Division of Economics

Division of Economics

1. Microeconomics — deals with the economic behavior of individual units such as the consumers, firms and the owners of the factors of production. Such specific economic units constitute a very small segment of the whole economy. Their activities are presented and discussed in details.

2. Macroeconomics — deals with the economic behavior of the whole economy or its aggregates such as government, business and household. An aggregate is composed of individual units. The operations of the various aggregates and their inter­relationships are analyzed to provide a profile of the economy as a whole. Macroeconomics is concerned with the discussion of topics like gross national product, level of employment, national income, general level of prices, total expenditures, etc.


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joshua 5 years ago

production, distribution, exchange, consumption, and public finance are the division of economics

jayr 5 years ago

can you place what is the major topics in economics ? i can't find here in Google .. thanks !

Ihesha is playing poker! 4 years ago

please explain

* Production




*public finance

clarice 4 years ago

i love economics!

PianoPrincess 3 years ago

MACROECONOMICS & MICROECONOMICS are the branches of economics my teacher told me that.

Jean 3 years ago

it's a branches not a division.

margie 3 years ago

tama sia macro n micro

mariel 2 years ago

macro and micro is not a divission of economics its a branches of oconomics

Ronald Degino 14 months ago

Economics is my life!without it I'm nothing:-)

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