The Florida Republican Party Tried To Suppress The Vote During The Presidential Election!


Is This The American Way?

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Did the Florida Republican Party try to suppress the vote during the presidential election?

Well according to Jim Greer, the former chairman of the Florida Republican party...the answer is a resounding yes! He's been saying for months, that the Florida party helped put together a new law, to decrease voter turnout and spread lies about voter fraud, in an effort to suppress the vote. Greer, said, that state Republicans supported HB 1355, a law that made it more difficult to vote early, as a means of suppressing the vote of those, who vote for the Democrats.

Now, some of you may be saying, he's just trying to get back at them. But, now other former Republicans and consultants, are supporting Greer's claims.

Florida State Republicans

The Florida state Republicans say that, none of this ever happened, that, it's all made up, to make them look bad. (and they do look bad because they are bad). They say that Greer, was never at any of the alleged meetings, and that neither the discussions or the conversations he claimed, ever took place. They say that, the GOP wouldn't try to suppress voter turnout, because that's illegal. (No shit! then why try to do it?) Well, what you think about all of this?

Believing Mr Greer

We know, by the extra long voter lines, and the ungodly long time, many voters had to wait in line before they could vote, that something funny, was going on and going wrong.

We, know that, Republican Governors, in many states, passed or tried to pass, restrictive voter id laws, to make it harder for people to vote. Some of them, wouldn't allow early voting, especially Sunday voting, a day that many black church goers traditionally chose to vote.

So I believe Mr Greer, what about you?

Republican Party Is Full Of Racists!

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JThomp42 4 years ago

Very interesting Hub.

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


Yes it is business pro...yes it is

jonnycomelately profile image

jonnycomelately 4 years ago from Tasmania

Horrifying..... the blatant dishonesty.

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author

Yep jonny

blatant dishonesty and more.

I don't even know what to call it

Low down...low life, sleezy or what?

jonnycomelately profile image

jonnycomelately 4 years ago from Tasmania

Would any of them claim to be god-fearing, church-going christians, I wonder?

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author

I'm sure many of them are "god-fearing, church-going Christians"

Kyle 4 years ago

If they were trying, I wish they had done a better job.

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


They did the best they could do.

They lied, cheated, mislead people, including you,

Spent billions of dollars, were in shock when they lost, and are still in shock

But still couldn't fool the majority of the American people.

Carl 4 years ago

Its sad that America is having its own version of the Bolshevik revolution only without violence...yet. Nothing Obama says is any different than what Marx has said 100 years prior. Put in those terms Obama simply wants "dictatorship of the proletariat". when 47% of the people are taking from the 52% a country is not sustainable. Look at Greece. We have a class of people that embrace what those in the USSR threw off in 1991. US media tries to spin Russian elections as being corrupt and fraudulent after spending tens of millions trying to influence elections through front organizations like GOLOS but yet no Russion Raion voted 100% for Putin like was the case in US elections. Fraud? that is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. How many people without papers voted in Russia? If we took our heads out of the sand we would find 3 million non-citizens voting for Obama. What will happen to America by 2016 with 23 Trillion in public debt not counting social security obligations? " tax the rich, tax the rich, spread the wealth" is Obama's song yet even if the rich are taxed 100% it doesn't solve the problem because there are simply too many takers.

What happened to the American dream? ANYONE can become rich in America legally, No law prevents this! People who bash Wal-Mart forget Sam Walton started with ONE store, Walton's Five and Dime and in 30 years of hard work became the world's richest man! In Obama's world he never would achieve that because Obama believes in collectivism which would have never allowed him to have the capital to build 8500 stores. There would never have been 1.4 million employees or 200 million people shopping there every year. Obama's America is about collective poverty because as we all saw in the USSR that without aspirations to achieve greatness and innovation the system eventually fails.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 4 years ago

Wow, anyone who thinks Obama is a Socialist or endorses Socialist politics is simply uneducated, uninformed, and completely without understanding of politics or political systems. Obama is very much a capitalist and most of his policies are very consistent with policies under Bush.

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


I feel your pain

Part of the so-called American Dream was that anyone could become president, but is that true?

Let me answer that...No it's not! have millions and now billions of dollars or millionaires or billionaires backing you.

Is that President Obama's fault?

And this hub is not about President Obama

why aren't you commenting on this hub?

Alex 4 years ago

Nov. 6 was indeed a sad day for America. I said before that this was a tipping point election. I am sure John F. Kennedy was rolling over in his grave, because on that day our new motto became, "What can my country do for me?"

One candidate offered Americans jobs; the other offered food stamps. The majority chose the freebies.

I have figured out that there are three main reasons President Barack Obama was re-elected.

First, a large percentage of the population is on the government dole and feared Mitt Romney would take away these precious benefits.

Second, some close-minded people would vote for Satan himself if he had a "D" next to his name due to blind party loyalty.

Lastly, most young voters chose Obama because he was the "cooler" candidate. Romney is just another old, boring, rich, white guy.

We are now rapidly becoming a European-style socialist country. Nearly half of Americans are receiving some type of government check. Taxes will be rising for all working people starting in January and a huge new entitlement, Obamacare, will give the people more of a safety net.

As a socialist country we will face the same problems as Greece, Spain and many others. There simply won't be enough rich people to pay for all the goodies.

The very poor may be a little better off under this approach, but everyone else's standard of living will drop dramatically and the middle class will continue to get crushed.

Yes, Obama will be a historic president. Fewer people are working now than when he entered office. Food stamp rolls are double what they were under President George W. Bush. Obama will be remembered as the president in office while America became a socialist country.

Sychophantastic profile image

Sychophantastic 4 years ago

Do you guys even know what socialism is? Perhaps we should privatize the fire and police departments?

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


People like you seem so obsessed with President Obama, you're making comments on a hub that has nothing to do with President Obama

This hub is not about president Obama

What do you think about topic of this hub?

Please comment on this hub or your comments will be deleted

Jim 4 years ago

Obama voters are largely driven by image and emotion where conservative voters generally understand the issues and make their selection based on logic, reason and history. Liberals paint conservatives who vote against Obama as being racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Conservatives, while opposing the socialist Obama, supported black candidates for office such as Herman Cain, Allen West, Mia Love, Tim Scott and others. Democrats cannot explain that. Not that it matters much. Fortunately, for Dims, their constituency is largely made up of stupid people.

It has come to light that the Democrat machine pulled out all the stops in getting their constituency to the polls. Homeless, the mentally retarded, Somalis who don’t speak English, and scores of the dead voted for Obama. Ever wondered why do Democrats oppose Voter ID laws? Easy. Because Voter ID laws cost them a huge amount of votes. Without stupid people, the Dims would be a bad memory instead of controlling the White House and the Senate.

But the question begs to be asked whether homeless bums who don’t know what day of the week it is should have the right to vote when they know nothing of which they are voting? Voting is a sacred right in America and should be taken very seriously. Should a person who can’t name basic questions about the current political situation have their vote count as much as the person who has studied and made an informed decision, left or right, about the election? It’s time we stop giving the uninformed or mentally ill bum a right to influence an election in which they have no skin in the game.

We don’t allow felons the right to vote, although Democrats are (naturally) trying to change that. So why should we let stupid people who cannot answer even the most basic questions about the issues and candidates being decided in that particular election vote? Why let the welfare moochers vote themselves money from overburdened producers when they have never worked a day in their lives?

jonnycomelately profile image

jonnycomelately 4 years ago from Tasmania

Jim, please allow me to comment, as an outsider.

If you can assure us that the majority of those "conservative," and educated, knowledgeable voters are really honest, fair in their dealings and willing to share the fruits of their efforts with the less fortunate people in your nation, then you might have won more votes in the election.

It appears to me that there were sufficient people who doubted what I have listed, so they voted against.

Just saying....

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


this hub is not about President Obama, so if you want to

comment on the republicans trying to suppress the vote during the election good.

If you're just looking for someplace to express your anger or discontent about the president, please do it on hub about president Obama,

so unfortunately if you can't comment of this hub your comments will be deleted.

Pat 4 years ago

In a "modern" pseudo-socialist western society that relies on personal credit, virtual currency, and doles out benefits to half its population, everybody needs the means to prove their identity. Whether a nation charges a fee for that or pays for it out of the bottomless tax-theft bucket is an implementation detail.

As to whether requiring ID will detect or prevent voting fraud, you are quibbling. It will mostly serve to prevent it, but attempts to use false identification will be detected. The point is that right now, there is no means of detecting it, because it's easy to create a fake voter registration (and Democrats are doing that by the hundreds of thousands, as we have seen), and once a voter registration exists, all anybody has to do to perpetrate voter fraud is walk in, say you're that person, and vote.

So your argument is like saying "Yeah, I see the massive waves of smoke coming from over there, but there is zero evidence of any forest fire. No, nobody is allowed to go over the hill to look, because ... mumble, mumble... uh... it's not fair to make people go out in the cold."

Pat 4 years ago

Also, Charlie Crist is butthurt because he got kicked out of the GOP. Crist was a sitting governor, decided to run for US Senate, and then Marco Rubio kicked his ass in the primaries, so Crist ran as an independent in the general election (Rubio won again). His opinion on what the GOP does isn't exactly neutral.

vveasey profile image

vveasey 4 years ago from Detroit,MI Author


thanks for your comments but did you even read this hub

I'm not making an argument I'm reporting what the former chairman of the Florida Republican party said and what a former governor, Charlie Crist said so your argument is with them

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