Disadvantages of Globalization

Disadvantages of Globalization

Today whatever people want can be bought with the help of the improvement of trading system. Begins with the Silk Road now the earth has a gigantic way for exchanging and that is called globalization. Globalization is a process by which the worlds are unified into a single society and function. It is claimed that globalization supports productivity, cultural intermingling and cash flow into the developing countries; however, there are some disadvantages of globalization that should not be overlooked: unemployment, social degeneration and difficulty of competition.

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First of all, it has been asserted that globalization provides the increasing of productivity and life standard of societies. To begin with productivity is indeed increased as it can be seen that the population of the world is rising rapidly even uncontrollable and more people means that there is a need of more product too. Thus Globalization responds the needs of 7 billion people. Moreover the standards of life is a lot better than 50 years ago as they are more machines and systems invented in developed countries supporting all world. However there is another side of the facts. Globalization causes the poor citizens having more requirements. Secondly cultural intermingling is enlarging with globalization which lets the people from all over the world able to communicate easier. On the other hand sharing traditional behaviors cause them fading as boundaries are disappearing.

The most important disadvantage of globalization is the increasing number of the loafer. After the industrial revolution, industry gravitated some particular countries. Because of that, these countries became a power in industry. However production decreased and so unemployment was raised in the other countries. Another reason of the unemployment rise is that the need of less manpower. As stated at Wikipedia, many workers found themselves suddenly unemployed, as could no longer compete with machines which only required relatively limited work to produce more product than a single worker.

Another major damage of globalization is that some cultures are getting lost. The cultures of the countries that have more economic power are more dominant than others. Because, wealthy countries produce many things that can affect cultures, for example, clothes, movies and technologic products. According to Ikerd, while the global community is increasing, more and more people have became ignorant about social, ethical and moral values which are various in defining groups. (2002) Therefore, globalization damages small cultures which are in risk of being extinct. Big disadvantages.

The final significant effect of globalization is the difficulty of competition. With globalization, trade between the countries has been started to remove limits. This situation of enterprises has prepared the ground to be in constant competition with not only national competitors but also international competitors. Therefore, business requires being in a more rigorous and challenging competitive atmosphere to maintain continuity and development. Rising of monopole companies and trough among production costs are the main effects of this hard competition in business. As pointed in Global Policy Forum, undeveloped countries choose to use foreign capital for their improvement however it disposes the equality and stability instead.

In conclusion, unemployment, social degeneration and difficulty of competition are the killer disadvantages on people life that based on globalization. In my opinion, people must be aware of this exploitation. Globalization is a one-way tale.

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Stella Rogoyawa 7 years ago

Increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from developed to developing nations as corporations seek out the cheapest labor. That's for sure and I urge the people to look beyond the future to try and safeguard themselves from what people of developed countries are doing to them.

simi roxx 999 7 years ago

m yet 2 read it..:P

poo 7 years ago

Globalization is poo

Samar Shah 7 years ago

This topic and words used are wonderful.

My essay could be completed due to it.

pete 7 years ago



VICTORIA 7 years ago

Great ideas :)

Martyunha 7 years ago

Very nice ideas...

saneieisoe 7 years ago

that'e great!!!

mini 7 years ago

i'd surely like to say though globalization really affects us but if this was not a concept than hands would have taken a side of the machinery....

Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 7 years ago from Calcutta

I did like your short concise and precise views on globalization ..but then it is a serious issue for cultures exposed to wealth.

hanin abou samra 6 years ago

great topics!!!! great information !!it's great.....!!!:):)

Jabulani dlamini 6 years ago

It is good for the first world countries not for the thirth world.

pee head 6 years ago

ucku mother fucken globalisation wanker

shanjer 6 years ago

it's good

mafi 6 years ago

don't kill us with westernization

konjo 6 years ago

globalization is only important to first world countries.the third world countries have damaged by this fuckest globalizaion.but majority of the people in the world were lived in this countries.so globalization is the harmest the harmest thing.fuck you all of you

ANIL 6 years ago


oviously its harmfu .ll,,if the economic planner of the country are not able to handle it in good way''

i mean every country have some potential,,,n if it is explore properlyy so other country work with them..n create employment...

n other thing is hat if there is a commptition in the market then we can create a better value products to the consumets...

that's my view...

i can also explain in better way

konjo 6 years ago

globalization is advantageous only to the developed nations.most of the world coutries are harmed by the ideot globalization.

meera 6 years ago

as an anthropologist i apreciate it.

Nikeziwe Chili 6 years ago

globalization is bad effect in our lives

Jing 6 years ago

i mean you showed the chelf disadcantages of Glo,that's great,and enlighten me to write my essay~


sneha 6 years ago

its realy vry harmful....we should not only think about urselves we should think of our mother earth & of our futur gene....

the mathia 6 years ago

i will kill u with my compass!! down with globalisation!

the mathia 6 years ago

i am back...

hippie man 6 years ago

save the planet!! btw i am the same dude who was the mathia

diya kuchiki 6 years ago

well the this article lacks disadvantages..there are many disadvantages linked with this phenomenon..you cannot limit yourself with only those 3: unemployment, kills competition and deculturalisation..right?euhmm..there are plenty more..

for ex:

loss of national identity


wide generation gap within family

become more materialistic

elaborate on these for obtaining better marks for your essay!!



belal 5 years ago

Globalisation make the rich people more rich and the poor people more poor.

Lijo Mathew 5 years ago

a good article.

Anna 5 years ago

thnxxx!.......it's a gud article....it helped me 2 complete my projct!....:D

road 5 years ago

information given is very brief. this site needs to be authorized by experienced people.

Shamil 5 years ago

as a result of globalization mnc's dislodges the small scale industries

kinley 5 years ago

globalisation is injuries to health

nandhini.p 5 years ago

agriculture, the most important sector gets affected by the globalisation. MNC's grab the agricultural lands which ultimately leads in food scarcity.

family system, health, ethics and culture are reduced among the peole.

nothing is harm until it affects the people. we should be wise enough how to make use of it...

sufiyan kamal 5 years ago

globalization is worst activity in this planet

but no prblm from me because3 i am not frm this planet


Fardin 5 years ago

My recommendation is that it is a good business for developed countries but for the developing country it may be only a trust without nothing else because the leading country of the world they are getting the highest repayment from 3rd world countries because of its globalization.

kwazi Jali 5 years ago

Globalisation has both positive and negative connotations to the globe, we cannot deny the fact that it has arguably opened doors for developing countries to compete globally, but fighting globalisation is like trying to disperse water of a ship has a whole in the bottom. My view is that instead of swimming against the tide which normally results in sinking, why don't we as underdeveloped countries swim with it..because exploitation is nothing new to us...in simple terms..there are always going to be casualties of change...even in this disguised colonial domination that we now know as "globalisation"

aashka 5 years ago

it's good one

amlopgar 5 years ago

translation is poor. Monopole company is French for monopoly company in english. Keep the languages identical,very confusing to mix them up

Ebin U Baby Alakode 5 years ago

Globalisation is good in my opinion.

It has more advantages.

Ebinbabyalakode@gmail.com 5 years ago

Globalisation is useful to India.

5 years ago

i do think the benefits of globalization is less than harm.

Davis muleri 5 years ago

Globalisation has made the world to be like avillage

irshan 5 years ago

globalization iz harmful but on contrary it is as well harmfull that nabody iz recocnising it like every thing has itz merits and demerits

5 years ago

u don't think the benefits of globalization is less than harm ? without globalization you would be writing this message by hand and i would have readed in the next decate

prem 5 years ago

it is disadvantegous we should see over it

freedomboy 5 years ago

marvellous essay

thaxxxxxxxxxx a million.......

Shahab shaikh 5 years ago

It's better ignoring few small faults...

yousif 5 years ago

i thing the globalizaion its good

syed abdullah 5 years ago

golbilization, is leeding to the end of the world.

we dnt no where we are going,

what is our destiniation ,or we have it or not

the onlything is we are moving on and on and on, leadind to another war may be world war three.

yusuf 5 years ago

this can be better

ugly 5 years ago

globalization is ugly... and poo!!!!

Nick 4 years ago


It has very clear indications that globalisation is helping the developing world, and the poorest in these countries. Perhaps the biggest issue here is that middle-income and developed countries are now finding that they have more competition with the developing countries - and the impact that these people see on their lives is what leads to these complaints and protests about globalisation, free trade, etc (how many people who can comment negatively on this article are unable to pay for food to feed themselves?)

Fady Xavi 4 years ago

PLS How can i cite this essay?

hi 4 years ago

im not from this planet lol

hi 4 years ago

but.....very interesting!

megha 4 years ago

nice article.it helped complete my project.i think globalisation is good and also bad.

shradha 4 years ago

jhyaulagene jata ni jpt jpt............aada kura matra:(

christiano ronaldo 4 years ago


hey you guys you need to know first what is globalization and then comment.do not comment what you don't know.most of the people watch me on TV it is because of globalization.

Karsdo 4 years ago

Very well structured, cheers,

VICKY LeeCIOUS 4 years ago

Yet to complete my assignment on Globalization. I think it is good as well as bad because it's affecting mainly the developing countries.

Temi mocis 4 years ago

Globalization of no doubt have its positive and negetive impact

i think it globalization has lead to legal exploitation of the 3rd world country by the western power....

Its one of there numerious ways of dictating and controling 3rd world countries....to their advantage and to the decrement of the 3world countries......

Which has lead to greater difference between the rich western and the developin countries......

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yared((2 4 years ago

in my side globalization is have same advantage and also disadvantage .disadvantage is more used for rich countries.

bob 4 years ago


BetterThanYours 4 years ago

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betterthenyourmum 4 years ago

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Master Yoda 4 years ago

Awsome you've become, much to learn you still

gandu 4 years ago

harami. faltu aticle

mordekai 4 years ago

globalization has many disadvantages to LD S due 2 depending much from DCS enhancing exploitation of LDCS

Chipendano Saviour 3 years ago

Globalisation, a return to colonialism but this time not political but economic.

Anadirunika 3 years ago

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Dromdoothrini 3 years ago

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muhammed mufeed 3 years ago

its good article

And i study for so many messages

ayesha 3 years ago

it was nice article.globlisation itself not bad but manpower is taking itnegtvly .

viola 3 years ago

My assignment is done. Thanks to you

wherever you are in the world Thank you ..you are a mazing just like the way you wrote this article.

Dash 3 years ago

Globalization is good for small bissuness men

Konstantinos 3 years ago

This article is amazing. I am European and I have to state ONE thing. WE SUCK! The west thousands years now harm and exploitates the world. I am glad that capitalism is in its peak and I will be alive to see people starving and governments reforming. This century will stay in history

neha 3 years ago


gunjan 3 years ago

hi.. guys i wanna tell u that i'll take part in debate n i m against the topic globlisation n wid ur help i won debate........so thank u a lot.

prerana das 3 years ago

I am not from this planet LOL..

hilna salam 3 years ago

In my opinion

It has both merit and demerit.

big fredo 3 years ago

its good but at the same time bad. but i think it plays a vital role in economic development

karthikeyan 3 years ago

tomorrow is my debate and my debate is done. thank you

passy 2 years ago

developed countries have benefitted from this concept more than us the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

PATRY 2 years ago


your mum 2 years ago

that's copied and pasted

Oracle 2 years ago

the article is a great one, undeveloped countries should be careful as they are to loose much from globalization even though it has some advantages..

zeus 2 years ago

Real good

mr. T 2 years ago

i'm back... again

Marshall 2 years ago

it is harm for my country globalization is stupedty

Ani 22 months ago

Globalization is good but at the same time bad.

nerf.com 21 months ago

your face is so very,ab solutely,and extremely pooinglish

alhal 18 months ago

This helped me to make an seminar,thank you.i think globalization is harmful but it was necessary to development of the country

yadhukrishnan 12 days ago

thanks 4 helping me 4 debate

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