Dixie flags need to go

     As of May 26th, 2009 the Civil War has been over for 144 years. All of the reasons leading up to the Civil War are a matter of debate for scholars, but there is one reason that has latched itself onto Civil War history through the ages, slavery and white-supremacy. It is for this reason that the Dixie flags need to be taken down and removed from clothing and other paraphernalia.

     You hear arguments that the Dixie flag is about culture and about history. The confederate army wasn’t even Americans. They attacked the U.S. Army (and would be referred to as terrorists in today’s times, not rebels), and started a War of Terror that cost the lives of 600,000 people from both sides. Slavery was the oppression, torture, abuse, and murder of human beings because of the color of their skin. Is this really the culture and history to be proud of? You don’t hear or see German cities flying the Nazi flag and claiming it is culture and history. It is history, but something that most Germans aren’t proud of, something to lay to rest but learn from. Lay the Dixie flag to rest and learn from the mistakes. Teach your children that slavery was evil and wicked and that the southern plantation owners and politicians let the influence of the Devil get to them.

     Setting aside the arguments of the past, look at what the Dixie flag represents today and look at who uses the Dixie flag. The Dixie flag has become to represent slavery and white supremacy. There are two main types of white supremacy groups and organizations. The first ones are the white supremacists who hide behind the church and Christianity, an example being the KKK. These groups primarily use the Dixie flag. The other type is the non-religion, or non-Christian, based organizations who are primarily represented by the Nazi flag.

     You not convinced yet to rid yourself of the Dixie flag? Let’s talk about first impressions. Especially in these tough economic times, people are moving around to different parts of the country at a faster rate. Most of the country doesn’t fly the Dixie flag over city and state buildings. In most of the country, you are not allowed to wear or display the Dixie flag on clothing and other paraphernalia in schools or the workplace. This is because it is representative of white supremacy and considered offensive; to do so, can lead to severe disciplinary actions including suspension from school or termination at work. When you encounter people from other parts of the country, and they see you displaying the Dixie flag, or wearing it on your clothes, the first thing that comes to mind is watch your back around that person. If I see someone get out of a vehicle with the Dixie flag decals and license plates on the font, I immediately think that this is someone that is ignorant and can’t be trusted. Is this always an accurate assessment of that person? No, but it is the first impression that that person made on me. First impressions have a tendency to stick with you for a long time and are hard to change. What is even worse, you might not even know that this is the impression you left on someone, and all this for what, because for some odd reason you thought it would be cool to display the Dixie flag.

     This is what needs to happen to promote American unity. State building should be outlawed from displaying the Dixie flag. If you’re not a white supremacist, get rid of your Dixie flags, clothing and paraphernalia. Let the ignorant and twisted racists in America be exposed, so everyone knows who they are. Let Dixie R.I.P.


Do you think we need a law to stop state and city buildings from being allowed to fly the Dixie flag?

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Rob 7 years ago

I totally disagree with you on several grounds but I will give you two to build on.

1.) The North also still owned slaves. The shipped slaves to South America where the torture on them was worse than you described.

2.) The people that fought in that war were the middle class, white and black...yes black too, that did not own slaves. They were the one's that fought and died.

SO yes we remember them and fly our flags.

robert janney 7 years ago


Willdawg profile image

Willdawg 7 years ago from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) Author

Do you want to elaborate on how it is part of your heritage. Racism? Torture? Murder? Ignorance? This is what the confederate flag represents. Do you torture and murder because some one is of another race? If not, then how is it part of your heritage. Are you an American? If so, then the confederate flag is not part of your heritage. You don't see Germans flying Nazi flags claiming it is part of their heritage.

what the heck ? 5 years ago

u shouldnt fly the amarican flag either then...its a flag of murders, thiefs, terrorists....hate against ppl who stood up for THEIR LAND.. or does the indians not count? i respect all persons history, even if it happened in a bad or good way. my wife is black..my friends are black they fly the dixie flag and are proud of it. they have it painted on their body..on their very souls. my wife is from DETROIT..moved down south because she came here once and felt the overwelming love of southern ppl. shes black and she tatted our flag on her 3 times..the fact ppl get bent out of shap over something that difines a comfort, something that is not hurting them in anyway they cant ignor? that shows they have that same hate they say is in that flag. sad realy.

Iron Wolf 4 years ago

I just happened across this while looking to buy a Dixie flag. I will have to say that this is one of the most ill formed, poorly written arguments on any point of view I have ever heard. You yourself even admitted to being judgmental and ignorant. I bet you sit in front of your TV watching Fox news believing everything they tell you. You want to unify America? Try serving, I did. Also, google 1st amendment. You can not be terminated for having a rebel flag due to affirmative action. And the Devil made the South do what? I take it you are christian. Does not the bible condone slavery? Also, google slavery, slave trade, etc. Black slaves were not bought and beaten because they were black. It was because that was what was for sale at that time. You might want to google that part too. One more thing, about my Dixie. It does not represent anything close to what you claim. What it does represent is a way of life. From what I gather, it sounds like you had a girlfriend stolen from you by a southern gentleman. You might want to go and pull some couch time and stop hating someone because of the flag that they fly (because that is so much better than hating them for the color of their skin).

pete 4 years ago

Im from the north and luv the south dixie will rise again

matt 4 years ago

there is something else not mentioned none of the southern generals owned slave but yet every single northern general did so facts seriously need to be checked before you run your mouth about things you dont have a clue about!!!!!!!

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