people. Inspite of the fact that there are lots of terminators out there, we should preserve our planet for our sakes and for our futures.

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wow we need to do something

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wow that is amazing stuff.we have been learning about that.

tina 4 years ago

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