Divide, Conquer or Capitulate


Divide, Conquer or Capitulate: Questions that Sting

Argument for Arguments Sake:

When we dream of a world we wish to live in, do we inadvertently dismiss the notion that others may not like it so much? Or do we honestly acknowledge our lack of interest in what another may think of our faux utopia. Man’s dissent is an ageless act, therefore we should not shy away from argument. Thucydides recorded for us how verbose Athenians and Spartans could be when deliberating the subjugation or liberation of one another. The history of the Peloponnesian War leaves us with a remnant of high rhetorical devices. Judges and emissaries were sent to hear grievances or pleas for mercy. In the end, such beautifully winded men saw their countries torn to pieces.

I wish we could teleport a long dead ruler or philosopher, show them the history of how their society broke down and ask them what they think went wrong? Fortunately for us, we have access to the masters of all human deliberations. Plato and Socrates are a Google click away. We can choose whether we want to identify with Darwin or Dr. Gerald Schroeder. Finding a champion for our cause is quite simple. But are we reaching a point in history where we will no longer accept virtue over vice? Will liberal ideology become enforced by court order in the near future? Will religious institutions adopt a bigger tent so that it may blend better with non-theist houses? Are we running towards arguments or running away from them? Yes…

We have become a society of one liners and twitter tailored feedback. Fewer individuals are asking why or how come questions. The process of automatically tuning out opposition is manifest in name dropping. Mention Sarah Palin in a conversation among Liberals and the immediate response is “what an idiot.” Try to discuss Bill Maher with religious conservatives and you quickly hear “religious bigot.” Are these Freudian slips of tongue or conversation copouts? If I mention God, will you turn away and think less of me? If I quote Christopher Hitchens will you dine at my table and regale me by reciting his best articles? I believe we’ve become quite impatient with one another and are losing the art of decent debate. How did freedom create so much narrow focus?

I would like to know what it is about the leftist mentality which gives free pass to decadent statesmen and women, but vilifies successful right of center. I would like to know how they justify the palatial mansions of political figure heads like Al Gore and criticize nearly all the businessmen on Wall St. Or better yet Randi Weingarten who is the American Federation of Teachers Union president, while she makes $428,000 per year from union dues, our children learn less. Personally I don’t care what a successful person of any background makes (except rappers), but don’t point fingers for reform while snatching greater power for yourself. This is an egregious use of political power to play the lowly consumer like a patsy.

“To take only the most characteristic case: when capital and labor in an industry agree on some policy of restriction and thus exploit the consumers, there is usually no difficulty about the division of the spoils in proportion to the former earning or on some similar principle. The loss which is divided between thousands or millions is usually either simply disregarded or quite inadequately considered. If we want to test the usefulness of the principle of “fairness” in deciding the kind of issues which arise in economic planning, we must apply it to some question where the gains and the losses are seen equally clearly.” F. A. Hayek – The Road to Serfdom.

Chinese Stealth Fighter
Chinese Stealth Fighter

Time to Circle the Wagons:

Therefore those pesky words pummel our lexicon; Equality, fairness, and redistribution. Alas we circle back to our perpetual arguments. One man’s equality is another man providing a free lunch. One woman’s choice ends another life, and one majority vote is trumped by only 5 appointed judges. I suppose there is much to argue. So how do we reinvest in a system 224 years old? How do we recapture the magic for all of a nation? What will it take to energize our disenfranchised, our disinterested and our intellectually bankrupt? Yes, there is a portion of our population whose most difficult decision of the day is “do I super-size my Jumbo Jack, or save .39 cents.” I would prefer they do not vote, but I must admit that isn’t equitable or sustainable.

Is the idea of American exceptionalism only in the eyes of its citizens, or do we have the right to proudly wear such a pin upon our lapel? I for one think it is possible to recapture the magic of a country that has been the number one economic power of society for decades. I also have the whole hearted belief we owe it to our ancestors to prove the doomsayers wrong and extend our relevance for a few more centuries. However, our enemies are surmounting in escalating numbers. The Old Bear of the East is rebuilding what we thought was put to rest. Putin is formulating a Soviet comeback and our President is asking for time from him for WHAT!?!

Iran marches on…while we vacillate and wimp out with talks of sanctions on North Korea, Iran smiles with each distraction, salivating over accumulated fissile material. Our strongest ally has been given the cold shoulder in the face of pending annihilation and our response is “I’m the President of the United States, I don’t bluff.” (sigh) We’ve taken our eyes of Cuba and Venezuela, thus leaving Columbia in the dark. China…China sure is building up an astonishing amount of armaments during what is purported to be a time of peaceful coexisting. Taiwan, another major ally has its future blowing in the wind as we gut our military. The Pentagon is aware of constant cyber-attacks coming from China and we do nothing. It is akin to the gardener coming over to your home every week, taking pictures of your house, testing your security system, drawing diagrams of where everything is and us thinking this is perfectly normal behavior…gee, I wonder when our house is going to get ransacked? Wake Up America!



Economic Prowess:

Lastly, let us visualize the perfect storm for a business turn-around master. Mitt Romney, co-founder of Bain Capital in 1984. A company managing $60 billion in working capital, a company that mastered the turnaround of Staples and Domino’s Pizza, not to mention dozens of spin offs. Mitt Romney, Harvard trained. A successful “Republican Governor of Massachusetts, the most liberal state next to New York. Also a family values role model, who unlike another few nominee’s this country has put forth, this former governor actually says by his wife, Ann’s side, during her crucial battles with cancer and MS.

Say what you will about Mitt’s prior flip flops, you probably never changed your mind about an issue in your whole life. Mitt is a strategist, much like Obama, but Mitt is our guy and has experience in finance and economics Obama could only read about. Mitt is extremely tough where it counts, and that is accountability. Some of our conservative and tea party friends are not putting two and two together. In my next hub for Mitt, we are going to dive into what a Mitt Romney leading a Republican majority will look like and can look like if we pull together.

To Be Continued…

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

You reason like a thinker, how many of us has this privilege? You assume that most of the human race is at your idealized image, unfortunately they have to think and criticize. It is not at everybody's reach.

Bill Maher is far from being the atheist he's pretending to be. He is quite tolerant with judaism whereas he shoots at catholicism and islam with an accurate precision.

It would be good to question why America was on top? Did it make it on its own (meaning through R&D) or because of pressure on trade barriers, of pilfering others' national wealth, of political international destabilisations...?

Mitt (as you call him intimately) has the experience of finance, leagued with the elite. Are you part of them, if yes, I understand your partisanism, if not, what do you win?

dino 4 years ago

Excellent post Jason!, When I think of how our country was founded and grew,I think of the book of Joshua and the covenant with Israel. Then I think of the things God hates and even more what he despises and I am not surprised at the state of our country and were we are headed as a nation. I have come to agree with you about Romney having the finacial knowledge and success to lead us finacially, and the moral fiber and example to get our nation back on track. Thanks Again Jason God Bless

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hello Maxoxam, you pose some very interesting criticisms of society and a few laughable ones aimed at me. I make no assumptions, there are those who will read what I write and chose to agree, disagree or shake their head and move on to a blog about Trevon Martin or Kim Kardashian. In effect, I agree with your assessment “reason out of reach,” yet that line is a fine one indeed.

In order to converse with you, hiding behind the anarchist martyr, Catholic raised Guy Fawkes, you must answer a few questions if I am to tell you what I gain from Romney. First, I am not against revolution but are you for the sacrifice of the lambs to achieve rebalancing? To cut the throat of the disciples of government will foment pandemonium among the weak. The rich are nearly always out of reach from the kind of harm a modern revolution would usher in.

If you must know what I seek, time…more time before the inevitable. Vague, yes, but that is my liberty to remain vague when talking to a mask.

@ Dean, I know we have disagreed in the past about how divine punishments play out on a global scale. I am not a believer in the regular balancing of right and wrong through interventions. I believe free will is just what it is and we each reap what we sow, even as a collective nation. Dubai is a perfect example of existing only through the purchase of one lone commodity, they offer the world little else, it is an amoral existence. Human misjudgment or deed is paid in time, one way or another. America has sacrificed much; our founders were not free from danger or capture during the revolution, as some died as convicted traitors. A place like North Korea remains in the dark because they have dark rulers, not because of divine judgment or intervention, which has a special place in the future. Thank you as always, God Bless.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Who are sacrificed, which lamb are you talking about? Are you part of the elite? Since you refer to the upper class as "the rich are always..." I will assume that you don't belong to their class, once more what would you gain with Romney?

What I meant is that your way of reasoning is contrary to Romney's ideals. Your reference to Romney disappointed me!

Since you refer to me as only a mask let me reverse the compliment, who would consider a man embracing a snowman as a worthy verbal adversary? Not me.

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 4 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Whoa, Jason, this is a great hub. I especially liked that you mentioned the old bear re-arising back east. Nobody talks about him, as if 99.99% of us really do believe he is tamed, and then you went on to name the other countries with sabers rattling. What really got me, my friend, was hearing what Randi Weingarten makes thru union dues, and I have to wonder how many of the rank and file union members actually realize how they are being taken advantage of. Locally, our sugar beet plant union went on strike. They've been out for months. They were offered improvements but refused, so the company locked them out and hired a bunch of out-of-towners. I say, good for the company, but I sure wouldn't dare say that locally. As the strikers are being made to look like poor little angels and the beet company like the devil. And I will bet you half those workers would like to have their job back even at their old wages....

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Max, you are disappointed in my reference to Romney, se la vie. Sometimes what one tells another is too obvious for them to comprehend such a simple request. Time my good man, time is what I seek. Obama does not offer time, he offers destitution, obstruction and capitulation which will speed the ending of an Empire. Sometimes all we can ask for is something as simple as more time. The lambs are the weak, the ignorant, those who cannot help themselves for they bought into a deity, a false god, and they are being led to doom.

At least I show my face and use my name, I am not hiding…by all means throw stones if it suites your purpose.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

C'est la vie!

And Romney will offer plenty of time to sink into poverty level.

Why can't you express yourself concretely, for me to know what you are referring to? Which deity is it? Once more who are the lambs? Let me show you, who is hiding behind the mask that I proudly wear!

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Hi James, yes, very few people are talking about Russia and good old die hard KGB Putin. Some individuals talk of fairy tales where normal people actually hold power and make rule of law. They ask for wise Kings and when those Kings do what normal rulers do, cater to self-interest, they make poetic overtures about restoring rule to the masses again. I don’t get it James. The unions used to be for the people, but they became corrupted by money and power, social influence and prestige, then when they act like all other power hungry raptors, the people still defend them. Union bosses and CEO’s have the same agenda, holding on to power and influence.

I completely agree with your anecdote, I bet those laid off workers rather work than not. That’s what happens when you give power to the collective. It is all a matter of whose collective you wish to be a part of. Thank you for the comments James.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Well Max, these are your words…

-“Obama is not my man. He doesn't represent me. He sold himself to the corporations. However to beat a conservative, a republican I will vote for him. Not to vote for him will be taking a risk. I always calculate the risks.”-

You’ve said all I need to know, you think you are going to be better off with Obama for another 4 years, don’t be ashamed. There is nothing more I need to reveal to you since you have given me nothing but impatient responses. Furthermore, no level of my rationale is going to assuage you from your calculated risk, hence, my calculations lay with Romney. No need for the circle jerk.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

I picked the less evil. Once again, what do you gain with Romney? I have a doubt suddenly, did you really write this text?

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Max, I’ve now read 7 of your hubs, you are highly articulate and harbor very strong opinions about Wall St. capitalism and Keynesian economics. One of your comments stated how ‘you will not go there (capitalism) anymore.’ You side with the “occupy Wall St.” movement, yet promote the virtues of Australian infrastructure. Keynes believed his theory could only work best alongside capitalism, certainly not socialism. Do you actually think what Australia does can be replicated here in America? Is Greece not a precursor to what is coming?

You may be an intelligent writer, but I do not agree with your mode of operating or the power you think your occupy movement owns. I am not a 1% or a 99%, how foolish to make the argument so narrow, as if a family cannot find harmony in the middle. I find it hilarious how some think capitalism will strip away all “unalienable” rights, but an oversized, bloated government means greater equality and freedom. I’ve seen where my hard earned dollars go to able bodied jackasses on welfare making babies with other able bodied jackasses on welfare. My family doesn’t play by the rules of credit, no credit cards or cable television in my home, we choose to create our own power, we vote with our dollar when we are ready and to the best of our terms.

Until the middle and lower classes demand better education, they will learn less and remain slaves to the institutions. A free ride is not free, and entire system of labor and skill had to create something out of nothing, while others want unrealistic compensation picking up trash. Pay for performance and merit based pay, it’s the way it should be for all levels. End of story.

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 4 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

Everyone is so insulated!!!! Especially online, or when using a telephone. I think computers, phones, and cars are awesome, and do wonderful things for us all - but we insulate ourselves with each of those, and we do not interact in cars, online, or on the phone - the way that we were meant to interact.

Its crunch time! Isn't it exciting to be alive now? We are a race and a people in a kettle, superheated like something in a pressure cooker, there has never before been such a critical mass as there is right now, and right now - the world is changing FAST.

Why? Insulation - we are in our own zones most often, and we can't see your joy, your discomfort, your pain, or your predicament.

I think your prose is beyond awesome - but I also think that when you go into "leftist," etc, etc, etc scenarios - that you will lose folks - folks all of a sudden will jump back into "team mode," and view you as "the opposition."

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 4 years ago from USA

Greece was bankrupt by the greed of its government, not to promote generosity towards the Greeks but for personal enrichment, so your example is false. Any policy can be apply to any governments (especially industrialized ones). In what way the model is not appliable?

If you belong to the middle class, I guess you are part of the ones who believe that "one day" you will make it to the superior class, I understand now your vote! Good luck!

As for Keynes, I guess you went over my texts pretty quickly, otherwise you would have understood that it goes against the idea of nowadays capitalism. To favor the demand, it is nowadays admitted to be a more socialistic approach, but you did not understand it.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Wes, your criticism is very astute and an equally fair charge at me. I accept ownership for pulling out the party card if you will. I’d like to clobber both of them with a big mallet, but at least I find many more values to align myself with on the right. The left has terrific intentions, but I cannot accept the blind handouts nor the obvious anti-human capital policies. Forcing someone to hand over capital which was fairly exchanged for labor is not ideal. The right has so much humanly wrong with it, but I see things we can fix if we get back to living examples of our purpose.

Insulation is a good word, isolation is a bad word. We do need to give greater leeway for principal differences, but I do not see the human race deprogramming forced coercion in my life time. I always appreciate your contributions, thank you for the verbal time out.

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 4 years ago from Sacramento, California Author

Greece gained that by way of stating it would offer much to its populace for very little, a bait and switch if you will; you and I disagree again. I understood perfectly well how Keynesian economics is supposed to work alongside capitalism, and as you state, it doesn’t work with socialized capitalism as in bailouts for those that deserve to fail. I agree with creative destruction. How do you disentangle the socialism from the capitalism to get to Keynesian application? The lobby has to go as does the too powerful government.

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